Yugo OBD Codes

Yugo: Accessing Diagnostic Trouble Codes

System diagnosis can be performed using one of two different methods: using Manual Tester tool No. KTS300 and Program Module part No. PPG 204, if available, or equivalent, or using Special Toggle Switch-Blink Code (no tool number available).

Using Diagnostic Tester

Locate diagnostic connector at the LH side of the engine compartment, near the master cylinder, then follow manufacturer’s instructions provided with the test equipment for installation and usage.

Using Check Engine Lamp

  1. Locate diagnostic connector at LH side of engine compartment, near master cylinder.
  2. Install Special Toggle Switch wire leads to diagnostic connector terminals 1 and 4.
  3. Turn ignition On, with engine Off. DTCs can also be read with engine running under 2000 RPM.
  4. Turn Special Toggle Switch on for 2.5–10 seconds, then turn switch off.
  5. After approximately 3.6 seconds the Check Engine lamp will flash a DTC 12, indicating the start of self diagnosis.
  6. To read the next DTC, turn toggle switch On for 2.5–10 seconds, then turn the toggle switch off. This action is required to access each additional DTC.
  7. After all DTCs have been accessed, a DTC 11 will indicate the end of diagnosis.
  8. To start DTC output again, beginning with DTC 12, repeat Steps 4 through 7 of this procedure.
  9. To exit diagnostics, turn ignition Off, then disconnect Special Toggle Switch from diagnostic connector.

Yugo: Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Use any of the following steps to clear DTCs from the ECU memory:

  1. Disconnect and isolate battery cables for a minimum of 10 seconds, then use erase command on KTS300 tester.
  2. Access DTC 11 (end of diagnosis), then turn the Special Toggle Switch on for more than 10 seconds.

Yugo Diagnostic Trouble Codes



00 No Fault In Memory
01 54 Electronic Unit Defective
04 22 ISC (First Winding)
08 33 Vacuum Sensor In Intake Manifold (Engine Vacuum Out Of Specification)
10 52 O2S (Voltage Out Of Specification)
22 22 ISC (Second Winding)
28 51 O2S (Disconnection or Short Circuit)
37 53 Battery Voltage
42 41 Voltage Signal OF RPM & TDC Sensor (Out Of Specification)
44 13 Air Temperature Sensor (Open Or Short To Ground)
45 14 Engine Temperature Sensor (Open Or Short To Ground)
54 21 Throttle Sensor (Signal Too High Or Low)
{1}—With manual tester KTS300. {2}—With special toggle switch.
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