Volkswagen OBD/OBD2 Codes

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NOTE: 96 & later are OBD2 systems and require a scanner. For an OBD2 code list, please see our VW code list or the appropriate generic list.

Retrieving Codes (Bosch Motronic CIS-E)

The Bosch Motronic system (CIS-E) requires a scanner to retrieve and clear the trouble codes.

Retrieving Codes (DIGIFANT System)

  1. Turn the ignition ON. Connect the black end of the jumper cable to the black diagnostic connector in center console under shift boot. Connect the white end of the jumper to the white diagnostic connector.
  2. After five seconds the OBD CHECK light should begin to flash. Remove the jumper, but do not turn off the ignition. Record the flashes.
  3. When code 4444 or 0000 appears, then either turn off the ignition or reinstall the jumper to end code readout.

Possible wiring faults should be checked and corrected before replacing a suspected component. Once the fault is corrected, the permanent fault memory should be erased as described below.

Clearing Codes

  1. Make sure the ignition is OFF. Connect the jumper cable as described in RETRIEVING CODES. Turn the ignition ON.
  2. After 5 seconds remove the jumper cable. The OBD light should flash 4444. Turn the ignition Off or reinstall the jumper cable to end the procedure.

Resetting ECU

The Digifant I ECU must be reset to its reference setting after certain conditions or repairs as follows:

  • The blue coolant temperature sensor connector has been disconnected with the engine running
  • The following components have been replaced:
    • Digifant ECU
    • Air Flow Sensor
    • Throttle Valve Potentiometer
    • Throttle Valve Body

When resetting the ECU, the engine must be at normal operating temperature, all electrical accessories must be Off, the idle stabilization system must be okay, and the exhaust system must be leak-free.

  1. With the engine off, disconnect the crankcase ventilation hose from the emission control valve atop the valve cover, then plug the hose. Start the engine and let it idle. Disconnect the blue coolant temperature sensor harness connector.
  2. Let the engine idle for one minute, then reconnect the harness connector. CAUTION: DO NOT reconnect the coolant temperature sensor harness connects, while the radiator cooling fan is running.
  3. Turn the engine off and reconnect the crankcase ventilation hose. Erase the OBD fault memory.

NOTE: Disconnecting the coolant temperature sensor with the engine running generates fault code 2312.

VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes By Year

Select your Vehicle Below 
Engine Code
CIS-E Motronic & Digifant Systems CIS-E Motronic/Digifant
VR-6 Motronic System VR-6 Motronic
96–97 All & 98 Jetta – Diesel Turbo Direct Injection  All/Jetta
96–00 Motronic OB II System  Motronic OB II
98–00 New Beetle & Passat – Diesel Turbo Direct Injection  Beetle/Passat
99–00 Jetta – Diesel Turbo Direct Injection Jetta
96-04AGL Bosch MotronicLT 2.3

VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes By Model

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
Cabrio1996-024/6 cylinderMotronic/Simos/Digifant
Eos2007-084/6 cylinderMotronic/Simos/Digifant
EuroVan 1999-036 cylinderBosch Motronic
Golf1996-064/6 cylinderMotronic/Simos/Digifant
Golf R322003-046 cylinderMotronic
Jetta1996-084/6 cylinderMotronic/Simos/Digifant
Jetta 2.0L19924 cylinderBosch KE-Motronic
New Beetle1998-084 cylinderMotronic/Simos
New Beetle Cabriolet2003-084 cylinderMotronic/Simos
Passat1996-084/6 cylinderMotronic/Simos/Digifant
Passat 2.0L1992-034 cylinderBosch KE-Motronic
Rabbit/GTI/R3220084/5/6 cylinderMotronic
Touareg2004-086/8/10 cylinderBosch Motronic/EDC
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Richard Hemigway
Richard Hemigway
2 years ago

what does code represent for 2015 VW Passat, 1.8 Turbo engine: 01314=013

5 years ago

Dobrý večer nič mi neukazuje chybové kódy pre šírenie p190E čo to vlastne je auto je škoda Octavia 3 2014 ďakujem

Jainuddin m. Sayyad
5 years ago

Polo automatic transmission disel code p002146