Volvo OBD/OBD2 Codes

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NOTE: 96 & later are OBD2 systems and require a scanner. For an OBD2 code list, please see our Volvo code list or the appropriate generic list.

Volvo: Accessing Trouble Codes

89-93 models (and later non-turbo/non-OBDII models)

Fuel Codes
  1. Locate the diagnostic unit behind left strut tower and remove its cover.(see image)
  2. Connect selector cable to socket #2, which tests the fuel codes.
  3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (engine not running).
  4. Enter the diagnostic mode by pressing the push button on the diagnostic unit for at least 1 second, but not more than 3 seconds.
  5. The red LED light will start to flash, count the number of flashes in 3 flash intervals. The flashes will be seperated by 3 second intervals.
  6. Make note of all codes.
  7. If no codes are stored,the LED will flash 1-1-1,which means the fuel system is operating correctly.

Ignition Codes

To access the ignition codes,follow the above procedure, but with the selector cable connected to the #6 socket on the diagnostic unit.

NOTE: Turbocharged models may have seperate codes for the turbo system and are accessed by hooking the selector cable to the #5 socket.

94 and later models with OBDII

The 850 turbo and 960 models are OBD II system which are only accessible with a scanner.

Clearing Trouble Codes

Once all faults have been corrected, turn the ignition switch to the ON position (engine not running). Recheck the codes,then depress the button for 5 seconds and release. After 3 seconds, the LED should light up. While the LED is lit, depress the button again for 5 seconds, when the button is released, the LED should go out.

Volvo: Diagnostic Trouble Codes 1989-1993

89-93 models
1-1-1No faults.
1-1-3Fuel injectors.
1-1-3Heated Oxygen sensor-max enrichment sensed (94-up).
1-1-5Injector #1.
1-2-1Mass airflow sensor.
1-2-2Air temp sensor signal.
1-2-3Coolant temp sensor signal.
1-2-5Injector #2.
1-3-1Ignition system RPM signal.
1-3-2Battery voltage.
1-3-3Throttle switch signal (idle).
1-3-5Injector #3.
1-4-2ECU faulty.
1-4-3Knock Sensor signal missing or defective.
1-4-4Fuel system load signal(missing or defective).
1-4-5Injector #4.
1-5-3Rear heated oxygen sensor signal.
1-5-4EGR system-leakage or excessive flow.
1-5-5Injector #5.
2-1-2Oxygen sensor signal(front sensor on 94 and later models).
2-1-3Throttle switch signal.
2-1-4Ignition RPM signal erratic.
2-2-1Heated Oxygen Sensor(Rich mixture/part throttle).
2-2-2Main relay.
2-2-3Idle valve signal.
2-2-4Coolant temp sensor signal.
2-2-5A/C pressure sensor signal.
2-3-1Lambdfa adjustment.
2-3-1Heated Oxygen sesnor(lean mixture/part throttle) 94-up.
2-3-2Lamda adjustment.
2-3-2Adaptive heated O2 sensor control (94-up).
2-3-3Idle valve-closing signal.
2-3-4Throttle switch signal missing.
2-4-1EGR malfunction.
2-4-5Idle air control valve-closing signal.
3-1-1Speedometer signal.
3-1-4Camshaft position signal missing or defective.
3-1-5EVAP emission control system.
3-2-1Cold start valve-signal missing.
3-2-2Airflow meter hot wire.
3-2-4Camshaft position siganl erratic.
3-2-5ECU memory failure.
3-3-5TCM request for MIL.
4-1-1Throttle switch signal faulty or missing.
4-1-3EGR temp sensor signal incorrect or missing.
4-1-4Turbo boost regulation.
4-1-6Turbo boost reduction from TCM.
4-2-5Temp warning level #1.
4-3-1EGR temp sensor faulty or missing.
4-3-2High temp warning inside ECU.
4-3-3No rear knock sensor signal.
4-3-5Front heated oxygen sensor – slow response.
4-3-6Rear heated oxygen sensor compensation.
4-4-3Catalytic converter efficiency.
4-4-4Acceleration sensor signal.
4-5-1Misfire – #1 cylinder.
4-5-2Misfire – #2 cylinder.
4-5-3Misfire – #3 cylinder.
4-5-4Misfire – #4 cylinder.
4-5-5Misfire – #5 cylinder.
5-1-1Adaptive oxygen sensor control-lean mixture at idle.
5-1-2Oxygen integrator at max lean running limit.
5-1-3High temp warning inside ECU.
5-1-4Engine cooling fan-low speed signal faulty.
5-2-1Oxygen sensor preheating-front.
5-2-2Oxygen sensor preheating- rear.
5-3-1Power stage-group A.
5-3-2Power stage-group B.
5-3-3Power stage- group C.
5-3-4Power stage- group C.
5-3-5TC control valve signal.
5-4-1EVAP valve signal.
5-4-2Misfire – more than one cylinder.
5-4-3Misfire – at least one cylinder.
5-4-4Misfire – more than one cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-4-5Misfire – at least one cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-5-1Misfire – #1 cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-5-2Misfire – #2 cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-5-3Misfire – #3 cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-5-4Misfire – #4 cylinder/catalytic converter damage.
5-5-5Misfire – #5 cylinder/catalytic converter damage.

Volvo: Diagnostic Trouble Codes 1992-2008

ModelYearTypeEngine Information
240 2.3L1992-934 cylinderBosch LH-Jetronic 2.4/3.2
740 2.3L19924 cylinderBosch LH-Jetronic 2.4/3.2
740 2.3L Turbo19924 cylinderBosch LH-Jetronic 2.4/3.2
850 2.3L Turbo1994-974 cylinderBosch Motronic 4.4/ Siemens Fenix 5.1
940 2.3L/Turbo1992-954 cylinderBosch LH-Jetronic 2.4/3.2
960 3.0L19926 cylinderBosch Motronic/ Siemens Fenix
C30 2.5L2008B5254T3/T7Denso/Motronic 7.0
C70 2.3L Turbo1998B5234T3Bosch Motronic 4.4
C70 2.3/2.4L Turbo1999-04B5234T3/T9/B5244TmDenso/Motronic ME 7.0
C70 2.5L2006-08B5254T3Denso/Motronic 7.0
S40/V40 2.0L Turbo2000-04B4204T2/T3/T4Siemens EMS 2000
S40 2.4L2004-08B5244S4Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
S40 2.5L Turbo2004-07B5254T3Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
S40 2.5L Turbo2008B5254T7Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
S60 2.3/2.4/2.5L Turbo2001-06B5234T3/B5244T3/B5254T2/T4Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
S60 2.4L2001-05B5244SDenso/Motronic ME 7.0
S80 2.5/2.8/2.9L Turbo1999-06B5254T2/B6284T/B6294TDenso/Motronic ME 7.0
S80 2.9L1999-04B6294S/S2Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
S80 3.2/4.4L2007-08B6324S/B8444SDenso/Motronic 7.0
S90/V90 2.9L Turbo1997-98B6304FS2Bosch Motronic 4.4
V50 2.4/2.5L2005-08B5244S4/B5444S7/B5254T3/T7Denso/Motronic 7.0
V70 2.3L Turbo1998B5234T3/T6Bosch Motronic 4.4
V70 2.3/2.4/2.5L Turbo1998-06B5234T3/T8/B5244T/T2/T3/B5254T2/T4Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
V70 2.4L1998-07B5244S/S6Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
V70 3.2L2008B6324SDenso/Motronic 7.0
XC70 2.5L Turbo2003-06B5254T2Denso/Motronic ME 7.0
XC70 3.2L2008B6324SDenso/Motronic 7.0
XC90 2.5/2.9L Turbo2003-06B5254T2/B6294TDenso/Motronic ME 7.0
XC90 3.2/4.4L2007-08B6324S/B8444SDenso/Motronic 7.0
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10 months ago

volvo 740GL Reading code 144 Fuel system load signal (missing or defective) What this mean?

Fatima jordan
Fatima jordan
2 years ago

Volvo 2006 engine light abs light on did say 068 i dont know what means

Nathaniel Olson
Nathaniel Olson
2 years ago

Hello Laurentlu. Code 267 is cylinder 3 injector fault. Im guessing it is running roughly for you? A bad fuel injector will make your car run as if it has the flu. This code is for an american made volvo, but is probably the same for your petrol engine.

Laurentiu Soldan
Laurentiu Soldan
2 years ago

Hi. Can i ask what is this code 267 to volvo s40 1.6 petrol 2008. I need help. My volvo it is very noisy in front to engine. Like is broken the exhaust. Thank you very much

4 years ago

V70 2 litre 5 cylinder Fenix 5.2 ECU fault codes listing? Where can you get these and remedies to correct ? Any specific information on 131 & 314 and solutions?

Richard P Brown
4 years ago


3 years ago

What is yours phone number please i need some help i want to pay if you can?