Toyota OBD/OBD2 Codes >> Toyota 90-93 Celica & 89-92 Corolla

Preparatory Conditions

  • Battery voltage 11 Volt minimum
  • Closed throttle position (CTP) switch full closed
  • Transmission in neutral position
  • All auxiliary equipment, including air conditioning, switched OFF
  • Engine at normal operating temperature

Accessing Trouble Codes

  • Switch ignition ON. Do NOT start engine.
  • Corolla – jump DLC terminals T and E1 with a short lead 1
  • Celica – jump DLC terminals  T and E1 with a short lead 2
  • Count MIL flashes and compare with trouble code table below
  • First flashes of .5 second duration indicate ‘tens’, after a 1.5 second pause, next flashes of .5 second duration indicate ‘units’
  • A 2.5 second pause occurs between codes
  • After a 4.5 second pause, trouble codes will be repeated
  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Remove jump lead

Clearing Trouble Codes

  • Ensure ignition switched OFF
  • Corolla – remove STOP fuse (15A) from LH kick panel fusebox. 5 Wait 60 seconds.
  • Celica – remove EFI fuse (15A) from underhood fusebox. 6 Wait 20 seconds.
  • Reinstall fuse
  • Repeat accessing procedure to ensure no data remains in ECM fault memory

 Trouble Codes

90-93 Celica 1.6L Engine Code: 4A-FE
90-93 Celica 2.2L Engine Code: 5S-FE
89-92 Corolla 1.6L Engine Code: 4A-FE
Trouble codeFault locationProbable cause
11Engine control module (ECM) -supply voltageWiring, ignition switch, engine control relay, ECM
12Engine speed (RPM) sensor -circuitWiring, RPM sensor, ECM
13Engine speed (RPM) sensor -above 1000 rpmWiring, RPM sensor, ECM
14Ignition reference signal -no signalWiring, ignition module/coi/, ECM
16Transmission control signal malfunctionECM
21Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) -circuitWiring, H02S, ECM
22Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor -circuitWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
24lntake air temperature (lAT) sensor -circuitWiring, /AT sensor, ECM
25Mixture control -continuously leanWiring, injector, H02S, ECT/MAP sensor, intake/fuel/ignition system, ECM
26Mixture control -continuously richWiring, injector, fuel system, co/d start injector, H02S, ECTIMAP sensor, ECM
27Heated oxygen sensor (H02S)-rear-circuitWiring, H02S, ECM
31Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor -circuitWiring, MAP sensor, ECM
41Throttle position (TP) sensor -circuitWiring, TP sensor, ECM
42Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) -circuitWiring, VSS, ECM
43Starter signal -circuitWiring, ignition switch, ECM
51Switch signal -NC switch ON during diagnosisWiring, A/C switch, A/C amplifier, ECM
51Switch signal -closed throttle position (CTP) switch OFF during diagnosisWiring, CTP switch, ECM
51Switch signal-park/neutra! position (PNP) switch not in P or N during diagnosisWiring, PNP switch, ECM
52Knock sensor (KS) -circuitWiring, KS, ECM
53Knock control -malfunctionECM
71Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system malfunctionHose leak!blockage, wiring, EGRT sensor, EGR solenoid, ECM
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9 months ago

4A-GE flashes countless times

Amias 91 Yoda Cel.
1 year ago

91 2.2 5sp Celica giving me code 13 which is the rpm sensor ecm over 1k rpm but car won’t start after inspecting wiring and sensor idk why, please help.

Karen Ritchie
Karen Ritchie
1 year ago

1993, Toyota Corolla flashes 4 times then short pause then 2 times then long pause then repeats. What do these codes mean?

1 year ago

1992 toyota celica st coupe 1.6 AutoMatic 4a fe eng. OBD 1 faut code 25 and 17fault code.

Alex Tessenar
2 years ago

I have a 91 toyota celica its flashing a code 15 but there isnt one listed

Frank Mina
Frank Mina
1 year ago
Reply to  Alex Tessenar

93 Toyota celica st coupe 2door1.6 4afe engine a/t transmission W/Overdrive ,still getting a code17. I’m confused thers no code 17 on my repair manual.

2 years ago

My Toyota Corolla AE91 after following diagnosis procedure, the check engine is flashing 6 times only.
What could be the error code for this?
Thanks in advance.