Toyota OBD/OBD2 Codes >> Toyota 86 4Runner or Pickup 2.4L

Accessing Trouble Codes

Checking – MIL
  • Switch ignition ON.
  • Check MIL illuminates
  • Start engine.  Allow to idle.
  • If MIL extinguishes, no trouble codes have been recorded.
  • If MIL remains illuminated, access trouble codes.
Checking – Trouble Codes
  • Switch ignition ON.  Do NOT start engine.
  • Jump DLC terminals 1 and 2 with a short lead 1
  • Count MIL flashes and compare with trouble code table below
  • Trouble codes are indicated by  0.5 second flashes
  • After a 4.5 second pause, trouble codes will be repeated
  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Remove jump lead

Clearing Trouble Codes

  • Remove EFI fuse (15A) from LH kick panel fusebox for 30 seconds minimum 3
  • Reinstall fuse
  • Repeat accessing procedure to ensure no data remains in ECM fault memory

 Trouble Codes

86 Pickup 2.4L Engine Code: 22R-E or 22R-TE
86 4Runner 2.4L Engine Code: 22R-E or 22R-TE
Trouble code Fault location Probable cause
1 No fault
2 Volume air flow (VAF) sensor -circuit Wiring, VAF sensor, ECM
3 Ignition signal -no signal Wiring, ignition module, ECM
4 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor circuit Wiring, ECT sensor, ECM
5 Oxygen sensor (02S) circuit Wiring, 02S, ECM
6 Engine speed (RPM) sensor -circuit Wiring, RPM sensor, ignition module, ECM
7 Throttle position (TP) sensor -circuit Wiring, TP sensor, ECM
8 lntake air temperature (lAT) sensor circuit Wiring, IAT sensor, ECM
10 Starter signal -circuit Wiring, ignition switch, ECM
11 Switch signal -closed throttle position (CTP) switch OFF during diagnosis Wiring, CTP switch, ECM
12 Knock sensor (KS) -circuit Wiring, KS, ECM
13 Knock control malfunction ECM
14 Turbocharger (TC) pressure Turbocharger (TC), VAF sensor, ECM

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