Toyota OBD/OBD2 Codes

96 & later are OBD2 systems and require a scantool Note: We are finding that some 94 & 95 Toyota vehicles are OBD2 compliant and require a scan tool. Check your emissions decal under the hood to confirm if you have an OBD2 compliant vehicle.

RETRIEVING CODES for vehicles before 96

NOTE: Not all trouble codes will activate MIL (CHECK ENGINE light)
  • Before proceeding, make sure the:
    • CHECK ENGINE light circuit is functional. It should be ON when the ignition switch is ON with the engine stopped.
    • Battery voltage is above 11 volts.
    • Throttle valve is fully closed (Throttle Position Sensor IDL points closed).
    • Accessory switches (A/C, etc.) are OFF.
    • Engine is at normal operating temperature (if possible).
  • Turn ignition switch to ON position.
    • Do not start the engine.
    • Place a jumper wire across TEl and El terminals in engine check connector.
  • Count number of flashes from CHECK ENGINE light.
    • If system is operating normally (with no detected faults), the CHECK ENGINE light will blink continuouslyand evenly about 2 times a second.
  • Otherwise, the light will blink a number of times equal to the trouble code as follows:
    • The light blinks only (.5 second ON, .5 second OFF) when indicating a number.
    • The light will be OFF for 1.5 seconds between the first digit and the second digit of the code.
    • If more than one code is stored, the light will be OFF for 2.5 seconds before the next code is displayed.
    • Once all code(s) have been displayed, the light will be OFF for 4.5 seconds and then the whole sequence will repeat.
  • The diagnostic code series will continue to repeat as long as the check connecter terminals TEl and El are connected.
  • When finished, remove the jumper wire.
  • After repairing the malfunction, clear the codes from the ECUs memory.

    Clearing Trouble Codes

    All trouble codes must be purged from the ECUs memory after repairing the faults. Otherwise, code(s) would remain in the ECUs memory indefinitely and would appear along with a new code in the event of a future problem.
  • Remove the EFI fuse (15A) for 30 seconds with the ignition switch OFF to clear any codes. It may take longer than 30 seconds, depending on ambient temperature (the lower the temperature, the longer the fuse must be left out).
  • Trouble codes can also be cleared by disconnecting the vehicle battery. However, other memory functions (clock, radio, etc.), will need to be reset.
  • After the codes are cleared, road test the vehicle (as applicable for the fault) and recheck if any codes reset. If so, it indicates that the trouble area has not been repaired correctly.

Toyota Generic Trouble Codes

(Codes Apply to Most Toyota Models – See Table at the Bottom of the Page for Model Specific OBD Codes)

OBD1 Codes
1Normal Condition.
2Air Flow Meter signal.
3Ignition signal.
4Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.
5Oxygen Sensor.
6RPM signal (Crank Angle Pulse).
7Throttle Position Sensor signal.
8Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.
9Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.
10Starter signal.
11Switch signal.
12Knock Control Sensor signal.
12RPM signal.
13Knock Control CPU (ECM).
13RPM signal.
14Turbocharger Pressure.
14Ignition signal.
21Oxygen Sensor.
22Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.
23Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.
24Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.
25Air-Fuel Ratio Lean.
26Air-Fuel Ratio Rich.
27Sub Oxygen Sensor signal.
28No. 2 Oxygen Sensor signal.
31Air Flow Meter signal (Vacuum Sensor signal).
32Air Flow Meter signal.
34Turbocharger Pressure signal.
35Turbocharger Pressure Sensor signal.
35HAC Sensor signal.
41Throttle Position Sensor signal.
42Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.
43Starter signal.
51Switch signal.
52Knock Sensor signal.
53Knock Sensor signal.
54Inter-cooler ECM signal.
71EGR System.
72Fuel Cut Solenoid signal.
78Fuel Pump Control signal.
81TCM Communication.
83TCM Communication.
84TCM Communication.
85TCM Communication.
Common Toyota OBD2 Codes (also see Full List of Toyota OBD2 Codes)
P0100Mass Air Flow Circuit.
P0101Mass Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance.
P0105Manifold Absolute Pressure Circuit.
P0106MAP/BARO Circuit Range/Performance.
P0110Intake Air Temperature Circuit.
P0115Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit.
P0116Engine Coolant Temperature Range/Performance.
P0120Throttle Pedal Sensor Switch “A” Circuit.
P0121Throttle Pedal Sensor Switch “A” Circuit Range/Performance.
P0125Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control.
P0130Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 1 Sensor 1.
P0133Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 1.
P0135Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 1 Sensor 1.
P0136Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 1 Sensor 2.
P0141Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 1 Sensor 2.
P0150Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 2 Sensor 1.
P0153Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank 2 Sensor 1.
P0155Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 2 Sensor 1.
P0156Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 2 Sensor 2.
P0161Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit – Bank 2 Sensor 2.
P0170Fuel Trim malfunction.
P0171System too Lean.
P0172System too Rich.
P0201Injector Circuit – Cyl. 1.
P0202Injector Circuit – Cyl. 2.
P0203Injector Circuit – Cyl. 3.
P0204Injector Circuit – Cyl. 4.
P0205Injector Circuit – Cyl. 5.
P0206Injector Circuit – Cyl. 6.
P0300Random Misfire.
P0301Misfire Detected – Cyl. 1.
P0302Misfire Detected – Cyl. 2.
P0303Misfire Detected – Cyl. 3.
P0304Misfire Detected – Cyl. 4.
P0305Misfire Detected – Cyl. 5.
P0306Misfire Detected – Cyl. 6.
P0325Knock Sensor 1 Circuit.
P0330Knock Sensor 2 Circuit.
P0335Crankshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit.
P0336Crankshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit Range/Performance.
P0340CMP Sensor Circuit malfunction.
P0385Crankshaft Position Sensor “B” NE2 Circuit.
P0401EGR Flow Insufficient.
P0402EGR Flow Excessive.
P0420Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold.
P0430Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold Bank 2.
P0440EVAP Control System.
P0441EVAP Control System Improper Purge Flow.
P0446EVAP Control System Vent Control.
P0450EVAP Control System Pressure Sensor.
P0451EVAP Control System Pressure Sensor Range/Performance.
P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor.
P0505Idle Speed Control System.
P0510Close Throttle Position Switch.
P1100BARO Sensor Circuit.
P1120Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Circuit.
P1121Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Range/Performance Problem.
P1125Throttle Control Motor Circuit.
P1126Magnetic Clutch Circuit.
P1127ETCS Actuator Power Source Circuit.
P1128Throttle Control Motor Lock.
P1129Electric Throttle Control System.
P1130Air-Fuel Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.
P1133Air-Fuel Sensor Circuit Response.
P1135Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response.
P1150A/F Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.
P1153A/F Sensor Circuit Response.
P1155A/F Sensor Heater Circuit.
P1200Fuel Pump Relay Circuit.
P1300Igniter Circuit – No. 1.
P1310Igniter Circuit – No. 2.
P1335No Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal – Engine Running.
P1349VVT System.
P1400Sub-Throttle Position Sensor.
P1401Sub-Throttle Position Sensor Range/Performance Problem.
P1405Turbo Pressure Sensor Circuit.
P1406Turbo Pressure Sensor Range/Performance Problem.
P1410EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit.
P1411EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.
P1500Starter Signal Circuit.
P1510Boost Pressure Control Circuit.
P1511Boost Pressure Low.
P1512Boost Pressure High.
P1520Stop Lamp Switch Signal.
P1565Cruise Control Main Switch Circuit.
P1605Knock Control CPU.
P1630Traction Control System.
P1652Idle Air Control Valve Control Circuit.
P1656OCV Circuit.
P1658Wastegate Valve Control Circuit.
P1661EGR Circuit.
P1662EGR by-pass Valve Control Circuit.
P1780Park/Neutral Switch.

Toyota Manufacturer Specific Trouble Codes By Year

Select your Vehicle Below 
Engine Code
86 2S-E TCCS Celica 2.0L
86 22R-E TCCS Pickup 2.4L
86 22R-TE TCCS Pickup 2.4L
86 22R-E TCCS 4Runner 2.4L
86 22R-TE TCCS 4Runner 2.4L
86-87 4A-GE TCCS Corolla/Sport 1.6L
86-87 4A-GE TCCS MR2 1.6L
86-88 5M-GE TCCS Cressida 2.8L
86-89 3S-GE/FE/GTE TCCS Celica 2.0L
86-92 7M-GE TCCS Supra 3.0L
87-88 22R-E/TE TCCS Pickup 2.4L/Turbo
87-88 22R-E/TE TCCS 4Runner 2.4L/Turbo
87-91 3S-FE/2VZ-FE TCCS Camry 2.0/2.5L
87-92 7M-GTE TCCS Supra 3.0L Turbo
88-90 4A-GE/GZE TCCS MR2 1.6L/Supercharged
88-91 4A-GE TCCS Corolla 1.6L (AE92/AE95)
88-9122R-E TCCS Pickup 2.4L
88-913VZ-E TCCSPickup 3.0L
88-913VZ-E TCCS4Runner 3.0L
88-9122R-E TCCS4Runner 2.4L
88-94 3F-E TCCS Land Cruiser 4.0L
89 7M-GE TCCS Cressida 3.0L
89-92 4A-FE TCCS Corolla 1.6L
90-92 7M-GE TCCS Cressida 3.0 L
90-93 4A-FE TCCS Celica 1.6L
90-93 5S-FE TCCS Celica 2.2L
90-94 3E-E TCCS Tercel
91-95 5S-FE TCCS MR2 2.2 L
91-95 2TZ-FE TCCS Previa 2.4 L
92-93 3VZ-FE TCCS Camry 3.0 L
92-93 3VZ-FE TCCS Camry Wagon 3.0 L
92-95 5S-FE TCCS Camry 2.2 L
92-95 3VZ-E TCCS Pickup 3.0 L
92-95 3VZ-E TCCS 4Runner 3.0 L
92-95 5E-FE TCCS Paseo 1.5 L
93-94 3VZ-E TCCS T100 Pickup 3.0 L
93-95 4A-FE TCCS Corolla 1.6 L
93-95 7A-FE TCCS Corolla 1.8 L
93-95 SJZ-GE TCCS Supra 3.0 L
93-95 SJZ-GTE TCCS Supra 3.0 L Turbo
94-95 7A-FE TCCS Celica 1.8 L
94-95 5S-FE TCCS Celica 2.2 L

Toyota Manufacturer Specific Trouble Codes By Model

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
4Runner 2.7L1995-003RZ-FEToyota SFI
4Runner 3.4L1996-025VZ-FEToyota SFI
4Runner 4.0L2003-051GR-FEToyota SFI
4Runner 4.0L2006-091GR-FEToyota SFI
4Runner 4.7L2003-092UZ-FEToyota SFI
Avalon 3.0/3.5L1995-091MZ-FE/2GR-FEToyota SFI
Camry 2.2L1996-0158-FEToyota SFI
Camry 2.4L20022AZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry 2.4L2003-092AZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry 3.0L1994-061MZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry 3.3L2004-063MZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry 3.5L2007-082GR-FEToyota SFI
Camry 3.5L20092GR-FEToyota SFI
Camry Hybrid 2.4L2007-092AZ-FXEToyota SFI
Camry Solara 2.2L1999-015S-FEToyota SFI
Camry Solara 2.4L2002-082AZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry Solara 3.0L1999-061MZ-FEToyota SFI
Camry Solara 3.3L2004-083MZ-FEToyota SFI
Celica 1.8L1994-957A-FEToyota TCCS
Celica 1.8L1996-977A-FEToyota SFI
Celica 1.8L2001-051ZZ-FE/2ZZ-GEToyota SFI
Celica 2.2L1994-955S-FEToyota TCCS
Celica 2.2L1996-015S-FEToyota SFI
Corolla 1.6L1993-954A-FEToyota TCCS
Corolla 1.6L1996-974A-FEToyota SFI
Corolla 1.8L1993-957A-FEToyota TCCS
Corolla 1.8L1996-977A-FEToyota SFI
Corolla 1.8/2.4L1998-091ZZ-FE/2AZ-FE/2ZR-FE/2ZZ-GEToyota SFI
Echo 1.5L2000-051NZ-FEToyota SFI
FJ Cruiser 4.0L2007-091GR-FEToyota SFI
Highlander 2.4L2001-032AZ-FEToyota SFI
Highlander 2.4L2004-072AZ-FEToyota SFI
Highlander 3.0/3.3L2001-061MZ-FE/3MZ-FEToyota SFI
Highlander 3.3/3.5L2007-093MZ-FE/2GR-FEToyota SFI
Highlander Hybrid 3.3L2006-093MZ-FEToyota SFI
Land Cruiser 4.0L1988-903F-EToyota TCCS
Land Cruiser 4.0L1991-943F-EToyota TCCS
Land Cruiser 4.5L1993-941FZ-FEToyota TCCS
Land Cruiser 4.5L1995-971FZ-FEToyota TCCS
Land Cruiser 4.7L1998-072UZ-FEToyota SFI
Land Cruiser 5.7L2008-093UR-FEToyota SFI
Matrix 1.8/2.4L2003-091ZZ-FE/2AZ-FE/2ZR-FE/2ZZ-GEToyota SFI
MR2 1.8L2000-051ZZ-FEToyota SFI
MR2 2.2L1991-9558-FEToyota TCCS
Paseo 1.5L1992-955E-FEToyota TCCS
Paseo 1.5L1995-985E-FEToyota SFI
Previa 2.4L1991-952TZ-FEToyota TCCS
Previa 2.4L1995-972TZ-FZEToyota SFI
Prius 1.5L2001-091NZ-FXEToyota SFI
RAV4 2.0L1996-023S-FEToyota SFI
RAV4 2.0/2.4L2002-091AZ-FE/2AR-FE/2AZ-FEToyota SFI
RAV4 3.5L2006-092GR-FEToyota SFI
Sequoia 4.7L2001-082UZ-FEToyota SFI
Sequoia 5.7L20083UR-FEToyota SFI
Sienna 3.0L1998-031MZ-FEToyota SFI
Sienna 3.3L2004-063MZ-FEToyota SFI
Supra 3.0L1993-952JZ-GEToyota TCCS
Supra 3.0L1996-982JZ-GEToyota TCCS
Supra 3.0L Turbo1993-952JZ-GTEToyota TCCS
Supra 3.0L Turbo1996-982JZ-GTEToyota TCCS
T100 Pickup 2.7L1994-983RZ-FEToyota SFI
T100 Pickup 3.4L1995-985VZ-FEToyota SFI
Tacoma 2.4L1995-042RZ-FEToyota SFI
Tacoma 2.7L1995-093RZ-FE/2TR-FEToyota SFI
Tacoma 3.4/4.0L1995-091GR-FE/5VZ-FEToyota SFI
Tercel 1.5L1995-985E-FEToyota SFI
Tundra 3.4L2000-045VZ-FEToyota SFI
Tundra 4.0L2005-091GR-FEToyota SFI
Tundra 4.7L2000-082UZ-FEToyota SFI
Tundra 5.7L2007-083UR-FEToyota SFI
Yaris 1.5L2007-091NZ-FEToyota SFI
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Seif Matua
Seif Matua
2 years ago

Hi sorry I need know code 26 Toyota Rav 4 1az

Joseph Mutetwa
Joseph Mutetwa
2 years ago

What is the code 49 in 1az engine 2003

3 years ago

what is fault code 39

Benjamin Jerew
3 years ago
Reply to  christo

If it’s in the engine controller, code 39 is related to the VVT Actuator. Check the circuit for the VVT Oil Control Valve and the valve coil for continuity.

2 days ago

Got a P1340 code and low rough idle after changing valve cover gaskets. On a 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 4×4 4.7L

Last edited 2 days ago by Gary
28 days ago

CODE 2…..2……4…..2

1989 Toyota Camry Prominent 6 cylinder

Sandy Ellis
Sandy Ellis
1 month ago

Had check engine checked. Have to go to Toyota dealership. Something about a valve in a canister.What is it and about what cost.

6 months ago

Engine check comes on after 40k/hr or 80k/hr. How to clear error code.

4 months ago
Reply to  Andrew

2005 Toyota quantum error code 3. What’s this and how can it be resolved?

6 months ago

Do these codes apply to a 2001 Land Cruiser as well? i.e. J100 series with 1HDT diesel engine?

Claudia Winter
Claudia Winter
7 months ago

Hello I am searching for my Toyota Picnic 1999 2.0 94 kWh on your list. Thank you

9 months ago

What’s men code 62 -63-64?????

Erick David
10 months ago

2nz engine check engine light on when I’m driven

1 year ago

Previa 1996 obd code 21 mine is Ho2s .correct.or not tq

Terry dowd
Terry dowd
1 year ago

I have a 15B-fte engine in Toyota dyna and cel flashing constantly but when I disconnect throttle control motor and reconnect it reads code 15 What do both of these meen

Ihsan ullah
1 year ago

Stat ingan segnal off

Jayem cabrera
Jayem cabrera
1 year ago

Hi…mine says code 20