Tesla Codes

All cars are required to have an OBD2 port by law. Tesla vehicles have OBD2 ports for compliance, but, without an engine, most OBD2 codes are not applicable. There is data in CAN bus. Trying to get repair information from Tesla is difficult as they are not supportive of DIY repair.  There is a “right to repair” law in Massachusetts although obtaining repair information is still difficult despite the laws in place in that state and fight to open up access.  There is a website to purchase access if you live in Massachusetts or internationally, but reports have been mixed on actually receiving access. Here is the service page link: https://service.teslamotors.com/. The Tesla customer service representatives contacted by your editorial staff were not familiar with the service website and could not provide guidance.

Model S Location

The connector on Model S is above the left foot rest below the steering wheel.

Tesla Roadster VDS Trouble Codes

These codes are from the original Tesla Roadster model but should be mostly applicable to other models. The below list consists of the code, fault message that appears, a debug mode message that does not usually display, and some notes on repair. To enter debug mode, tap the visual display six times and enter your access code.
CodeColorFault textDebug textNotes
0Battery Problem Service RequiredCritical Brick Over Voltage fault
2Battery too cold Vehicle shutting downCritical Sheet Under Temp fault
3blueMaintenance Service RequiredHave the car serviced or reset the service interval.
4Battery too hot Vehicle shutting downCritical Sheet Over Temp fault
6Battery Problem Service RequiredVMS: APS Failure
7Battery Service Required
8Vehicle Idle for 1 Hour Shutting Down
10Charging Problem
13RedBattery Problem Service RequiredCritical Brick UnderVoltage fault
14ESS Temperature Sensor Fault
16Battery Problem Service RequiredBMB: Sheet alarm
19Isolation resistance warning
21YellowDebug-Only MsgAPS OverTemp Warning
25BlueMemory Stick transfer in progress. …Memory stick transfer in progress. Please do not remove.Car is downloading logs to USB memory stick. Data field shows completion percentage in hexadecimal.
27Memory stick transfer failure. Reinsert stick to try again.
28Transfer to memory stick has failedTransfer to memory stick has failed
29APS: APS power inhibited
30Airbag System Service requiredSRS: Airbag enabled in car, but disabled in VMS config
31SRS: Airbag deployed. Contact Tesla Service Center
32SRS: Airbag must be serviced. Contact Tesla Service Center
43RedDebug-Only MsgVMS: APS Inhibited due to low brick voltage
50Communication Problem Service RequiredBMB: No data fault
51Communication Problem Service RequiredBSM: No data fault
52Communication Problem Service RequiredCSB: No data fault
53OrangeDebug-Only MsgGPS: No data fault
54OrangeCoolant System Problem Charging restricted toHVAC: No data fault
55IP: No data fault
56Communication Problem Power Reduced
59Communication Problem Service Required
61Park Lock Problem Vehicle May be Free-Rolling
90Transmission error Service required
91Transmission error Service required
92Transmission error Service required
93Transmission error Service required
94Park Lock Problem Vehicle May be Free-Rolling
95Park failed to disengage. Service required.
97Park Lock Problem Vehicle May be Free-Rolling
99Park Lock Problem Vehicle May be Free-Rolling
101Parking System Service Required
102Parking System Service Required
103Parking System Service Required
105Parking System Service Required
106Parking System Service Required
107Parking System Service Required
259Charge AbortedBattery Problem Service RequiredBattery is too low to charge
260Battery Service Required
261Service required Charging restricted
263Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
264Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
265Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
269BSM: Negative contactor/economizer stuck low
271Battery Problem Vehicle shutting downBSM: Contractor power failureHas happened when starting car too soon after service plug has been inserted. Fix: Pull/insert it again and wait a few minutes before starting car.
272Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
273Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
274Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe
275Powertrain Problem Service Required
276Powertrain Problem Service Required
277Powertrain Problem Service Required
278Powertrain Problem Service Required
279Powertrain Problem Service Required
281BSM: Orientation fault
282BSM: ESS OverTermp fault
283BSM: Isolation fault
284BSM: Voltage sensor error
285BSM: Isolation fault before closing contactors
286BSM: Isolation fault while contactors closed
287Power train Problem Service RequiredBSM: Isolation fault before charge
288BSM: V_ess too low during precharge, t2
398blueKey must be on to select new tires
399Cannot select new tires while moving
400blueCoast in a straight line at 20-60mph for 10 seconds
401TPMS: Left front tire very soft
402TPMS: Left front tire soft
403TPMS: Right front tire very soft
404TPMS: Right front tire soft
405TPMS: Left rear tire very soft
406TPMS: Left rear tire soft
407TPMS: Right rear tire very soft
408TPMS: Right rear tire soft
409TPMS: Hardware ErrorTire pressure cannot be monitored reliably, e.g. if you just swapped your wheels. For a while, TM was selling a “TPMS Reset Tool” which seems to be no longer available (April 2014).
411TPMS: Tire OverTerm warning
412TPMS: Rapid tire pressure loss
413TPMS: Check left front tire
414TPMS: Check right front tire
415TPMS: Check left back tire
416TPMS: Check right back tire
420SWP: APS off, but no pulse from BPS
428orange12V Battery Service RequiredSWP: Aux Battery Supply LowTurned out battery fuse was missing. Or an old Battery (0x81248884)
429SWP: Eeprom checksum error
430SWP: CAN Rx OverFlow
527YellowRight Headlight Bulb OutCheck right front high beam bulbReplace the right high beam headlight bulb.
528YellowLeft Headlight Bulb OutCheck left front high beam bulbReplace the left high beam headlight bulb.
529OrangeRight Headlight Bulb OutCheck right front low beam bulbReplace the right low beam headlight bulb.
530OrangeLeft Headlight Bulb OutCheck left front low beam bulbReplace the left low beam headlight bulb.
538OrangeCheck Left Front Turn Bulb
539OrangeCheck Right Front Turn Bulb
600APS: Cooling issue; power limiting in effect
601ESS: MaxT brick too hot; power limiting in effect
602SHUTDOWN IMMINENT Power limited
603BSM: Isolation resistance fault; power limiting in effect
604Battery Low Power ReducedESS: Low State of charge: power limiting in effectYou need to recharge
605Standard range SOC floor reached. Stop & Charge.
606YellowESS:Range Mode Remaining charge uncertainYou need to recharge
607ESS: MaxT brick extremely hot; power limiting in effect
608ESS: Almost empty. Car stops in 3 miles
609ESS: BSM/CSB/BMB no data fault; power limited
610ESS: Almost empty. Car stops in 2 miles
611ESS: Almost empty. Car stops in 1 mile
612Multiple Temp Sensor Faults; Vehicle entering limp mode
613VMS: Use MC120 to avoid trickle charge
700Brake fluid low
701ABS: Service required
702ABS: Service required
703ABS: Service required
720900A discharge limit exceeded
721863A discharge limit esceeded
722805A discharge limit exceeded
723300A discharge limit exceeded
724200A discharge limit exceeded
725190A charge limit exceeded
72675A charge limit exceeded
72760A charge limit exceeded
728Overtemp event during charge or regen
729Undertemp event during charge or regen
730750A discharge warning
731450A discharge warning; power limited
732300A discharge warning; power limited
733200A discharge warning; power limited
73475A charge warning
73560A charge warning
880While staring, keep foot off accelerator pedal
881While starting, foot brake must be pressed
882Before starting, charge port door must be closed
883Before starting, exit Tow modeThe car is still in tow mode, so it cannot be started.
884Battery empty Can’t start
885BMB No Data fault Can’t start
886Battery cold Can’t start
887RedCan’t start Version number mismatchPaired with 1553
888redDisarm vehicle with key fob before startingVMS/PEM key mismatchPress the button on the keyfob.
889Service Required. Charing restricted to storage level.
901DMC HW: PhaseA OverCurrent Fault
902DMC HW: PhaseB OverCurrent Fault
903DMC HW: PhaseC OverCurrent Fault
904DMC HW: Battery OverVoltage Fault
905DMC HW: PhaseA Low Side Desat Fault
906DMC HW: PhaseA High Side Desat Fault
907DMC HW: PhaseA Bias Under Voltage Fault
908DMC HW: PhaseA Bus Over voltage fault
909DMC HW: PhaseB Low Side Desat Fault
910DMC HW: PhaseB High Side Desat Fault
911DMC HW: PhaseB Biad UnderVoltage fault
912DMC HW: PhaseB Bus OverVoltage fault
913DMC HW: PhaseC Low Side Desat fault
914DMC HW: PhaseC High Side Desat fault
915DMC HW: PhaseC Bias UnderVoltage fault
916DMC HW: PhaseC Bus OverVoltage fault
917DMC HW: APS UnderVoltage fault
918DMC HW: Motor OverTerm fault
919DMC HW: Pedal Monitor fault
920DMC HW: Line OverCurrent fault
921DMC HW: PhaseA OverTemp fault
922DMC HW: PhaseB OverTemp fault
923DMC HW: PhaseC OverTerm fault
924DMC HW: ESS Cable Interlock faultThe dealer believes this might be caused by slight corrosion on the terminals of the safety wire.
925DMC HW: COmmon Mode Sense fault
926DMC HW: PDP Interrupt fault
927DMC HW: PhaseA OverCurrent fault
928DMC HW: PhaseB OverCurrent fault
929DMC HW: PhaseC OverCurrent fault
930DMC FW: PhaseA OverCurrent Peak fault
931DMC FW: PhaseB OverCurrent Peak fault
932DMC FW: PhaseC OverCurrent Peak fault
933DMC FW: Line OverCurrent fault
934DMC FW: Line OverCurrent Peak Fault
935DMC FW: Line OverVoltage fault
936yellowCharging ProblemDMC FW: Line OverVoltage Peak fault
937Charge Problem Extension Cord DetectedDMC FW: Line UnderVoltage fault
938DMC FW: Battery OverVoltage fault
939DMC FW: Battery UnderVoltage fault
940DMC FW: Motor OverSpeed fault
941DMC FW: Motor Sensor1 OverTemp fault
942DMC FW: Motor Sensor2 OverTerm fault
943DMC FW: Motor Sensor1 UnderTemp fault
944DMC FW: Motor Sensor2 UnderTerm fault
945System too hot – Vehicle shutting downDMC FW: PhaseA OverTemp fault
946DMC FW: PhaseA Temp Diff fault
947System Too Hot – Vehicle Shutting DownDMC FW: PhaseB OverTemp faultPreceded by error message 1152. Resolution: PEM fans replaced. Likely cause – 1152 indicative of contactor(s) sticking open, but not fatal. Moisture in the open contactors may have caused rusting, resulting in this error.
948DMC FW: PhaseB Temp Diff fault
949DMC FW: PhaseC OverTemp fault
950DMC FW: PhaseC Temp Diff fault
951DMC FW: Ambient OverTemp fault
952DMC FW: Amvient UnderTemp fault
953Line Voltage Lost SyncDMC FW: Line Voltage Lost Sync or OverFrequency FaultBad power; try lowering the current and restarting (or breaker tripped)
954Line Voltage Lost SyncDMC FW: Line Voltage Lost Sync or UnderFrequency FaultBad power; try lowering the current and restarting (or breaker tripped)
955DMC FW: Line Sync Loss fault
956DMC FW: HCS Faulted
957DMC FW: PEM Vbat diff from BSM Vbat fault
958DMC FW: HCS Invalid Pilot Signal fault
959DMC FW: Line Current or Voltage Offset Too Large fault
960DMC FW: VBrickMax versus VBattery Error faultYou don’t want to know.
961DMC FW: VBrickMax or VBrickLimit is invalid
962DMC FW: Line Current Error fault
963DMC FW: Line Current Not Equal Request faultCheck the 150A line fuse(s) in the PEM service window and replace as needed.
964DMC FW: Pilot Signal Present in Drive Mode fault
965DMC FW: Gear Selector Comms fault
966DMC FW: Invalid Shift Request Fault
967DMC FW: Press brake before shifting fault
968DMC FW: Lost VMS Comms fault
969DMC FW: Lost DFC Comms fault
970DMC FW: Lost ABS Comms (and TC) fault
971DMC FW: CAN Comms Error fault
972DMC FW: Accelerator Erorr fault
973DMC FW: Motor Encoder Error fault
974DMC FW: Pole Current Error Fault
975DMC FW: ABS Error fault
976DMC FW: Invalid State fault
977Car moved while charging – charge stopped.DMC FW: Moving during charge faultGot this for trying to change the wheels while charging the car! Spinning front right wheel by hand (after jacking up car) triggered the message.
978DMC FW: Invalid State request fault
979DMC FW: Invalid Mode request fault
980DMC FW: Invalid Charge Request fault
981DMC FW: Bad State Transition FaultDog tripped over charging cable. Discuss. Charger seems to be having troubles. A reset from the chargepoint fixed it.
982DMC FW: Mode Trans Condition fault
983DMC FW: Memory Error fault
984DMC FW: Bad Argument fault
985DMC FW: Interrupt Time too Long fault
986DMC FW: MotorTemp Sensor1 fault
987DMC FW: MotorTemp Sensor2 fault
988DMC FW: MotorTemp Sensors differ fault
989DMC FW: VBrickMin Not Increasing
990DMC FW: Voltage Discharge Time fault
991DMC FW: 5V Power
992DMC FW: Lost TCM comms
993DMC FW: PCS Current Offset Too Large fault
994DMC FW: Watchdog timer reset fault
995DMC FW: TCM Refusal fault
996DMC FW: Unsafe gear transition faultPress brake before shifting
999DMC FW: CAN Overrun
1069OrangeDMC FW: Motor sensor 1 OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1070OrangeDMC FW: Motor sensor 2 OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1073DMC FW: PhaseA OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1074DMC FW: PhaseA Temp Diff warning
1075DMC FW: PhaseB OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1076DMC FW: PhaseB Temp Diff warning
1077DMC FW: PhaseC OverTemp warning. Torque limited
1078DMC FW: PhaseC Temp Diff warning
1084External Charger Problem
1087DMC FW: Line Current or Voltage Offset Too Large warningPEM fuse(s) blown, needs to be replaced. Can show up incidentally without meaning any trouble.
1092Do not plug in charge cable while drivingKey left in ignition while trying to plug in?
1095Press brake pedal before shift.DMC FW: Press brake before shift.Press brake pedal and then select a gear.
1103ABS & Traction Control Problems. Service Required.?Pulling out ignition key and waiting until car shutdown (15 minutes) cleared it. Tesla couldn’t find issue.
1121OrangeDebug-Only MsgDMC FW: PCS Current Offset Too Large warning
1124Unsafe Gear Shift Transition DeniedCar moving too fast for gear change drive/reverse
1121YellowDebug-Only MsgDMC FW: CAN Overrun
1138Voltage on Charge Port Line2 during drive with charge door open
1144Powertrain Problem Service RequiredDMC PEM Fan ProblemCall your Tesla Shop! Alt: Check your Battery Coolant level (I got this error constantly after over-filling the coolant, once I siphoned a little off the error went away) Probably the PEM/Motor fan needs to be replaced. Also check the connectors or wiring between the fans and the PEM. Could just be a bad contact
1146DMC Motor Fan ProblemLow fan speed. Only appears in debug mode? Probably the PEM/Motor fan needs to be replaced. Also check the connectors or wiring between the fans and the PEM. Could just be a bad contact [1].
1152Charge time increased due to high temperatures.DMC WARNING Charge Thermal Limit(bonnie) Caused car charging rate to intermittently drop from 70amp to as low as 19amp, did not correlate to outside temp or motor temp – PEM & fans cleaned, believed to be result of massive cloud of insulation on freeway that I drove thru – if you see error, check that out first PEM fans replaced after error 947 received. No further issues.
1153DMC Wear Factor Warning
1160Drivers door ajarClose the door.
1161Passenger door ajarClose the door.
1162Trunk ajarClose the trunk.
1165Key in Key Switch Door AjarDriver door opened while car is on
1166Release Parking BrakeCar is driven while parking brake (partially) engaged
1167blueHeadlights still on
1169Charge port openCharge port opened when car is on
1170Tow Mode is not available while car is on
1174Fasten SeatbeltFasten your seatbelt.
1416Low Power System Service Required
1426HVAC: High current pump failure
1452orangeHVAC: Low pressure
1453Coolant System Problem Service RequiredHVAC: Refrigerant High Pressure
1463HVAC: overheat warningHVAC: Compressor OverTempHVAC system will pause ~1 minute and continue cooling. Do not charge inside hot garage with closed Garage door. Only appears in debug mode. This problem appeared to me after a yearly service because the HVAC was overfilled. Check HVAC fluid level
1465HVAC: Low current pump fault
1469HVAC: Compressor comms timeout
1471HVAC: Compressor DTC comms timeout
1493yellowESS: Extremely Low. Begin Charging ASAP.
1533Software Problem Service Required
1553RedSoftware problem, Service requiredVMS: VMS firmware version doesn’t match car wide releaseDump log over usb, check flash/messages, for most recent “VMS: VMS restarted” line, compare with VMS version in flash/firmware.rc file
1554orangeVMS: Not receiving VDS version numberCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
1664yellowPM: Lost VMS comms warningBlue connector at VMS not plugged in
1900orangeCommunication Problem: Service RequiredVMS-VDS comms faultHappened twice while trying to download logs to USB stick. Went away on third attempt but logs were rejected by Tesla Motors Upload. The USB stick does not seem to be faulty.
1901blueN/AWindow with just text “N/A”
2005yellowNo response to request to stop chargingCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2017yellowNo response to request to change charge modeCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2031yellowNo response to request to save charging timeCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2033yellowNo response to request to save charge timingCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2035yellowNo response to request to save current limitCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes./td>
2037yellowNo response to request to save cost/kWhCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2070yellowNo response to request to get keyfob functionCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2078yellowThere was a problem processing your requestNo response to request to enter Tow ModeCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
2096yellowNo response to Pin submissionCar can drive but a full RESET is needed: In the front hood pull battery fuse and in the trunk pull the orange ESS Main switch. Then wait 3 minutes.
3001SHFT: APS Voltage?
3011Drive Button Failure Vehicle May not be Able to Enter Drive
3021SHFT: Neutral switch Stuck Down
3022SHFT: DRIVE switch Stuck Down
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