OBD2 Sensors >> Toyota 2AR-FE Engine Sensor Locations

View with cosmetic engine cover removed.  2014 Toyota RAV4 2.5L
  1. Fuel injectors (located on the backside of the engine near the intake manifold)
  2. Mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  3. Camshaft position sensors (CMP)
  4. Oil pressure switch
  5. Knock sensor (KS) (located on the backside of the engine under the intake manifold
  6. Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) (located underneath the vehicle near the crankshaft pulley)
  7. Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT)
  8. Ignition coil
  9. Camshaft oil control valve

Models Found On

  • Toyota RAV4 (ASA33/38)
  • Toyota Camry ASV40 (Base & LE)
  • Toyota Camry ASV40 (SE and worldwide)
  • Toyota Camry ASV50
  • Scion tC (AGT20)
  • Toyota Alphard (AH30)
  • Lexus ES250 (XV60)
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