OBD2 Sensors >> Ford 5.4L Triton Engine Sensor Locations

    View with cosmetic engine cover removed.  2001 Ford F-150 5.4L
  1. Fuel injectors (located on the backside of the engine near the intake manifold)
  2. Mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  3. Camshaft position sensors (CMP) (located at the front of the cylinder head)
  4. Oil pressure switch (located at the lower front of the engine)
  5. Knock sensor (KS) (located on the backside of the engine under the intake manifold
  6. Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) (located under the vehicle near the crankshaft pulley)
  7. Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) (located under the intake manifold)
  8. Ignition coil
  9. Intake air temperature sensor (IAT)
  10. Idle air control valve (IAC)
  11. Throttle position sensor (TP)

Models Found On

  • Ford F-Series 1997–2004
  • Ford SVT Lightning 1999–2004
  • Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition 2002-2003
  • Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator 1997–1998
  • Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator 1999–2004
  • Ford E-Series 1997–2014