OBD2 Sensors >> Detroit DD13/15/16 I6 Engine Sensor Locations

Driver’s side of Detroit DD13 EPA10 Engine
  1. Common Rail Fuel injectors (under valve cover center of cylinder head)
  2. Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor (attached to fuel rail towards front of engine)
  3. Supply Fuel Temp Sensor (located on driver side rear of engine)
  4. Camshaft position sensor (CMP) (located at the back of engine driver side cylinder head)
  5. Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) (located at back of engine near bottom of bellhousing)
  6. Engine Oil pressure sensor (driver side of engine block at front)
  7. Engine Oil Temperature Sensor (driver side of engine block at front)
  8. Turbo Speed Sensor (center of turbocharger housing)
  9. Oil Separator Speed Sensor (above Air Fuel ration Sensor in exhaust)
  10. Coolant Inlet Temperature Sensor (driver side of engine block at front)
  11. Coolant Outlet Temperature Sensor (located at front of engine at EGR Cooler)
  12. EGR Delta P Sensor (top front of engine)
  13. Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor (driver side of intake manifold at front of engine)
  14. Fuel Compensation Pressure Sensor (attached to front of Electronic Dosing Valve)
  15. Fuel Doser Line Pressure Sensor (attached to rear of Electronic Dosing Valve)
  16. Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor (driver side middle of intake manifold)
  17. LPPO Fuel Pressure Sensor (next to fuel filter housing)

Opposite side of Detroit DD13 EPA10 Engine

Engine Found in These Trucks (starting 2008-current):

  • Freightliner
  • Sterling
  • Western Star
  • Various motor homes / motor coaches
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Andrey Poltavskiy
Andrey Poltavskiy
9 months ago

Where is engine RPM sensor located on cascadia 2016. Not speed sensor but Engine RPM sensor

Nathaniel Olson
Nathaniel Olson
8 months ago

Their should be a tachometer built into your T.A.C motor. More commonly referred to as the throttle body. It is wired from your tach motor and inputted to your transmission via wiring. Is your vehicle called a cascadia? Acadia?