OBD2 Sensors >> Chrysler 4.0L I6 (AMC/JEEP) Engine Sensor Locations

View with no engine cover.  1997 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L I6 (AMC/JEEP)
  1. Fuel injectors
  2. Camshaft position sensor (CMP) (depending on year; located inside distributor body or in place of distributor)
  3. Oil pressure sensor (lower left side of the engine next to oil filter)
  4. Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) (located at the rear of engine by the transmission)
  5. Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) (located on the thermostat housing in the front of engine)
  6. Ignition coils (depending on the year; located either on lower left side of engine or on top of spark plugs)
  7. Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 (screwed into exhaust manifold)
  8. Throttle Body / Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) (bolted to intake manifold)
  9. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) (attached to Throttle Body)
  10. Intake Air Temp Sensor Screwed into intake manifold next to Throttle Body)

Models Found On

  • 1987–2001 Jeep Cherokee
  • 1993–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 1987–1990 Jeep Wagoneer
  • 1987–1992 Jeep Comanche
  • 1991–2006 Jeep Wrangler
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