OBD2 Sensors >> Catepillar C7 I6 Engine Sensor Locations

Catepillar C7 I6 Engine
  1. Fuel injectors (under valve cover center of cylinder head)
  2. Injection actuation pressure sensor (attached to high pressure oil rail)
  3. Injection actuation pressure control valve (on top of high-pressure oil pump)
  4. Speed / Timing sensors (located next to air compressor behind front timing cover)
  5. Engine oil pressure sensor (EOP) (driver’s side of engine block)
  6. Engine oil level switch (driver’s side of oil pan)
  7. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (located at the rear of engine on top of cylinder head cover)
  8. Coolant temperature sensor (ECT) (driver’s side of engine block)
  9. Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APP) (attached to accelerator pedal)
  10. Boost Pressure Sensor (attached to intake manifold)
  11. Inlet Air Temp Sensor (attached to air inlet on intake manifold)

Engine Found in These Medium Duty Trucks (from 2003-2009):

  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt
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