Saturn Trouble Codes

Code Retrieval Prodecure

See GM trouble code retrieval procedure to retrieve the trouble codes.

The Check Engine light will light when the ECU stores a trouble code.

Counting the Flashes

To retrieve trouble codes, turn the ignition key to the “on” position with the engine OFF.

The Check engine light will flash many short blinks. The total number of blinks equals the code number. For example, flash,pause, flash,flash = code 12.If more than one code is stored, the Check engine light will flash the codes in sequence (lowest to highest) with a pause between each code. The codes will repeat until the key is turned to the OFF position.

1996-up models:

Are OBD2 systems and require a scanner to access the codes.

OBD I Code Definitions
11 Transaxle codes present
12 Diagnostic check only
13 Oxygen sensor circuit
14 Coolant sensor/high temperature
15 Coolant sensor/low temperature
17 PCM fault – pull-up resistor
19 6X signal fault (92-95 models)
21 Throttle position sensor-voltage high
22 Throttle position sensor-voltage low
23 IAT circuit low
24 VSS circuit-no signal
25 IAT circuit-Temp out of high range
26 Quad driver output fault
32 EGR system fault
33 MAP sensor – voltage out of range high
34 MAP sensor – voltage out of range low
35 IAC – rpm out of range
41 Ignition control circuit-open or shorted
42 Bypass circuit – shorted or open
41/42 IC control circuit grounded/bypass open
43 Knock sensor circuit shorted or open
44 O2 sensor indicates lean condition
45 O2 sensor indicates rich condition
46 Power steeringpressure circit(91 models)open or shorted
49 High idle indicates vacuum leak
51 PCM memory error
53 System voltage error
55 A/D error
58 trans fluid temperature too high
59 Trans fluid temperature too low
66/67 A/C pressure sensor
81 ABS message fault
82 PCM internal communication fault
OBD I/II Code Definitions
Model Year Engine identification System
Aura 2.4/3.5/3.6L 2007·09 VIN position 8 =5/B/N/7 GM
ION 2.0/2.2/2.4L 2003·0S VIN position 8 =B/F/P GM
L·Series 2.2L 2000·04 VIN position 8 =F GM
L·Series 3.0L 2000·05 VIN position 8 =R GM
Outlook 3.6L 2007·0S VIN position 8 =7 GM
Relay 3.5/3.9L 2005·07 VIN position 8 =1/l GM
Sky 2.0/2.4L 2007·09 VIN position 8 =B/X GM
S-Series 1.9L 1992·94 VIN position 8 =7/9 GM
S-Series 1.9L 1995 VIN position 8 =7/8 GM
S-Series 1.9L 1996·02 VIN position 8 =7/8 GM
VUE 2.2/2.4L 2002·09 VIN position 8 =B/O/S GM
VUE 3.0/3.5/3.6L 2002·09 VIN position 8 =4/B/N/7 GM

7 Replies to “Saturn”

  1. I have a 1996 Saturn SL and I’m trying to find them fault codes or what the f*** codes are telling me. I have codes

    can anyone tell me what these codes mean? Hopefully waiting.

    1. Patrick-

      P1650 and P1651 refer to Quad Driver B, which appears to be part of the PCM, though I don’t think I would simply jump to replace the PCM. Depending on demand, the QDB grounds the MIL, Upshift Lamp, Cooling Fan Relay, and AC Relay. Check and repair the circuits for these, first. From what I’m reading elsewhere, a short circuit on any of these can burn out the QDB, which would indeed require PCM replacement, but be sure there are no short-to-ground issues that feed it.

      The other two codes I believe you can ignore.


  2. I have a 2008 Saturn Aura and I get the following codes. P1516, P1682, P2101. I recently put in a new throttle body and I still get reduced power and traction control warnings. But not until after the car warms up for a little while. I’d say after driving about 15-20 miles. Then it will start the engine reduced power. I also replaced the ignition switch and both camshaft intake and exhaust solenoids. I have researched and found out that this car has been know for this issue. What can I do to correct this issue?

    1. I had the same issue, I eliminated it by replacing the speed sensor ( accelerator pedal Assy) and with a new Throttle Body. All is now back to “Normal” operations!

  3. How expensive is it to repair a Saturn Vue Code P1133 HO2S insufficient switching switch? Anybody have any ideas? Is it unsafe to drive until it gets fixed? Thanks everyone!


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