Saab OBD/OBD2 Codes

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NOTE: 96 & later are OBD2 systems and require a scanner. For an OBD2 code list, please see our Saab code list or the appropriate generic list.

Saab: Accessing Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Using Check Engine Lamp

  • 1988-92 LH 2.4, 2.4.1 & 2.4.2
  • Read the following procedure carefully before turning ignition on.
  • On 900 models, use a switched jumper lead No. 8393886 to ground No. 3 pin in the three-pin test connector located on the right side of engine compartment.
  • On 9000 models, use a switched jumper lead to ground the single pin socket on the test box located on the left side of engine compartment.
  1. On all models, turn ignition on. The check engine will come on.
  2. Turn the jumper lead switch on (grounding ECU pin 16). The check engine light will now go out. Watch the check engine light carefully.
  3. After approximately 2.5 seconds, the check engine light will flash briefly, signifying that the first diagnostic trouble code will be displayed.
  4. Immediately turn the jumper lead switch off as soon as the check engine light has flashed. The first error DTC’s will now be displayed by a series of short flashes of the check engine light. The error DTC starts and ends with a long flash of the light. These long flashes are not part of the DTC, but indicate the beginning and end of the DTC. If the test is run with the engine off, DTC 12231 (no RPM signal) will be the first DTC displayed.
  5. As soon as this DTC is displayed, turn the ignition key to the Start position and hold it there until the ECU acknowledges by flashing the check engine light. The signal is being generated.
  6. At this point, let the ignition key return to the Run position so the next DTC can be displayed. With the jumper lead switch set to off, the same DTC will flash repeatedly.
  7. Any additional DTC’s cannot be displayed until the jumper lead switch has been operated as follows: Turn the jumper lead switch on. After a short flash of the check engine light, turn the jumper lead switch off. The next DTC (if any) will then be displayed.
  8. Repeat this procedure to display a third stored DTC, if any. If a third fault has not been detected, or all faults have been corrected, the system will indicate this by a continuous series of long flashes of the check engine light, or by displaying DTC 12444.
  9. To display the DTC’s again, starting from the first DTC, proceed as follows: Turn the jumper lead switch on. After two short flashes of the check engine light, immediately turn the jumper lead switch off. The DTC for the first fault will now be displayed.

Using LH System Tester

  • 1985-92 2.2 LH
  • 1988-92 2.4 LH

Prior to connecting tester, clean battery terminals to ensure that the power supply lead clips make a satisfactory contact. Always connect power supply lead to the tester first and battery last.

  1. Remove cover on left hand side over space behind false bulkhead panel.
  2. On models equipped with anti-lock brake system (ABS), remove ABS ECU and bracket.
  3. On all models, connect test lead between vehicle ECU and wiring harness. Use a couple of suitable ties to hold ECU and test connector together. Connect power supply lead to tester and to prevent it from being pinched, run it between door and body where there is a break in the seal.
  4. Connect tester leads to battery, negative terminal first, then the positive terminal.
  5. Select “TEST MODE” feature on LH system tester and read any diagnostic trouble codes stored in ECU memory.

Using ISAT System Tester

  • 1990-93 LH 2.4 & 2.4.3
  • 1993-95 Motrionic Engine Management System
  • 1994-95 Motrionic 2.8.1 & 2.10-2
  • DI/APC & EZK Ignition Systems

Connect SAAB ISAT tester, or equivalent, to the diagnostic connector located under the right hand rear seat on 900 models, or under right hand front seat on 9000 models, per manufacturers’ instructions. Never unplug connector from ECU or disconnect either of the battery leads before faults have been transferred to tester.

Saab: Clearing Trouble Codes

To clear DTC’s from check engine lamp, proceed as follows:

  • Turn the jumper lead switch on.
  • After three short flashes of the check engine light, turn the jumper lead switch off.
  • The check engine light will now either flash in a continuous series of long flashes or display DTC 12444, indicating that the contents of the system’s memory has been erased. After diagnostic trouble codes have been transferred from ECU memory to the LH system tester, DTC’s will be cleared from ECU memory.

To clear DTC’s when using SAAB ISAT tester, or equivalent, follow tool manufacturer’s instructions.

Saab: Codes Using LH System Tester (1985-93 2.3 LH)

DTCCircuit Or Condition
E001No Ignition Pulse
E002No Signal From Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
E003Throttle Position Sensor (Idling Contacts Do Not Close)
E005ECM Pin 5 Not Grounding
E006Mass Air Flow Sensor Not Grounding
E007Mass Air Flow Sensor, No Signal
E008Mass Air Flow Sensor
E009Main Relay, No Power Supply
E010IAC, No Signal From ECM Pin 10
E011ECM Pin 11 Not Grounding
E012Throttle Position Sensor (WOT Contact Not Closing)
E013No Injector Pulses
E014Mass Air Flow Sensor, Break In CO Adjusting Circuit
E017Fuel Pump Relay Circuit
E018No Power At +15 Supply Terminal
E020Faulty Signal From Heated Oxygen Sensor
E021Main Relay Control Circuit Faulty
E023No Signal From IAC Valve
E024No Load Signal
E025ECM Pin 25 Not Grounding
E101Starter Motor Revs Too Low
E102Short In Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
E103Throttle Position Sensor (Idling Contacts Do Not Open)
E107Mass Air Flow Sensor, Signal Too Low
E108Mass Air Flow Sensor Filament
E109Main Relay, Power Supply Too Low

Saab: Codes by Model / Year

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
900 2.0L Turbo1992-984 cylinderTrionic
900 2.3/2.5L1993-984 cylinderBosch Motronic 2.8.1 & 2.10.2/3
9000 2.3L/Turbo1993-984 cylinderTrionic
9000 3.0L V61995-976 cylinderMotronic 2.8.1
9-2X 2.5L/Turbo2005-076 cylinderMFI
9-3 2.0L Turbo1999-094 cylinderTrionic T5/T7/T8
9-3 2.3L Turbo1999-024 cylinderTrionic T5/T7
9-3 2.8L Turbo2006-094 cylinderMotronic ME9.6
9-5 2.3L Turbo1999-094 cylinderTrionic T5/T7/T8
9-5 3.0L1999-036 cylinderTrionic T5/T7
9-7X 4.2/5.3L2005-096/8 cylinderGM
9-7X 6.0L2008-098 cylinderGM
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