Plymouth OBD/OBD2 Codes >> Voyager 2.4/3.0/3.3/3.8L (1999 – 2000)

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
Voyager 2.4L1999-00EDZ  SBEC  II
Voyager 3.0L1999-00EFA  SBEC  II
Voyager 3.3L1999-00EGA/EGM  SBEC  II
Voyager 3.8L1999-00EGHSBEC  II

General information

  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will illuminate or flash if certain faults are recorded.
  • ECM operates in backup mode if sensors fail, to enable vehicle to be driven to repair shop.



• Trouble codes can only be displayed by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC) 1999-00 –>1 & 2000–>2

2001 –>

  • Within 5 seconds switch the ignition key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON.
  • Odometer will display trouble codes.
  • If no trouble codes are stored in ECM, odometer will display ‘P1684’ and ‘done’ or only ‘done’.
  • Trouble codes can also be displayed by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC) 2


• Trouble codes can only be erased by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC).

Trouble code  identification

Scan codeFault locationProbable cause
PO, P2,UORefer to OBO-II trouble code tables
P1192Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor -voltage lowWiring, IAT sensor
P1193Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor -voltage highWiring, IAT sensor
P1195Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 slow responseHeating inoperative, wiring, H02S
P1196Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 1 slowresponseHeating inoperative, wiring, H02S
P1281Engine temperature -low for long periodWiring, cooling system, coolant thermostat, ECTsensor
P1282Fuel pump relayWiring open circuit/short circuit, fuel pump relay
P1290Compressed natural gas pressure sensor pressure highCompressed natural gas system, wiring, compressed natural gas pressure sensor
P1292Compressed natural gas pressure sensor voltage highWiring, compressed natural gas pressure sensor
P1293Compressed natural gas pressure sensor voltage lowWiring, compressed natural gas pressure sensor
P1294Idle speed control (ISC) system -rpm lower/ higher than expectedWiring, air leak, throttle valve tight/sticking, lAC valve
P1295Throttle position (TP) sensor -supply voltageWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1296Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor supply voltageWiring, MAP sensor, ECM
P1297Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensorWiring, hose connection(s), MAP sensor
P1298System too lean -at prolonged wide open throttleIntake/exhaust leak, MAP sensor, fuel pressure/pump, injector(s), H02S
P1299Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor/throttle position (TP) sensorIntake leak, hose connection(s), MAP sensor, TP sensor
P1388Engine control relayWiring open circuit/short circuit, engine control relay
P1389Engine control relayWiring open circuit, engine control relay
P1390Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor/camshaft position (CMP) sensor -signal synchronisationTiming belt loose/jumped position, CKP sensor, CMP sensor
P1391Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor/camshaft position (CMP) sensor -intermittent signalWiring, poor connection, air gap, CKP sensor, CMP sensor
P1398Engine control module (ECM) -misfire detection limit reachedWiring, poor connection, CKP sensor
P1486Evaporative emission (EVAP) system blockage detectedHose connection(s), hose blocked/trapped, EVAP canister
P1488Engine control module (ECM) -auxiliary 5 volt output low .Wiring, ECM
P1489Engine coolant blower motor relayWiring open circuit/short circuit, engine coolant blower motor relay -high speed
P1490Engine coolant blower motor relayWiring open circuit/short circuit, engine coolant blower motor relay -low speed
P1491Engine coolant blower motor relay -.circuit malfunctionWiring open circuit/short circuit, engine coolant blower motor relay
P1492Ambient/battery temperature sensor -high inputWiring short circuit to positive, ambient/ battery temperature sensor, ECM
P1493Ambient/battery temperature sensor -voltage lowWiring, ambient/battery temperature sensor
P1494Evaporative emission (EVAP) leak detection pump -pressure switchWiring, hose leak!blockage, EVAP leak detection pump
P1495Evaporative emission (EVAP) leak detection pump solenoidWiring open circuit/short circuit, hose leak! blockage, EVAP leak detection pump solenoid
P1496Engine control module (ECM) -5 volt output lowECM
P1594Alternator -voltage highWiring, battery, alternator
P1595Cruise controlWiring open circuit/short circuit, hoses, cruise control master switch, cruise control vacuum switching valve
P1596Cruise control master switch -high voltageWiring, cruise control master switch
P1597Cruise control master switch -low voltageWiring, cruise control master switch
P1598AlC refrigerant pressure sensor -high inputWiring, AlC refrigerant pressure too high (cooling fault/incorrectly charged), AlC refrigerant pressure sensor
P1599AlC refrigerant pressure sensor -low inputWiring, AlC refrigerant pressure too low (incorrectly charged), AlC refrigerant pressure sensor
P1602Engine control module (ECM) not programmedNew ECM not programmed, incorrectly programmed, ECM
P1603Engine control module (ECM) -RAM link errorECM
P1604Engine control module (ECM) -RAM read/ write errorECM
P1607Engine control module (ECM) -shut down timer errorECM
P1681CAN data bus, instrumentation -no signalWiring, instrumentation control module
P1682Alternator -voltage lowWiring, battery, alternator drive belt, alternator
P1683Cruise controlWiring, cruise control vacuum switching valve
P1684Engine control module (ECM) -supply voltage disconnected within last 50 ignition switch ON-OFF cyclesWiring, battery
P1685Key not programmed into immobilizer control moduleWiring, ignition key not matched/damaged, immobilizer control module
P1686CAN data bus, immobilizer control module no signalWiring, immobilizer control module
P1687CAN data bus, instrumentation no signalWiring, instrumentation control module mechanical
P1695CAN data bus, body control module (BCM) no signalWiring, BCM
P1696Engine control module (ECM) -EEPROM errorECM
P1697Engine control module (ECM) -EEPROM errorECM
P1698CAN data bus, transmission control module (TCM) -no signalWiring, TCM
P1765Transmission system relayWiring open circuit/short circuit, transmission system relay, ECMITCM
P1899Park/neutral position (PNP) switch -input circuit malfunctionWiring, PNP switch, ECMITCM