P0A0D – High Voltage System Interlock Circuit High

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Last Updated 2016-07-29
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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0A0D High Voltage System Interlock Circuit High -

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BAT Team Discussions for P0a0d

  • 2010 Lexus 250H code P0A0D
    Im getting code P0A0D,High volt system interlock circut high. Unit will not start,getting message check hybrid system. I have removed and reinstalled the circut breaker in the trunk with no luck on it starting. Any Ideas ?...
  • Scanning for Chevy Bolt codes or live-data
    [QUOTE="jordanr, post: 112269, member: 13370"]Are PXXXX codes going to become uncommon?[/QUOTE] Those will be common, but they have changed to a variant such as this example P0A0D which is HV system circuit high. The codes are quite extensive to learn, the data in scanner is hallucinating, the dat...