P0660 – Intake manifold air control solenoid, bank 1 -circuit open

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CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0660 Intake manifold air control solenoid, bank 1 -circuit open
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Wiring, intake manifold air control solenoid

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What Does Code P0660 Mean?

When a code P0660 is stored in your OBD II equipped vehicle, it means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected an open circuit in the intake manifold air control (IMAC) solenoid circuit for engine bank one. Bank 1 indicates that the malfunction has occurred in the bank of the engine that contains the number one cylinder. The term open can be substituted for disconnected or broken.

The purpose of the IMAC system is to fine tune and regulate air flow as it enters the lower intake manifold, cylinder heads, and the combustion chambers. Controlled by the PCM, the air control solenoid opens/closes one or more flaps which fit snugly into the intake port of a particular (or multiple) cylinder. Sometimes intake manifold runner flaps, the IMAC flaps are attached to an electronic solenoid via a rod or shaft. In some cases, the IMAC flaps are bolted to a thin metal rod that runs the length of each cylinder head and through each intake port. In this case, all of the flaps can be opened at the same time and with one solenoid. Of course, this also means that all of the flaps may be rendered inoperative by a single flap that is stuck or binding – or by a defective solenoid. Automakers utilize varying types of IMAC systems. Always consult a reliable vehicle information source for the specifics of the IMAC system with which the vehicle in question is equipped.



To determine whether the IMAC actuator is functioning properly, the PCM monitors input voltage signals from the IMAC solenoid, manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, manifold air temperature sensor, intake air temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, the oxygen sensors, and mass airflow (MAF) sensor. Once certain air intake, vehicle speed, and throttle position conditions are detected, the PCM adjusts actual air flap position accordingly. If the PCM doesn’t recognize a level of IMAC circuit voltage that is within preset parameters, a code P0660 will be stored and a malfunction indicator lamp may be illuminated. Multiple ignition cycles, with an IMAC actuator failure, will often be required for the MIL to be illuminated.




What are the common causes of code P0660 ?

Defective IMAC actuator solenoid

Loose or binding intake manifold runners

Bad intake manifold runner position sensor

Open or shorted wiring in the IMAC solenoid control circuit

Faulty MAP Sensor

Corroded IMAC solenoid connector

What are the symptoms of code P0660 ?

Reduction in engine performance, especially at low RPM levels

Diminished fuel efficiency

Engine surge

How do you troubleshoot code P0660 ?

If I were preparing to diagnose a code P0660, I would gain access to a diagnostic scanner, a digital volt/ohmmeter (DVOM), and a source of reliable vehicle information.

Technical service bulletins (TSB) that resemble the code stored, vehicle (year, make, model, and engine), and symptoms exhibited could net a faster diagnosis. TSB information can be found in your vehicle information source.

Prior to clearing stored codes, use the scanner (connected to the vehicle diagnostic port) to retrieve all stored codes and pertinent freeze frame data. Write the information down (in case the code/s proves to be an intermittent one). Once codes are recorded, clear the codes and test drive the vehicle. One of two things will likely occur; the code will be restored or the PCM will enter readiness mode. If the code is intermittent the PCM may enter readiness mode. If this occurs, the condition which caused the P0660 to be stored may need to worsen before an accurate diagnosis can be made. Continue with the diagnosis if the code is reset.



Use your vehicle information source to obtain connector face views, connector pinout charts, component locator charts, wiring diagrams, and diagnostic flow charts (pertaining to the code and vehicle in question). Perform a visual inspection of related wiring and connectors and repair or replace wiring that has been cut, burned, or damaged.

Use the DVOM to test voltage and ground circuits at the IMAC solenoid connector and the PCM connector. If no voltage is present, check system relays and related fuses. Replace defective relays and/or blown (or otherwise defective) fuses as required. Test IMAC circuits and system components following manufacturer’s guidelines. If voltage and ground are not detected at the IMAC solenoid, test the corresponding circuit at the PCM connector. If voltage is detected there, suspect an open circuit between the component in question and the PCM. If voltage is not discovered there, suspect a defective PCM or a programming error.

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