P0510 – Closed throttle position (CTP) switch -circuit malfunction

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Last Updated 2022-05-16
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P0510 Closed throttle position (CTP) switch -circuit malfunction
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Wiring, CTP switch, ECM

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Table of Contents

  1. What Does Code P0510 Mean?
  2. Where is the P0510 sensor located?
  3. What are the common causes of code P0510 ?
  4. What are the symptoms of code P0510 ?
  5. Codes Related to P0510
  6. Get Help with P0510

What Does Code P0510 Mean?

P0510 is a generic code trouble code with the definition “Closed Throttle Position (CTP) switch  – circuit malfunction.”  Typically, P0510 is triggered by an open or short in the CTP sensor or a closed throttle position switch that does not engage when the vehicle is in motion. The effect is that when there is a failure of the throttle to engage, the PCM cannot tell the exact position of the throttle and may assume that it is wide open. This will cause the sensor to send the wrong air/ratio to the PCM, triggering the code.

The throttle is located between the air intake system and intake manifold. It monitors and controls airflow into the engine cylinder. Its body works like a valve and regulates airflow by opening when air is needed and closing when it is not required.  For combustion, the engine has to mix fuel with air properly.  The more air that goes into the engine system; the more power produced by the engine. The driver can control the airflow into the engine through the gas pedal. 

A closed throttle occurs with a partial or fully closed throttle valve. This allows for a drop in the airflow going into the engine, reducing the engine’s power before the throttle valve is closed completely.

To properly troubleshoot this trouble code, begin by checking for openings in the harness or ECM. Make sure that there is a good connection to the sensor. If it’s good, the problem may be the sensor, and it will need to be replaced.

Next check the wiring connection between the TPS and the ECM, inspect the wiring properly and repair all broken connections. The ECM may be damaged and need replacement and reprogramming in worse cases.

Where is the P0510 sensor located?

The throttle body is located between the air intake and the intake manifold. There is a throttle plate in the throttle body, which is a butterfly valve. This controls the airflow and is directly responsive to the pedal motion. Once the pedal is pushed down, it will open up and let air into the engine.

The Closed Throttle Position (CTP) switch sensor can be found in the valve area of the throttle. It is positioned there to monitor the movement of the throttle valve easily. The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) communicates the condition and position of the throttle to the PCM. The TPS is located on the throttle shaft with the throttle body.

What are the common causes of code P0510 ?

The P0510 code is caused by anything affecting the throttle plates. The most obvious reason for the code is associated with the Closed Throttle Position (CTP) switch and the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Below are some of the causes of the code. 

  • Damaged CTP sensor wiring 
  • Damaged TPS wiring 
  • Filth and dirt build-up in the throttle valve 
  • Open or short in closed throttle position switch circuit
  • Damaged PCM 

What are the symptoms of code P0510 ?

The code comes with some noticeable symptoms which would require immediate attention. In most cases, you will first notice reduced engine power due to air restriction in the engine system. Other symptoms will follow, which could include the following: 

  • Acceleration problem 
  • Engine stalling 
  • Lack of power
  • High or low idling 
  • Check engine light 
  • Poor gas mileage 

There are notable codes that come up with the P0510, some of which include the following: 

The P2119 trouble code is an OBDII code that means Throttle Actuator Valve Range/Performance Problem. When the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects that the Throttle is out of position, this code comes up. It also indicates that the throttle control system has failed.  

The P0122 trouble code is another code that may come up with the P0510 code. It means Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Low Circuit Input. This code will come when the PCM detects that the TPS is not sending the right signals. It usually occurs when the throttle valve Position sensor A gives out a lower voltage than expected. 


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