P0316 – Misfire detected during start -up -first 1000 revolutions


By Reinier (Contact Me)
Last Updated 2016-08-30
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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0316 Misfire detected during start -up -first 1000 revolutions Engine mechanical fault, wiring, ignition/fuel system, injector

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BAT Team Discussions for P0316

  • 2003 ford ranger - cylinder 4 misfire detected and misfire detected 1st 1000 rev
    Can anyone recommend the repair I need to make to a 2003 Ford Ranger pickup truck based on the codes I received when I plugged in my OBDII code reader. I received 2 codes, P0304 - Cylinder 4 Misfire detected and P0316 - Misfire detected 1st 1000 revs. Im not sure what part needs to be checked or r...
  • 99 Cougar problem...HELP!
    Depends on what is wrong with the cats exactly. If the cats are restricted, then yes it WILL cause a misfire and blinking check engine. However, you should also have some misfire fault codes in here. You are sure you saw the check engine light "flash" or "blink"? If so, there was a misfire detected....
  • 2002 Ford Mustang, P0316
    First off thank you everyone at BAT for everything over the years, you guys are great! I got a check engine light today, I just checked it when I got home, P0316, misfire detected at startup first 1000 rpm. Come to think of it, the car always does this, warm or cold. I put new plugs and wires from ...
  • Nick2
    here are the codes Nick. f150 - 2002 - 5.4l - p0306/p0307/p0316/p0356//p1401 - replaced cylinder 7 coil and spark plug. thanks Nick...