P010F – Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor A/B Correlation

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P010F Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor A/B Correlation
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Bad MAF sensor, Wiring, Corrosion

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Table of Contents

  1. What Does Code P010F Mean?
  2. Where is the P010F sensor located?
  3. What are the common causes of code P010F?
  4. What are the symptoms of code P010F?
  5. How do you troubleshoot code P010F?
  6. Codes Related to P010F
  7. Get Help with P010F

What Does Code P010F Mean?

The P010F code involves the Mass Air Flow Sensor on your vehicle. This sensor is positioned just after your air filter box to work out how much air is flowing into your engine. It is a small sensor that is used to calculate how much fuel the injectors need to use for an optimum air/fuel ratio. If it is faulty, the car has to guess how much fuel it should insert based on throttle position or another means.

MAF sensors work using a thermistor in an open area, with air flowing through this thermistor. A hot MAF sensor is a version that has voltage on one resistor to regulate the air intake. With a higher air flow comes a lower temperature of the resistor, therefore a lower resistance. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) receives the altering voltage values to determine the amount of air entering the engine inlet valves, to distribute the air to each combustion chamber accordingly.

A cold MAF sensor has two thermistors. One measures ambient temperature and is within the sensor housing. The other is at the center of the air intake to measure air flow. The PCM relates between those two thermistors thermal voltage values and determines the rate of air flow through the inlet.

A VAF or Volume Air Flow sensor operates using a flap which opens based on the amount of air flowing into the intake. Lower rate of air intake means the damper, which is spring loaded, will close. A potentiometer is used here to transfer the signal to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). PCM is used to determine the engine control function based on the voltage variation coming from the potentiometer inside the VAF sensor and therefore the amount of air being fed into the intake.

Cars may use several VAF or MAF sensors for the PCM to distinguish the difference between readings and as a confirmation that the correct amount of airflow is being read. The P010F reading may appear as a fault code because of these sensor voltage readings may differ than the allowable tolerance, showing a light or fault on your instrument cluster.

Where is the P010F sensor located?

Pop the hood and take a look for the air intake box. On modern vehicles it is a black box where the air comes into the engine and is usually fed by plastic piping and jubilee clips. The air flow sensor can be found inserted into this with a wiring harness.

What are the common causes of code P010F?

  • Connector Corrosion – Begin by undoing any screws that mount the MAF sensor and give it a visual inspection. This includes the wiring leading up to it and the connector inserted into it to check for any damage. Connector terminals can be subjected to water and corrode, a new terminal and connector system may be required if this is the case.
  • Dirty Sensor – A hot MAF sensor can be partially blocked with dust and road debris that was not filtered. Cleaning the sensor may be the solution here – ensure you follow the manufacturer guidelines and use appropriate MAF sensor cleaner on the element, making sure it is dry before re-installation.
  • Faulty Sensor – The sensor may have been damaged by road debris in the past and is unable to be repaired. This will mean a new MAF sensor is needed to be installed. Make sure this is definitely the case before replacement as another cause may be identified as the problem.
  • Electrical Issue – If the code persists once trying to clear after these methods, use a Digital Volt-Ohm Meter and test voltage and ground signals for the sensor and its circuits. Examine the vehicle electrical system charts until the fault is found.
  • Air Housing – If the air filter in the housing is dirty it may need replacement. The housing itself may be cracked, split or open therefore ensure it is sealed before determining MAF sensor is at fault. Check throughout the engine bay for vacuum line damage or disconnections. As they may have come loose over time during vehicle operation. Or damaged due to rubbing against another surface

Technical service forums are useful to determine the P010F faults too, as it may be a common cause on your vehicle and owners, or trained mechanics can be on hand to assist with advice and fixes.

What are the symptoms of code P010F?

Along with a worse fuel economy, several other factors may lead to a faulty MAF sensor when operating the vehicle, including:

  • Decrease in performance/power when accelerating
  • Engine stutters and stalls when accelerating
  • OBDII Codes may reveal a lean or rich air fuel mixture
  • Car unable to start up

How do you troubleshoot code P010F?

MAF sensors are sensors with a tight tolerance. Any debris or dirt may cause the P010F fault code, leading to a number of issues including a hesitant engine, poor fuel economy or even preventing your vehicle from starting at all. It is important to check the steps as it may be a simple fix of the wiring harness or cleaning the sensing element.

Once you have attempted to fix the P010F code, clear it using your OBDII reader and run tests on the vehicle by driving it again to see if the code re-appears.

Other codes related to the air flow into the engine and the way it operates include:

  • P0122 – Throttle Position Sensor/ Switch A Circuit Low Input
  • P0401 – Insufficient Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow
  • P0117 – Low Level Input of The Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
  • P0496 – EVAP Flow in The Absence of Purge Conditions

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