P1782 – 2/4-OD Pressure Switch Circuit (CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP)

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Last Updated 2017-01-18
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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1782

MakeFault Location
Chrysler2/4-OD Pressure Switch Circuit
CitroenP/ES Circuit Out Of Self Test Range
DaewooActuator Pos. Sensor Mal
Dodge2/4-OD Pressure Switch Circuit
FordP/ES Circuit Out Of Self Test Range
HyundaiIgnition Voltage Fault
Jeep2/4-OD Pressure Switch Circuit
LexusTransfer box low ratio switch – circuit malfunction
PeugeotP/ES Circuit Out Of Self Test Range
PorscheEngine Engagement
ToyotaTransfer box low ratio switch – circuit malfunction