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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1754

MakeFault Location
CitroenCoast Clutch Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
DaewooN Shift Pos. Indic. Lamp
FordCoast Clutch Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
HyundaiLamp ‘N’
InfinitiAT- input clutch- solenoid valve malfunction
Land RoverCoast clutch solenoid (CCS) – circuit malfunction
LincolnCoast dutch solenoid -circuit malfunction
MahindraCoolant Temp Display To Cluster Wire Shorted To Ground
MazdaAT- freewheeling clutch solenoid- circuit malfunction
NissanAutomatic transmission input clutch – solenoid valve malfunction
PeugeotCoast Clutch Solenoid Circuit Malfunction