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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1744 Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position (FORD, LINCOLN, MAZDA, MERCURY)
Lock Up Clutch System (HYUNDAI)

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Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1744

Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position (Ford)
AT – gear shift malfunction (Acura)
Lock Up Clutch System (Hyundai)
Torque converter clutch (TCC) (Land Rover)
Torque converter clutch (TCC) -malfunction (Lincoln)
Torque converter clutch (TCC) system – malfunction (Mazda)
Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position (Mercury)

BAT Team Discussions for P1744

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    My dad has a 99 Ford Taurus that just has been running pretty smooth up until today on a short (2 hour each way) trip down the freeway. It has the 3.0L vulcan engine with what ever transmission was available in that year. (I can get the VIN if needed). He said that as he driving the check engine ...
  • 1998 Ford CD4E CEL, Code 1744, Banging 1-2 shift
    Hi all. I hope the pros can guide me. Mercury Miystique, 92K mi, Mobil 1 fluid, 5000 miles ago(no flush, no filter. Engine v6 runs strong, plugs/wires 2yrs ago. Runs and shifts great around town on short trips 10 miles or less. Symptoms: After highway drive over 20 miles at moderate or high sp...
  • 3.0 Taurus Wagon GL: Repair "H" hose, now won't start
    192,852 miles. I pushed down on the wiring harness when reattaching the (now) somewhat shorter "H" hose. Thought this could be a problem, so I then ran the "H" hose UNDER the harness (which seemed better). Any chance I could've broken a wire in the harness? I didn't move it very much at all, but ...
  • CVT Trans
    Nobody addressed the p1744. I will. But since the sit has been down for awhile, I am tired of discussing shyte. I will simplify how I work. Hate me today, and hate me tomorrow. But I am a heads up guy normally in regards to anything car related. And I really tired. Worked to hard to be patie...