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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1705

MakeFault Location
AcuraAT - gear shift malfunction
BuickPark Neutral Output Circuit Conditions
CadillacPark Neutral Output Circuit Conditions
ChevroletPark Neutral Output Circuit Conditions
CitroenNot in P or N During KOEO / KOER
DaihatsuShift UP/DOWN SW circuit short
FordManual Lever Position Sensor Out of Self-Test Range
GmPark Neutral Output Circuit (4L30-E Transmission) Conditions
HondaCVT – gear shift malfunction
InfinitiAT- throttle position (TP) sensor- voltage high or low
IsuzuAT - gear shift malfunction
KenworthP1705 - O2SRD Lambda Sensor Model Dynamic Response Diagnostic low fault
Land RoverHigh vehicle speed observed in park
LexusAT – direct clutch speed sensor
LincolnTransmission range (TR) sensor -out of self-test range
MahindraError Check Of No-Load Test Pulse Operation
MazdaTransmission range (TR) sensor- out of self-test range
MercuryThrottle position (TP) switch/sensor
NissanAT – throttle position (TP) sensor- voltage high or low
OpelPark / neutral position (PNP) switch - incorrect signal
PeterbiltP1705 - O2SRD Lambda Sensor Model Dynamic Response Diagnostic low fault
PeugeotNot in P or N During KOEO / KOER
SaabShift solenoid (SS) 2-4 brake pressure control – circuit malfunction
SubaruShift solenoid (SS) 2-4 brake pressure control – circuit malfunction
SuzukiAT- engine coolant temperature (ECT)   sensor – signal malfunction
ToyotaAT - direct clutch speed sensor

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