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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1702

MakeFault Location
CitroenTRS Circuit Intermittent Malfunction
DaewooTps Circuit - Range /Pf Mal
FordTransmission range (TR) sensor -circuit intermittent
HyundaiThrottle Position Sensor(TPS)-Abnormal
InfinitiTransmission Control Module RAM
Land RoverTransfer box signal line – communication error
LincolnTransmission range (TR) sensor -circuitintermittent
MahindraEep Erase Error Based On The Error For More Blocks
MazdaTransmission range (TR) sensor- circuit malfunction
NissanTransmission Control Module RAM
PeugeotTRS Circuit Intermittent Malfunction
SaabAT diagnosis signal- voltage low
SubaruAT diagnosis signal – voltage low
SuzukiTransmission control module (TCM) – memory check sum error