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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1605 Loss OF HVAX Serial Data (BUICK, CADILLAC)
Loss of HVAC Serial Data (CHEVROLET, GMC)
PCM Keep Alive Memory Test Error Conditions (FORD, MAZDA)
Acceleration Sensor Malfunction (HYUNDAI)
Automatic Transmission Communication (INFINITI, NISSAN)
Knock Control CPU Malfunction (LEXUS, TOYOTA)
Engine Control Module Defective (SAAB)

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Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1605

Loss Of HVAC Serial Data Conditions (GM)
PCM Keep Alive Memory Test Error Conditions (Ford)
Knock control - malfunction (Toyota)
CAN data bus -AlC (Buick)
CAN data bus –NC (Cadillac)
CAN data bus -A/C (Chevrolet)
CAN data bus (Honda)
G-force sensor – circuit malfunction (Hyundai)
AT diagnosis communication -signal failure (Infiniti)
Power interuption in KAM (Land Rover)
Knock control – malfunction (Lexus)
‘Keep alive’ memory test failure (Lincoln)
Engine control module (ECM) -keep alive test error (Mazda)
Acceleration sensor,” ESP/ASR system -rough road signal, comparison of wheel speeds (Mercedes-Benz)
Engine control module (ECM)/transmission control module (T<;:M) communication error (Mercury)
TCM diagnosis communication line – malfunction (Nissan)
CAN data bus -A/C (Oldsmobile)
Engine control module (ECM) – defective (Saab)
Engine Stall History (Scion)
CAN data bus, ETS – CAN data bus OFF (Volvo)

BAT Team Discussions for P1605

  • 95 nissan maxima 3.0
    Hi,I have a 95 Nissan Maxima 3.0 automatic won't start.It doesnt have any spark and I get injectors pulse just 2 or 3 times when I crank the engine then it goes a way.I am getting the codes P0110 and P1605.If some one could help me please.I will appreciate your help thanks....
  • getting expensive!!!
    C2 is the green PCM connector - terminal 46 is a brn/wht wire - its HOT 12v when plugged in OR disconnected? the old straight pin works easily to pierce wire - try grounding the wire the CEL/SES should come on? yes no? PS- your scanner will read all codes esp those manufacturer specific?...