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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1601

MakeFault Location
AudiEngine control module (ECM) - supply voltage
BuickSerial Communication Malfunction
CadillacEngine control module (ECM) -temperature high
ChevroletCAN data bus, ECM/ASSITCS/instrumentation control module/diagnostic control module some communication lost
CitroenECM/TCM Serial Communication Error
DaewooEngine control module (ECM)/transmission control module (TCM) – serial peripheral communication malfunction
DaihatsuKeyless communication(code disaccord¡¢communication error)
GmcCAN data bus, engine control module (ECM)/ anti lock brake system (ABS)/traction control system (TCS)/instrumentation control module/ diagnostic control module some communication lost
GmCAN data bus, engine control module (ECM)/ anti lock brake system (ABS)/traction control system (TCS)/instrumentation control module/ diagnostic control module some communication lost
HondaIntegrated motor assist – system malfunction
HyundaiECU ‘L’ Line
IsuzuSerial communication – malfunction
KenworthP1601 - Customer data area checksum failure
MazdaECM to AT communication – signal error
MitsubishiECM to throttle control unit – communication malfunction
OldsmobileData bus -circuit malfunction
OpelModule temperature switch,ECM - temperature high
PeterbiltP1601 - Customer data area checksum failure
PeugeotECM/TCM Serial Communication Error
PontiacCAN data bus, engine control module(ECM)/antilock brake system (ABS)/traction control system (TCS)/instrumentation control module/diagnostic control module -not allmodules communicating
PorscheVoltage Supply
SaabEngine control module (ECM) – defective
SaturnCAN data bus, engine control module (ECM)I antilock braking system (ABS)/traction control system (TCS)/instrumentation control moduleldiagnostic control module some communication lost
SuzukiEngine control module (ECM), CAN data bus – communication malfunction
ToyotaInjector Correction Circuit Malfunction
VolvoElectronic throttle system (ETS), throttle motor – circuit malfunction
VolkswagenEngine control module (ECM) - supply voltage

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