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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1464

MakeFault Location
BmwEngine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, ECM controlled cooling system - ECM output stage
CitroenA/C Demand Out of Self Test Range
DodgeEngine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor implausible signal
FordAir Conditioning Demand Out Of Self Test Range
FreightlinerEngine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor implausible signal
InfinitiFuel gauge tank sensor- voltage high
LincolnAlC demand -signal out of self-test range
MazdaA/C control signal – voltage high during self-test
MercuryAlC demand -signal out of self-test range
MiniHeated Catalyst Battery Temperature Sensor 2 Electrical
NissanFuel tank level sensor- voltage high
PeugeotA/C Demand Out of Self Test Range