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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1302 Cylinder Number 2 Random Misfire Detected (ACURA, HONDA)
Misfiring Cylinder 2 (BMW, MINI)
Boost Calibration Low (FORD)
TDC Sensor Low Input (HYUNDAI)
Cylinder 2 Misfiring Detected (SAAB)

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Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1302

Boost Pressure Pressure Low (Ford)
Cylinder No. 2 - misfire (Acura)
Heated Catalyst Gate Voltage Signal Low (BMW)
Cylinder Number 2 Random Misfire Detected (Honda)
TDC Sensor Low Input (Hyundai)
Cylinder 2 – misfire detected (Land Rover)
Misfiring Cylinder 2 (Mini)
Cylinder 2 – misfire detected (Saab)

BAT Team Discussions for P1302

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    Yeah, some ppl grease the post's, some don't. I do however make sure grease or whatever corrosion inhibitor I use gets around base of posts where most of corrosion comes from. Most leak there from cheaply made batteries to to much force exerted and seep up through seal. Once the posts and contact t...