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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1274

MakeFault Location
BuickInjectors Wired Incorrectly
CadillacInjectors Wired Incorrectly
ChevroletInjectors Wired Incorrectly
ChryslerAlC compressor clutch control circuit 2 -open circuit
CitroenCylinder #4 High To Low Side Open
DodgeAlC compressor clutch, circuit 2 -open circuit
FordCylinder #4 High To Low Side Open
GmInjectors Wired Incorrectly
InfinitiHeated oxygen sensor (H02S), bank 1 – rich mixture
JeepA/C Clutch Control Circuit 2 Open
LincolnInjector circuit, cylinder 4 -high to low side open
MazdaCylinder #4 High To Low Side Open
MercuryInjector circuit, cylinder 4 -high to low side open
NissanHeated oxygen sensor (H02S), bank 1 – rich mixture
PeugeotCylinder #4 High To Low Side Open
RamA/C compressor clutch, circuit 2 -open circuit