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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1195 Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 Slow Response (CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP)
SCP HBCC Failed To Initialize (FORD)
Electronic Throttle System Limp Home - Target Following Delay (HYUNDAI, KIA)
Engine Does Not Start (INFINITI, NISSAN)
BARO Sensor Circuit (MAZDA)

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Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1195

SCP HBCC Failed To Initialize (Ford)
Fuel pressure control valve - open circuit/short to ground (Audi)
Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 slow response (Chrysler)
Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 slowresponse (Dodge)
Electronic throttle system (ETS) – limp-home valve ON (Hyundai)
Engine Does Not Start (Infiniti)
Oxygen sensor heater cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - low resistance (Jaguar)
Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 slow response (Jeep)
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor - for EGR system - circuit malfunction (Kia)
Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4,   5, 6 – heater resistance low (Land Rover)
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system sensor – malfunction (Mazda)
Engine Does Not Start (Nissan)
Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 slow response (Plymouth)

BAT Team Discussions for P1195

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    He means P1195...Do you have this diagram?....Jim [attachment lost in server move]...
  • Nobody can tell me what 1195 is 96 Probe GT
    where did you get that code description? p1195 correct? ....does not agree with my info- EGR Barometric Pressure sensor circuit malfunction- start with posting any other codes vehicle is STOCK?? START CHECKING VAC hoses, and routing. EGR performance...
  • P1195 SCP HBCC Failed to ..What does this mean in engilsh?
    Nobody knows on the Ford forum, they say to go to Mazda who says go to Probe forums, does anybody have OBD II code experience thats knows what this is in english? SCP HBCC failed to initalize. Code P1195 on a 96 Ford Probe 6 cylinder 2. 5 liter, and mow also a PO302, cylinder 2 misfire, rough idle...