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Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1107

MakeFault Location
AcuraBarometric Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
AudiHeated oxygen sensor (HO2S) 1, Bank 2 - heater short to positive
BuickManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor circuit intermittent -voltage low
CadillacManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor-circuit intermittent -voltage low
ChevroletManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor voltage low, intermittent
ChryslerBARO Solenoid Performance
CitroenDual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction/ Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low Voltage
DaewooManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – intermittent voltage low
DodgeBARO Solenoid Performance
FordDual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction
GenesisManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor- signal low
GmcManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor voltage low, intermittent
GmManifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low Voltage
HondaBarometric pressure (BARO) sensor- circuit/voltage low
HummerManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor voltagelow, intermittent
HyundaiAir Flow Sensor - High Input
IsuzuManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – circuiUintermittent voltage low
JaguarManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor - circuit low input
JeepBARO Solenoid Performance
KiaManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – signal low
LincolnDual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction
MahindraOver Temperature Error For Egr Valve H-Bridge
MercuryDual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction
OldsmobileManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor circuit intermittent -voltage low
PeugeotDual Alternator Lower Circuit Malfunction/ Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low Voltage
PontiacManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor voltage low, intermittent
PorscheOxygen Sensor Heating
SaabManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, TC   system – open circuit/short to ground
SaturnManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, circuit intermittent, voltage low
SubaruSecondary air injection (AIR) diagnosis solenoid – circuit malfunction
SuzukiManifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – signal voltage low
VolkswagenHeated oxygen sensor (HO2S) heater short to positive