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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1100 HO2S12 Sensor Circuit Voltage Too Low Air Leak (AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN)
Mass Air Flow Sensor Intermittent (FORD, LINCOLN, MAZDA, MERCURY)
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Malfunction Open/Short (HYUNDAI)
BARO Sensor Circuit Malfunction (LEXUS, SCION, TOYOTA)
Induction Control Valve Position Sensor (MITSUBISHI)
Starter Switch Circuit Malfunction (SUBARU)

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Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1100

Mass Air Flow Sensor Intermittent (Ford)
BARO Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Toyota)
HO2S12 Sensor Circuit Voltage Too Low Air Leak (Volkswagen)
HO2S12 Sensor Circuit Voltage Too Low Air Leak (Audi)
Fuel pump – temperature too high (BMW)
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – EGR – circuit malfunction (Hyundai)
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor- for   EGR system – circuit malfunction (Kia)
Mass air flow (MAF) sensor/volume air flow   (VAF) sensor- circuit malfunction (Land Rover)
Barometric pressure (BARO) sensor – circuit malfunction (Lexus)
Mass air flow (MAF) sensor -circuit intermittent (Lincoln)
Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – intermittent sensing (Mazda)
Mass air flow (MAF) sensor -circuit intermittent (Mercury)
Intake manifold air control actuator position sensor – circuit malfunction (Mitsubishi)
Starter signal – circuit malfunction (Saab)
BARO Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Scion)
Starter signal – circuit malfunction (Subaru)
Outside air temperature sensor – range/performance problem (Volvo)

BAT Team Discussions for P1100

  • 98 subaru forester 2.5
    98 subaru forester 2.5 this car will not start when it is cold have lots of trouble it run fine after it gets warm the codes i am getting are p1100, p1101, p1120, p1121, is this the air control valve or the map sensor im getting codes for both does anyone know what could be the problem ...