Oldsmobile OBD/OBD2 Codes

For OBD information for all GM vehicles please see our GM OBD / OBD2 page.

If you cannot find your model below and it is newer than 1996, please refer to our list of all Oldsmobile OBD2 codes.  NOTE: A model specific code list like those below will be the most accurate source for manufacturer specific OBD / OBD2 codes of your vehicle.

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
Achieva 2.4L1996-98VIN position 8 =TGM
Achieva 3.1 L1996-97VIN position 8 =MGM
Achieva 3.1 L1998VIN position 8 =MGM
Alero 2.2L2002-04VIN position 8 =FGM
Alero 2.4L1999-01VIN position 8 =TGM
Alero 3.4L1999-04VIN position 8 =MGM
Aurora 3.5L2001-02VIN position 8 =HGM
Aurora 4.0L1996-03VIN position 8 =CGM
Bravada 4.2L2002-04VIN position 8 =SGM
Bravada 4.3L1996-02VIN position 8 =WGM
Cutlass 3.1 L1997·99VIN position 8 =MGM
Cutlass Ciera 2.2L1996VIN position 8 =4GM
Cutlass Ciera/Cruiser 3.1 L1994·96VIN position 8 =MGM
Cutlass Supreme 3.1 L1996·97VIN position 8 =MGM
Cutlass Supreme 3.4L1994·97VIN position 8 =XGM
Eighty Eight 3.8L1992·93VIN position 8 =LGM
Eighty Eight 3.8L1994·97VIN position 8 =1/KILGM
Eighty Eight 3.8L1998·99VIN position 8 =1/KGM
Intrigue 3.5L1999·00VIN position 8 =HGM
Intrigue 3.8L1998·00VIN position 8 =KGM
Ninety Eight 3.8L1992·93VIN position 8 =LGM
Ninety Eight 3.8L1994·96VIN position 8 =1/LGM
Regency 3.8L1992·93VIN position 8 =LGM
Regency 3.8L1994·96VIN position 8 =1/LGM
Silhouette 3.4L1996·97VIN position 8 =EGM
Silhouette 3.4L1998·04VIN position 8 =EGM
Silhouette 3.8L1992·93VIN position 8 =LGM
Silhouette 3.8L1994·95VIN position 8 =LGM
Toronado 3.8L1992VIN position 8 =LGM
Trofeo 3.8L1992VIN position 8 =LGM
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Asim hameed
Asim hameed
6 months ago

Looking for 1993 cutlass supreme 3.4L

1 year ago

Looking for 3.3 1991