OBDII Mitsubishi Code Definitions.

Be sure to double check the codes. Anything P1000 to P1999 or P3000 to P3400 will be Manufacturer specific and may not match the ones listed here. Check specific manufacturer pages on the site, as some of them, we list the OBD2 codes on those pages for those specific vehicles.

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Mitsubishi Codes
Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0171Fuel trim (FT) system too lean, bank 1Intake/exhaust leak, AIR system, MAFNAF sensor, fuel pressure/pump, injector(s), HO2S
P0300Random/multiple cylinder(s) -misfire detectedSpark plug(s), HT lead(s), injector(s), ignition coil(s), low compression, wiring
P0301Cylinder 1 misfire detectedEngine mechanical fault, wiring, ignition/fuel system, injector, ECT/MAF sensor, ECM
P0340Camshaft position (CMP) sensor A, bank 1 circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
P0420Catalytic converter system, bank 1 -efficiency below thresholdCatalytic converter, wiring, HO2S 2
P0421Warm Up Catalytic Converter Bank 1 Efficiency Below ThresholdFuel, Catalytic Converter
P1000 – P1099 (Fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission control)
P1020MIVEC Performance Problem Bank 1
P1021Engine Oil Control Valve Circuit Bank 1
P1022Variable valve timing control, bank 2 – performance problemWiring, engine oil pressure switch, valve timing control valve, actuator, ECM
P1023Valve timing control valve, bank 2 – circuit malfunctionWiring, valve timing control valve, ECM
P1025Valve timing control valve, exhaust – circuit malfunctionWiring, connections, valve timing control valve, ECM
P1100 – P1199 (Fuel and air metering)
P1100Intake manifold air control actuator position sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, position sensor, actuator, ECM
P1101Traction control vacuum solenoid – circuit malfunctionWiring, vacuum solenoid, ECM
P1102Traction control vent solenoid -circuit malfunctionWiring, vent solenoid, ECM
P1103Turbocharger (TC) wastegate actuator- malfunctionWiring, VAF sensor, ECM
P1104Turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve – malfunctionWiring, TC wastegate regulating valve, ECM
P1105Fuel pressure regulator control solenoid – malfunctionWiring, pressure regulator control solenoid, ECM
P1115Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor/intake air temperature (IAT) sensor/outside air temperature sensor – signal variationWiring, ECT sensor, IAT sensor, outside air temperature sensor, ECM
P1128Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved Bank 1
P1129Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved Bank 2
P1200 – P1299 (Fuel and air metering – injector circuit)
P1231Automatic stability control – implausible signalWiring, automatic stability control system fault, ECM
P1232Throttle control fail safe mode – malfunctionWiring, ECM
P1233Throttle position (TP) sensor A – malfunctionWiring, throttle position sensor (TPS), intake   leak, ECM
P1234Throttle position (TP) sensor B – malfunctionWiring, throttle position sensor (TPS), intake leak, ECM
P1235Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – malfunctionWiring, mass air flow (MAF) sensor, ECM
P1236Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor B – malfunctionWiring, ECM
P1237Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor – malfunctionWiring, accelerator pedal position (APP)   sensor, ECM
P1238Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – malfunctionWiring, mass air flow (MAF) sensor, ECM
P1239Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – range/performance problemWiring, crankshaft position (CKP) sensor, ECM
P1240Ignition timing errorECM
P1241Torque management system – range/performance problemWiring, throttle actuator control (TAC), intake leak, ECM
P1242Engine RPM input – range/performance problemWiring, ECM
P1243Engine control module (ECM) – processor faultECM
P1244Engine control module (ECM) – RAM errorECM
P1245Engine control module (ECM) – RAM errorECM
P1246Engine control module (ECM) – processor faultECM
P1247A/T Plausibility
P1248AWD Plausibility
P1294Idle Air Control Motor Circuit
P1295No 5 Volts To Throttle Position Sensor
P1296No 5 Volts to MAP Sensor
P1297No Change In MAP From Start To Run
P1300 – P1399 (Ignition system or misfire)
P1300Ignition timing adjustment – circuit malfunctionWiring short to ground, ECM
P1303Misfiring Cylinder 3
P1320Ignition timing – cold start emission controlCoolant thermostat, ECM
P1390Timing Belt Skipped 1 Tooth Or More
P1391Intermittent Loose Of Camshaft Position Or Crankshaft Position Sensor
P1400 – P1499 (Emission control)
P1400Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor- circuit malfunctionWiring, MAP sensor, ECM
P1404EGR Position Sensor Rationality Closed
P1421Clogged Or Dirty Catalyst
P1422Temperature Sensor Has Failed
P1443Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – control valve 2 circuit malfunctionWiring, EVAP solenoid 2, ECM
P1486EVAP Leak Monitor Pinched Hose Found
P1487High Speed Radiator Fan Control Relay Condition
P1489High Speed Radiator Fan Control Relay Condition
P1490Low Speed Radiator Fan Control Relay Condition
P1492Battery Temperature Sensor Voltage Too high
P1493Battery Temperature Sensor Signal Too Low Condition
P1494EVAP Ventilation Switch Or Mechanical Fault
P1495EVAP Ventilation Solenoid Circuit
P14965 Volt Supply Output Too Low
P1500 – P1599 (Vehicle or idle speed control)
P1500Generator system – circuit malfunctionWiring, generator system, ECM
P1501Vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation Drive Wheels
P1502Vehicle Speed Sensor 1/2 Correlation Non Drive Wheels
P1506Idle air control (lAC) valve – RPM lower than expectedWiring, intake system blocked, MAP sensor, lAC valve, fuel pressure, ECM
P1507Idle air control (lAC) valve – RPM higher than expectedWiring, intake air leak, throttle valve sticking, MAP sensor, ECM
P1530A/C control module – circuit malfunctionWiring, AIC control module
P1540Radiator sensor – signal malfunctionWiring, radiator, ECM
P1541Radiator sensor – signal malfunctionWiring, radiator, ECM
P1543Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – low inputWiring, engine coolant radiator, coolant thermostat, engine coolant pump, ECT sensor, ECM
P1544Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – high inputWiring, engine coolant radiator, coolant thermostat, engine coolant pump, ECT sensor, ECM
P1545Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – signal variationWiring, engine coolant radiator, ECT sensor, ECM
P1546Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – signal variationWiring, engine coolant radiator, ECT sensor, ECM
P1547Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – signal variationWiring, engine coolant radiator, ECT sensor, ECM
P1564Cruise control master switch – malfunctionWiring, cruise control master switch, ECM
P1571Cruise control brake pedal switch – malfunctionWiring, cruise control brake pedal switch, ECM
P1572Brake Pedal Switch Circuit Malfunction
P1573Brake Switch Stuck Off
P1574Engine control module (ECM) – malfunctionTrouble codes stored, ECM
P1580Radiator outlet engine temperature (ECT) – communication malfunctionWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
P1593Cruise control system, multi-function input A – circuit stuckWiring, poor connection, multi-function switch, mechanical fault, ECM
P1600 – P1699 (ECM – computer output circuit)
P1600AT to ECM – signal failureWiring, TCM, ECM
P1601ECM to throttle control unit – communication malfunctionECM
P1602ECM to system LSI – communication malfunctionECM
P1603Engine control module (ECM) – battery supply voltageWiring, ECM
P1603 3Engine control module (ECM) – battery supply voltageWiring, ECM
P1603 4Engine control module (ECM) – RAM link errorECM
P1604Engine control module (ECM) – RAM   read/write errorECM
P1607Engine control module (ECM) – shut down timer errorECM
P1610Immobilizer control module – circuit malfunctionWiring, immobilizer control module, ECM
P1637Malfunction of Memory Backup
P1676VIN not programmed or mismatch – ECMECM
P1696Engine control module (ECM) – EEPROM   errorECM
P1697Engine control module (ECM) – EEPROM   errorECM
P1700 – P1799 (Transmission)
P1715Automatic transmission speed sensors A and 8 – malfunctionWiring, TCM, ECM
P1720Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – circuit malfunctionWiring, VSS, ECM
P1750AT- torque converter/shift control and pressure control solenoid valves – malfunctionWiring, torque converter/shift control and pressure control solenoid valves, TCM, ECM
P1751Automatic transmission – control relay malfunctionWiring, control relay, TCM, ECM
P1768Transaxle Control Relays Always Off
P1791Engine coolant temperature to TCM – signal malfunctionWiring, TCM, ECM
P1795Throttle position (TP) switch to TCM – signal malfunctionWiring, TCM, ECM
P1800 – P1899 (Transmission)
P1820Shift Fork Position Sensor 1 System Voltage Low Range Out
P1821Shift Fork Position Sensor 1 System Voltage High Range Out
P1822Shift Fork Position Sensor 1 System Output Range Out
P1823Shift Fork Position Sensor 1 System Neutral
P1824Shift Fork Position Sensor 1 System Poor Performance
P1825Shift Fork Position Sensor 2 System Voltage Low Range Out
P1826Shift Fork Position Sensor 2 System Voltage High Range Out
P1827Shift Fork Position Sensor 2 System Output Range Out
P1828Shift Fork Position Sensor 2 System Neutral
P1829Shift Fork Position Sensor 2 System Poor Performance
P1831Shift Fork Position Sensor 3 System Voltage Hihg Range Out
P1832Shift Fork Position Sensor 3 System Voltage High Range Out
P1833Shift Fork Position Sensor 3 System Neutral
P1834Shift Fork Position Sensor 3 System Poor Performance
P1836Shift Fork 1 Malfunction
P1844Shift Fork 3 Malfunction
P1852Shift Fork 1 Or 2 Opposite Direction Movement
P1855Shift Fork 3 Or 4 Opposite Direction Movement
P1857Odd Number Gear Axle Interlock
P1858Even Number Gear Axle Interlock
P1859Disengagement Too Late With Clutch 1
P1862High Side 1 System Overcurrent
P1863High Side 1 System Open Circuit
P1864High Side 1 System Short To Power Supply
P1866High Side 2 System Overcurrent
P1867High Side 2 System Open Circuit
P1868High Side 2 System
P1876Gear Block 1st
P1877Gear Block 2nd
P1878Gear Block 3rd
P1879Gear Block 4th
P1D00 – P1D99 (ISO/SAE Reserved)
P1D37AC Input Fuse Abnormal Or AC Power Supply Equipment Abnormal (Mitsubishi)
U1000 – U2000 (Manufacturer defined, common defination listed)
U1073CAN data bus – bus off, malfunction detectedWiring, ECM
U1102Antilock brake system (ABS)/traction control system (TCS), CAN data bus- time outWiring, ABS control module, ECM
U1108Instrumentation control module, CAN data bus – time outWiring, instrumentation control module, ECM
U1109Multifunction control module, CAN data bus – time outWiring, multifunction control module, ECM
U1110AIC, CAN data bus – time outWiring, A/C control module, ECM
U1117Immobilizer control module, CAN data bus – time outWiring, immobilizer control module, ECM