Mitsubishi OBD / OBD2 Codes >> Eclipse 2.0L (1995 – 1999)

ModeL Year Engine identification System
Eclipse 2.0L 1995-99 420A MPI

General information

  • Engine control module (ECM) incorporates self-diagnosis function.
  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will illuminate if certain faults are recorded.
  • ECM operates in backup mode if sensors fail, to enable vehicle to be driven to workshop.
  • Trouble codes can be displayed by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC) 1
  • Trouble codes can also be displayed by the MIL

NOTE: The use of a Scan Tool is essential to obtain full diagnostic information.


  • Ensure ignition switched OFF.
  • Within 5 seconds tum ignition key as follows:
o Ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON.
  • MIL should be flashing.
  • Count MIL flashes and compare with trouble code table.
o The first group of short flashes indicate the ‘TENS’ [2] [A) of the trouble code.
o The second group of short flashes indicates the ‘UNITS’ [2] [D) of the trouble code.
o A short pause separates each flash [2] [B].
o A long pause separates each set of flashes [2] [C].
o A 4 second pause separates each trouble code [2] [E).
o For example: Trouble code 32 displayed [2].


  • Trouble codes can be erased by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC) or as follows:
  • Ensure ignition switched OFF.
  • Disconnect battery ground cable for 30 seconds minimum.
  • Reconnect battery ground cable.
  • Repeat checking procedure to ensure no data remains in ECM fault memory.

NOTE: Disconnecting battery ground lead will erase trouble codes but may also erase memory from electronic units such as radio.

Trouble code  identification

Flash code OBD-11 code Fault location Probable cause
PO, P2,   uo Refer to OBD-11 trouble code tables
11 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, CKP sensor, ECM
11 P1390 CKP/CMP sensor – timing incorrect Wiring, timing belt, CKP/CMP sensor, ECM
11 P1391 CKP/CMP sensor- signal failure Wiring, CKP/CMP sensor, ECM
11 P1398 Adaptive speed for misfire detection – at limit Wiring, CKP sensor, mechanical fault, ECM
13 P1297 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, MAP sensor, ECM
14 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – voltage low/high Wiring, MAP sensor, ECM
14 P1496 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – voltage supply too low Wiring short to ground, MAP sensor, ECM
14 P1296 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – no voltage supply Wiring, MAP sensor, ECM
15 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – circuit malfunction Wiring, VSS, ECM
16 Knock sensor (KS) – circuit malfunction Wiring, KS, ECM
17 Engine coolant temperature – voltage low Wiring, ECT sensor, cooling system, ECM
21 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – front/rear Wiring, fuel system, exhaust system, H02S, ECM
22 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – circuit/voltage low/high Wiring, ECT sensor, ECM
23 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor- voltage low/high Wiring, IAT sensor, ECM
24 Throttle position (TP) sensor – voltage low/high/ circuit performance problem Wiring, TP sensor, MAP sensor, ECM
24 P1295 Throttle position (TP) sensor – no voltage supply Wiring, TP sensor, ECM
25 Idle air (lAC) control system – malfunction Wiring, lAC system, ECM
25 P1294 Idle air (lAC) control system – incorrect idle speed Wiring, lAC motor, ECM
27 Injector – circuit malfunction Wiring, injectors, ECM
31 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system Wiring, fuel tank/cap/vent valve/hoses, EVAP solenoid, EVAP canister, ECM
31 P1495 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – vent solenoid circuit malfunction Wiring, EVAP solenoid, ECM
31 P1494 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – vent control malfunction Wiring, EVAP solenoid, hose blockage, ECM
31 P1486 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – leak monitor hose malfunction Hose blockage, EVAP solenoid, ECM
32 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – malfunction Wiring, EGR solenoid, hose blockage, ECM
33 A/C clutch relay – circuit malfunction Wiring, AIC clutch relay, ECM
35 P1490 Engine coolant blower motor relay – low speed/circuit malfunction Wiring, blower motor relay, ECM
35 P1489 A/C condenser blower motor relay – high speed/circuit malfunction Wiring, blower motor relay, ECM
35 P1487 Engine coolant blower motor relay – high speed/circuit malfunction Wiring, blower motor relay, ECM
36 Pulsed secondary air injection (PAIR)   system – malfunction Wiring, PAIR valve, hose blockage, ECM
37 P1899 Park/neutral position (PNP) switch – circuit malfunction Wiring, PNP switch, ECM
41 Generator system – field insufficient switching Wiring, generator, ECM
42 Relay module – circuit malfunction Wiring, relay module, ECM
42 Fuel gauge tank sensor -circuit malfunction Wiring, tank sensor, ECM
43 Misfire Wiring, ignition system, CKP sensor, mechanical fault, fuel system, injectors, ECM
43 Ignition coil 1/2 – circuit malfunction Wiring, ignition coil, ECM
44 Battery temperature sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, temperature sensor, ECM
44 P1493 Battery temperature sensor – voltage low Wiring, temperature sensor, ECM
44 P1492 Battery temperature sensor – voltage high Wiring, temperature sensor, ECM
45 Transmission control module -trouble code detected Various faults
46 Generator system – voltage high Wiring, generator, ECM
47 Generator system – voltage low Wiring, generator, ECM
51 Fuel trim – mixture too lean Wiring, ECTIIAT sensor, mechanical fault, injector, MAP sensor, fuel system, H02S, ECM
52 Fuel trim – mixture too rich Wiring, ECT/IAT sensor, mechanical fault, injector, MAP sensor, fuel system, H02S, ECM
53 Engine control module (ECM) – malfunction ECM
54 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, CMP sensor, ECM
61 Barometric pressure (BARO) sensor- range/performance Wiring, MAP sensor, ECM
62 P1697 Engine control module (ECM) – service indicator malfunction ECM
63 P1696 Engine control module (ECM) – EEPROM   write unsuccessful ECM
64 Catalytic converter – efficiency below limit Wiring, catalytic converter, H02S, ECM
65 Power steering pressure (PSP) sensor – range/performance malfunction Wiring, PSP sensor, ECM
66 P1698 AT to ECM – signal failure Wiring, TCM, ECM