OBDII Mercedes-Benz Code Definitions.

Be sure to double check the codes. Anything P1000 to P1999 or P3000 to P3400 will be Manufacturer specific and may not match the ones listed here. Check specific manufacturer pages on the site, as some of them, we list the OBD2 codes on those pages for those specific vehicles.

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Mercedes-Benz Codes
Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0325Knock sensor (KS) 1 , bank 1 -circuit malfunctionWiring, poor connection, KS
P1000 – P1099 (Fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission control)
P1000Transmission shift lever control module- defectiveTransmission shift lever control module
P1031Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1 – malfunctionWiring, connector, H02S
P1100 – P1199 (Fuel and air metering)
P1131Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1 – signal/ electrical faultWiring, H02S
P1132Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) control 1 – system too richIntake/exhaust leak, H02S
P1137Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2 – signal/ electrical faultWiring, H02S
P1138Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2 – range/   performance problemWiring, H02S
P1146Mass air flow (MAF) sensor(s)- malfunctionWiring, intake leak, MAF sensor(s)
P1147Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor(s)- malfunctionWiring, ECT sensor(s)
P1148Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor(s)- malfunctionWiring, IAT sensor(s)
P1149Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor(s) – malfunctionWiring, hose(s), MAP sensor(s), ECM
P1162Throttle position (TP) sensor(s)- malfunctionWiring, TP sensor(s)
P1163Engine oil level switch – malfunctionWiring, engine oil level switch, ECM
P1170Short term fuel trim (FT) – malfunctionIntake/exhaust leak, injector(s), fuel pressure, MAF sensor
P1177Engine oil sensor, quality/level/temperature – malfunctionWiring, engine oil sensor
P1178Engine oil sensor, level – implausible signalWiring, oil level, engine oil sensor
P1179Engine oil sensor, quality – implausible signalWiring, engine oil sensor
P1180Engine oil sensor, temperature too highWiring, engine oil sensor
P1181Engine coolant blower motor!NC condenser blower motor – malfunctionWiring, engine coolant blower motor/AIC   condenser blower motor, ECM
P1182Starter motor relay – defectiveWiring, starter motor relay, ignition switch, ECM
P1183Cylinder cut-out solenoid, bank 1 -defectiveWiring, cylinder cut-out solenoid
P1184Cylinder cut-out solenoid, bank 2 – defectiveWiring, cylinder cut-out solenoid
P1185Engine oil sensor, quality – water in oilEngine oil
P1186Fuel shut-off- recognisedWiring, cruise control actuator, mechanical fault, ECM
P1200 – P1299 (Fuel and air metering – injector circuit)
P1225Intake manifold air control solenoid – malfunctionWiring, intake manifold air control solenoid, ECM
P1233Throttle actuator- mechanical faultThrottle actuator tight/sticking
P1235Supercharger (SC) pressure – incorrectSupercharger (SC) bypass valve motor sticking, intake leak/blockage, SC, ECM
P1236Supercharger (SC) clutch – malfunctionWiring, SC clutch, ECM
P1300 – P1399 (Ignition system or misfire)
P1300Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor(s) – malfunctionWiring, flywheel ring gear damaged, CKP   sensor(s)
P1335Engine speed (RPM) sensor – signalWiring, ECM
P1336Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – signalWiring, air gap, flywheel ring gear damaged, CKP sensor
P1337Engine control module (ECM), RPM signal – outputWiring, RPM sensor, ECM
P1340Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – signalWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
P1341Camshaft position (CMP) actuator- mechanical faultCamshaft timing mechanism, CMP actuator
P1342Camshaft position (CMP) actuator- electrical faultWiring, connector, CMP actuator, ECM
P1355Cylinder cut-out solenoid, bank 1 -solenoid stuck openWiring, cylinder cut-out solenoid
P1356Cylinder cut-out solenoid, bank 2 -solenoid stuck openWiring, cylinder cut-out solenoid
P1357Cylinder cut-out system ON, cylinder 2, 3, 5 or 8 – inlet valve still openingMechanical fault
P1358Cylinder cut-out system OFF, cylinder 5 -exhaust valve not openingMechanical fault
P1359Cylinder cut-out system OFF, cylinder 2 -exhaust valve not openingMechanical fault
P1360Cylinder cut-out system OFF, cylinder 3 -exhaust valve not openingMechanical fault
P1361Cylinder cut-out system OFF, cylinder 8 -exhaust valve not openingMechanical fault
P1366Cylinder cut-out system, throttle switch-over valve – malfunctionWiring, throttle switch-over valve
P1380Cylinder cut-out system OFF -one inlet valve of a cylinder is not openingMechanical fault
P1384Knock sensor (KS) 1, bank 2 – malfunctionWiring, KS
P1385Knock sensor (KS) 2, bank 2 – malfunctionWiring, KS
P1386Engine control module (ECM). knock control – defectiveFuel contamination, mechanical fault, ECM
P1397Camshaft position (CMP) sensor(s)- malfunctionWiring, CMP sensor(s)
P1400 – P1499 (Emission control)
P1400Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid -circuit malfunctionWiring, EGR solenoid, hose(s), ECM
P1402Exhaust Gas Recirculation Open-Loop Control
P1411Secondary air injection (AIR) system – malfunctionWiring, connector, hoses, AIR pump, AIR solenoid
P1420Secondary air injection (AIR) valve/solenoid – defectiveWiring, fuse, AIR valve/solenoid, ECM
P1437Catalytic converter temperature sensor, bank 1 – defectiveWiring, catalytic converter temperature sensor, ECM
P1443Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve(s)- defectiveWiring, hoses, EVAP canister purge valve(s)
P1444Catalytic converter temperature sensor, bank 2 – defectiveWiring, catalytic converter temperature sensor, ECM
P1453Secondary air injection (AIR} pump relay- defectiveWiring, fuse, AIR pump relay, ECM
P1463Secondary air injection (AIR) system- defectiveWiring, hoses, AIR pump relay, AIR valve/   solenoid
P1470Boost Charge Control Solenoid
P1490Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve(s)- defectiveWiring, hoses, EVAP canister purge valve(s)
P1491AIC system – pressure too highAIC control module trouble code(s) stored
P1500 – P1599 (Vehicle or idle speed control)
P1519Camshaft position (CMP) control, bank 1 – mechanical faultCamshaft position control system
P1522Camshaft position (CMP) control, bank 2 – mechanical faultCamshaft position control system
P1525Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – defectiveWiring, CMP actuator, ECM
P1533Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – defectiveWiring, CMP actuator, ECM
P1542Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor – signalWiring, APP sensor, ECM
P1550AIC compressor torque – implausible signalAIC trouble code(s) stored
P1551AIC compressor clutch cut-offWiring, incorrect AIC control module, ECM
P1570Ignition switch control module/ECM – attempted theft/data bus/not compatibleWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s), ignition switch control module, ECM
P1580Throttle motor, bank 1, TPM/ISC – circuit malfunctionWiring, throttle motor, ECM
P1581Throttle motor, bank 2, TPM/ISC – circuit malfunctionWiring, throttle motor, ECM
P1584Brake pedal position (BPP) switch – malfunctionWiring, BPP switch, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1587Engine control module (ECM), bank 1 & 2 – supply voltageWiring, connectors, ECM
P1588CAN data bus, central locking control module -·   malfunctionWiring
P1589Engine control module (ECM), bank 2, knock control – defectiveFuel contamination, mechanical fault, ECM
P1600 – P1699 (ECM – computer output circuit)
P1603CAN data bus, ignition switch control module – malfunctionWiring
P1605Acceleration sensor,” ESP/ASR system -rough road signal, comparison of wheel speedsTrouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1632Engine control module (ECM), bank 2 – internal faultECM
P1641Engine control module (ECM), bank 1 & 2 – TP   signalWiring, ECM
P1642Engine control module (ECM) – incorrectly codedECM coded for MT with AT fitted
P1643Engine control module (ECM) – incorrectly coded/   data busECM coded for AT with MT fitted, wiring
P1644Transmission control module (TCM) – supply voltage lowWiring, TCM trouble code(s) stored
P1666Cylinder cut-out solenoid, bank 1 or 2 – does not openWiring, cylinder cut-out solenoid
P1681Engine control module (ECM), crash signal – plausibilityWiring, connectors, SRS control module trouble code(s) stored, ECM
P1700 – P1799 (Transmission)
P1700Transmission shift control – malfunctionWiring, transmission shift control valve, TCM trouble code{s) stored
P1701Transmission shift control valve – electrical faultWiring, transmission shift control valve
P1711Intake manifold air control solenoid – malfunctionWiring, connectors, intake manifold air control solenoid, ECM
P1740Engine control module (ECM), load signal – plausibilityWiring, electronic throttle system (ETS), MAF sensor, TP sensor, ECM
P1741Throttle position (TP) sensor, load signal – plausibilityWiring, electronic throttle system (ETS), MAF sensor, TP sensor, ECM
P1747CAN data bus, TCM/instrument panel – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1750Transmission shift lever control module – supply voltage low .Wiring, multifunction control module, transmission shift lever control module
P1800 – P1899 (Transmission)
P1817Reverse lamps – open/short circuitWiring short to ground/positive, supply voltage open circuit, reverse lamps switch
P1832Transmission shift lever control module – short circuitWiring, connector, transmission shift lever control module
P1833Transmission shift lever control module – open circuitWiring, connector, transmission shift lever control module
P1856Transmission shift lever recognition – malfunctionTransmission shift lever control module
P1860CAN data bus, VSS signal, rear axle – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1861CAN data bus, VSS signal, rear axle – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1875CAN data bus, transmission shift lever control module – malfunctionWiring, transmission shift lever control module
P1876CAN data bus, VSS signal – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s), electronic traction control (ETC) module
P1893Travel Control Shock Absorber Module
P1900 – P1999 (Transmission)
P1904CAN data bus, TCM/instrument panel – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s)
P1906CAN data bus, stop lamp switch – malfunctionWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s), electronic ignition switch
P1910Transmission shift lever control module- supply voltage highWiring, multifunction control module, transmission shift lever control module
P1911Transmission shift lever illumination – open circuitTransmission shift lever control module
P1912Transmission shift lever control module, range switch – implausible signalStored trouble code(s), transmission shift lever control module
P1925Transmission shift lever control module, immobilizer signal – plausibilityWiring, trouble code(s) stored in other system(s), electronic ignition switch, transmission shift lever control module