OBDII Mazda Code Definitions.

Be sure to double check the codes. Anything P1000 to P1999 or P3000 to P3400 will be Manufacturer specific and may not match the ones listed here. Check specific manufacturer pages on the site, as some of them, we list the OBD2 codes on those pages for those specific vehicles.

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Mazda Codes
Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
C1306Steering angle sensorImproper replacement or recalibration procedure, Wheel alignment, Wiring, Steering angle sensor, Low system voltage, Fuses, BCM failure
P0171Fuel System Too Lean Bank 1Intake/exhaust leak, AIR system, MAFNAF sensor, fuel pressure/pump, injector(s), HO2S
P0300Random Cylinder Misfire (Cylinder Not Specified)Spark plug(s), HT lead(s), injector(s), ignition coil(s), low compression, wiring
P0301Cylinder #1 MisfireEngine mechanical fault, wiring, ignition/fuel system, injector, ECT/MAF sensor, ECM
P0340Camshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit MalfunctionWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
P0420Catalytic Converter SystemCatalytic converter, wiring, HO2S 2
P1000 – P1099 (Fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission control)
P1000OBD-11 monitor testing not completeWiring, VSS, mechanical fault, ECM
P1001Data link connector (DLC) – self-test terminatedIncorrect operator input, DLC, ECM
P1100 – P1199 (Fuel and air metering)
P1100Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – intermittent sensingWiring, MAF sensor, ECM
P1101Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – out of self-test rangeWiring, MAF sensor, ECM
P1102Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – incomparable with TP sensor signal – signal lowWiring, MAF sensor, TP sensor
P1103Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – incomparable with RPM signal – signal highWiring, MAF sensor
P1110Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor (engine)- short/open circuitWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
P1112Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – intermittent sensingWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
P1113Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor   (supercharger) – short/open circuitWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
P1114Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – voltage lowWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
P1115Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor- voltage highWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
P1116Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor- out of self-test rangeWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
P1117Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – intermittent sensingWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
P1120Throttle position (TP) sensor – out of range   “low”Wiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1121Throttle position (TP) sensor – incomparable with MAF sensor signalWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1122Throttle position (TP) sensor – stuck closedWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1123Throttle position (TP) sensor – stuck openWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1124Throttle position (TP) sensor – out of self-test rangeWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1125Throttle position (TP) sensor – intermittent circuit faultWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1126Throttle position (TP) sensor – circuit faultWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1127Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – RH or rear bank -front (6 cyl) – heater circuit malfunctionWiring, H02S
P1128Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) -front – bank 1/bank 2 sensors transposedWiring
P1129Heated oxygen sensor (H02S)- rear- bank 1/bank 2 sensors transposedWiring
P1130Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 – adaptive limit achievedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1131Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 – lean mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1132Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1 – rich mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1133Fuel trim (FT) lean mixture – bank 1Fuel pressure, injectors, MAF sensor/MAP   sensor, intake leak
P1134Fuel trim (FT) rich mixture – bank 1Fuel pressure, injectors, MAF sensor/MAP   sensor, EVAP system
P1135Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1, heater control – circuit lowWiring, H02S, ECM
P1136Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 1, heater control – circuit highWiring, H02S, ECM
P1137Heated oxygen sensor (H02S)- rear- adaptive limit achievedWiring, H02S, exhaust system, ECM
P1138Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – rear- adaptive limit achievedWiring, H02S, exhaust system, ECM
P1141Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 1, heater control – circuit lowWiring, H02S, ECM
P1142Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 1, heater control – circuit highWiring, H02S, ECM
P1143Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 1 – lean mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1144Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 1 – rich mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1150Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – LH or front bank -front (6 cyl) – adaptive limit achievedWiring,
P1151Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – LH or front bank -front (6 cyl) – lean mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1152Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) – LH or front bank – front (6 cyl) – rich mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1153Fuel trim (FT) lean mixture – bank 2Fuel pressure, injectors, MAF sensor/MAP   sensor, intake leak
P1154Fuel trim (FT) rich mixture – bank 2Fuel pressure, injectors, MAF sensor/MAP   sensor, EVAP system
P1157Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 2 – lean mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1158Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 2 – rich mixture indicatedWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P115EThrottle body – restricted flowThrottle valve restriction
P1168Fuel rail pressure sensor- signal lowWiring, fuel level, low fuel pressure, fuel rail pressure sensor
P1169Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) (except Tribute   -+2005)- rear (6 cyl) – voltage highWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1170Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) LH or front bank – front (6 cyl) – voltage highWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1173Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) RH or rear bank – front (6 cyl) – voltage highWiring, H02S, fuel pressure, fuel system, mechanical fault, ECM
P1195Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system sensor – malfunctionWiring, EGR sensor, ECM
P1196Starter signal – circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition switch, mechanical fault
P1200 – P1299 (Fuel and air metering – injector circuit)
P1224Throttle Position Sensor 'B' Out of Self-Test Range
P1233Fuel pump (FP) control module – control module disabled or off lineWiring, FP, ECM
P1234Fuel Pump Driver Module Disabled Or Off Line
P1235Fuel pump (FP) control – out of rangeWiring, FP control module
P1236Fuel Pump Driver Module Disabled or Off Line
P1237Fuel pump (FP) – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, FP control module
P1238Fuel Pump Driver Module Disabled or Off Line
P1239Speed Fuel Pump Positive Feed
P1244Generator/regulator system – load input out of rangeWiring, generator, regulator
P1245Generator/regulator system – load input out of rangeWiring, generator, regulator
P1246Generator/regulator system – load input out of rangeWiring, generator, regulator
P1250Fuel pressure (FP) control solenoid valve 1 – malfunctionWiring, FP solenoid, ECM
P1251Idle speed control (ISC) system – rpm lower than expectedWiring, lAC valve, throttle valve tight/sticking, ECM
P1252Fuel pressure (FP) control solenoid valve 2 – malfunctionWiring, FP solenoid, ECM
P1260Theft detected – engine immobilizedImmobilizer fault
P1261Cylinder #1 High To Low Side Short
P1262Cylinder #2 High To Low Side Short
P1263Cylinder #3 High To Low Side Short
P1264Cylinder #4 High To Low Side Short
P1265Cylinder #5 High To Low Side Short
P1266Cylinder #6 High To Low Side Short
P1270Maximum en ine RPM or vehicle speed obtainedECM
P1271Cylinder #1 High To Low Side Open
P1272Cylinder #2 High To Low Side Open
P1273Cylinder #3 High To Low Side Open
P1274Cylinder #4 High To Low Side Open
P1275Cylinder #5 High To Low Side Open
P1276Cylinder #6 High To Low Side Open
P1285Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor- overheating detectedWiring, CHT sensor, engine overheating, ECM
P1288Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor- out of self-test rangeWiring, CHT sensor, ECM
P1289Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, CHT sensor, ECM
P1290Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, CHT sensor, ECM
P1299Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor- fail safe cooling activatedWiring, CHT sensor, engine overheating, ECM
P1300 – P1399 (Ignition system or misfire)
P1308A/C Clutch Circuit Fault
P1309Misfire detection monitor – not enabledCMP not synchronized, CMP, ECM
P1336Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor/camshaft position (CMP) sensor – circuit range/ performanceWiring, CKP sensor, CMP sensor, mechanical fault
P1340Camshaft Position Sensor 'B' Circuit
P1341Camshaft Position Sensor 'B' Circuit Range/Performance
P1342PCM Malfunction
P1345Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – signal malfunctionWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
P1351Engine control module (ECM) – loss of ignition diagnostic monitorECM
P1352Ignition coil A – primary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1353Ignition coil 8 – primary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1354Ignition coil C – primary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1355Ignition coil D – primary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1358Engine control module (ECM) -loss of ignition diagnostic monitorECM
P1359Engine control module (ECM) – loss of ignition output signalECM
P1360Ignition coil A – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1361Ignition coil 8 – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1362Ignition coil C – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1363Ignition coil D – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1364Ignition coil – primary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1365Ignition coil – secondary circuit malfunctionWiring, ignition coil
P1380Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit Bank 1
P1381Camshaft Position Timing Over Advanced Bank 1
P1382Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – malfunctionInsecure sensor/rotor, air gap, wiring, CMP   sensor, ECM
P1383Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded Bank 1
P1385Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit Bank 2
P1386Camshaft Position Timing Over Advanced Bank 2
P1387Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – malfunctionInsecure sensor/rotor, air gap, wiring, CMP   sensor, ECM
P1388Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded Bank 2
P1390Octane adjust – out of self-test rangeWiring, octane adjuster, ECM
P1397System voltage – out of self-test rangeWiring, battery, alternator
P1400 – P1499 (Emission control)
P1400Differential pressure feedback sensor – low voltage detectedWiring, pressure feedback sensor, ECM
P1401Differential pressure feedback sensor – high voltage detectedWiring, pressure feedback sensor, ECM
P1402Exhaust.gas recirculation (EGR) valve position sensor – voltage low/highWiring, EGR valve position sensor, ECM
P1403Differential pressure feedback sensor – hoses reversedMechanical fault
P1405Differential pressure feedback sensor – upstream hose off or pluggedMechanical fault
P1406Differential pressure feedback sensor – downstream hose off or pluggedMechanical fault
P1407Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – no flow detectedWiring, EGR solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1408Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system -flow out of self-test rangeWiring, EGR solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1409Electronic vacuum regulator control – circuit malfunctionWiring, ECM
P1410Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) boost sensor/solenoid – stuckWiring, EGR boost sensor, EGR boost solenoid, hoses blocked/leaking
P1412Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid – malfunctionWiring, EGR solenoid, ECM
P1432Engine coolant thermostat – circuit malfunctionWiring, engine coolant thermostat, ECM
P1442Evaporative emission (EVAP) system – system leak detectedHose connection(s), fuel tank filler cap leak, EVAP canister purge valve
P1443Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge control systemWiring, EVAP valve, ECM
P1444Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge flow sensor – low inputWiring, purge flow sensor
P1445Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge flow sensor – high inputWiring, pu’rge flow sensor
P1446Evaporative emission (EVAP) systemHose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP   canister, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM
P1449Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – tank pressure problemWiring, EVAP valve, ECM
P1450Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge system – leakWiring, EVAP valve, ECM
P1451Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister vent valve – circuit malfunctionWiring, EVAP vent valve, fuel tank pressure sensor, ECM
P1452Evaporative emission (EVAP) system – fuel tank vacuum test failedHoses blocked/leaking, EVAP vacuum valve
P1455Fuel tank level sensor- short/open circuitWiring, fuel tank level sensor
P1456Evaporative emission (EVAP) systemHose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP   canister, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM
P1457Evaporative emission (EVAP) systemHose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP   canister, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM
P145EPositive crankcase ventilation (PCV) heater – circuit malfunctionWiring, PCV valve
P1460Wide open throttle (WOT) air conditioning cut off- circuit malfunctionWiring, TP sensor
P1461AIC refrigerant pressure sensor – high voltageWiring, AIC refrigerant pressure sensor, ECM
P1462A!C refrigerant pressure sensor – low voltageWiring, A/C refrigerant pressure sensor, ECM
P1463A/C refrigerant pressure sensor – insufficient pressure changeWiring, AIC system – mechanical fault, AIC refrigerant pressure sensor, AIC compressor clutch
P1464A/C control signal – voltage high during self-testWiring, A/C master switch, AIC compressor clutch relay, ECM
P1465A/C control signal – malfunctionWiring, A/C master switch, AIC compressor clutch relay, ECM
P1469Frequent AIC compressor clutch cyclingWiring, AIC system – mechanical fault
P1473Cooling fan – circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay(s), cooling fan(s), ECM
P1474Cooling fan “low” (Tribute)- circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay, cooling fan, ECM
P1475Cooling fan – circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay(s), cooling fan(s), ECM
P1476Cooling fan – circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay(s), cooling fan(s), ECM
P1477Cooling fan “medium” (Tribute)- circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay, cooling fan, ECM
P1479Cooling fan “high” (Tribute)- circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay, cooling fan, ECM
P1480Cooling fan – circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay(s), cooling fan(s), ECM
P1481Cooling fan – circuit malfunctionWiring, cooling fan relay(s), cooling fan(s), ECM
P1485Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve – malfunctionWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1486Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve – malfunctionWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1487Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve – malfunctionWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1496Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve’coil 1 – short/open circuitWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1497Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve coil 2 – short/open circuitWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1498Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve coil 3 – short/open circuitWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1499Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve coil 4 – short/open circuitWiring, EGR valve, ECM
P1500 – P1599 (Vehicle or idle speed control)
P1500Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) -intermittent faultWiring, VSS, ECM
P1501Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – out of self-test rangeWiring, VSS, ECM
P1502Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – signal malfunctionWiring, VSS, ABS control module, multifunction control module, ECM
P1504Idle air control (lAC) system – circuit malfunctionWiring, lAC valve, ECM
P1505Idle air control {lAC) systemWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1506Idle air control {lAC) system – overspeed errorWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1507Idle air control (lAC) system – underspeed errorWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1508Idle air control (lAC) valve 1 – short/open circuitWiring, lAC valve, ECM
P1509Idle air control (lAC) valve 2 – short/open circuitWiring, lAC valve, ECM
P1510Idle air control (lAC) system – malfunctionWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1511Idle air control (lAC) system – malfunctionWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1512Intake manifold air control – stuck closeWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1513Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 2
P1516Intake manifold air control solenoid (Tribute 2005-+) – input errorWiring, intake manifold air control solenoid, ECM
P1517Intake Manifold Runner Control Input Error Bank 2
P1518Intake manifold air control – stuck openWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1519Intake manifold air control – stuck closedWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1520Intake manifold air control -circuit malfunctionWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1521Intake manifold air control solenoid 1 – short/open circuitWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1522Intake manifold air control solenoid 2 – short/open circuitWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1523Intake manifold air control solenoid – circuit malfunctionWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1524Charge air cooler bypass solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, bypass solenoid, ECM
P1525Supercharger air control solenoid (vacuum) – short/open circuitWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1526Supercharger air control solenoid (vent) – short/open circuitWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1527Bypass air solenoid valve – short/open circuitWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1528Idle air control (lAC) system – malfunctionWiring, lAC valve, mechanical fault, ECM
P1529UC atmospheric balance air control solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1532Intake Manifold Communication Control Circuit Bank 2
P1537Intake manifold air control solenoid, bank 1 – solenoid stuck openWiring, intake manifold air control solenoid, mechanical fault
P1538Intake manifold air control solenoid, bank 2 – solenoid stuck openWiring, intake manifold air control solenoid, mechanical fault
P1540Supercharger air control solenoid -short/open circuitWiring, valve, ECM
P1541Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit Range/Performance
P1549Intake manifold air control solenoid – control circuit malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, ECM
P1550Power steering pressure (PSP) switch – malfunctionWiring, PSP switch, ECM
P1562Engine control module (ECM) – battery voltage lowWiring, ECM
P1565Cruise control systemWiring, CPP switch, BPP switch, cruise control module, cruise control master switch, VSS
P1566Transmission control module (TCM) – battery voltage lowWiring, fuse, TCM
P1567Cruise control systemWiring, CPP switch, BPP switch, cruise control module, cruise control master switch, VSS
P1568Cruise control systemWiring, CPP switch, BPP switch, cruise control module, cruise control master switch, VSS
P1569Intake manifold air control – circuit lowWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1570Intake manifold air control – circuit highWiring, air control solenoid, ECM
P1572Brake pedal position (BPP) switch – circuit malfunctionWiring, BPP switch, ECM
P1573Throttle position (TP) sensor – no signalWiring, TP sensor
P1574Throttle position (TP) sensor – signal correlationWiring, TP sensor
P1600 – P1699 (ECM – computer output circuit)
P1600Engine control module (ECM) – KAM errorECM
P1601ECM to AT communication – signal errorWiring, ECM
P1602Immobilizer control module/engine control module (ECM) – communication errorWiring, incorrect key, immobilizer control module, ECM
P1603Engine control module (ECM) – incorrect immobilizer codeImmobilizer word code not programmed
P1604Engine control module (ECM) – incorrect immobilizer codeImmobilizer key code not programmed
P1605Engine control module (ECM) -keep alive test errorECM
P1608Engine control module (ECM) -knock function malfunctionECM
P1609Engine control module (ECM) -supply voltageWiring, fuses, ECM
P1621Engine control module (ECM) – incorrect immobilizer code after crankingImmobilizer word code not programmed
P1622Engine control module (ECM) – incorrect immobilizer key codeImmobilizer key code not programmed
P1623Engine control module (ECM) – immobilizer read/write error, EEPROM damagedECM
P1624Engine control module (ECM) – immobilizer communication errorECM
P1627ECM to ABSfTCS communication – signal errorWiring, ECM
P1628ECM to ABSfTCS communication – signal errorWiring, ECM
P1630Generator voltage – circuit malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault
P1631Generator voltage – no chargeWiring, mechanical fault
P1632Battery voltage monitor – circuit malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault
P1633Battery voltage – overchargingWiring, mechanical fault
P1634Generator terminal B – open circuitWiring, mechanical fault
P1635Engine control module (ECM)- processor faultECM
P1636Engine control module (ECM) – communication errorECM
P1639Engine control module (ECM) -keep alive test errorWiring, ECM not programmed, ECM
P1641Fuel pump – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuel pump control module, fuel pump, ECM
P1643CAN Link ECM/TCM Circuit Network
P1645Fuel pump – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuel pump control module, fuel pump, ECM
P1650Power steering pressure (PSP) switch – out of self-test rangeWiring, PSP switch, ECM
P1651Power steering pressure (PSP) switch – input malfunctionWiring, PSP switch, ECM
P1652Power steering pressure (PSP) switch – circuit malfunctionWiring, PSP switch, ECM
P1656CAN data bus – circuit malfunctionWiring
P1657CAN data bus – malfunctionWiring, ECM
P1674Engine control module (ECM) – malfunctionWiring, software incompatibility, ECM
P1684Metering Oil Pump Position Sensor Circuit MalfunctionWiring, open circuit, PCM failure
P1686Rotor lubrication oil pump – low oil flow – circuit malfunctionWiring, rotor lubrication oil pump switch, rotor lubrication oil pump, ECM
P1687Rotor lubrication oil pump – high oil flow – circuit malfunctionWiring, rotor lubrication oil pump switch, rotor lubrication oil pump, ECM
P1688Rotor lubrication oil pump – self-test. – circuit malfunctionWiring, rotor lubrication oil pump switch, rotor lubrication oil pump, ECM
P1700 – P1799 (Transmission)
P1700Transmission system – malfunctionTransmission
P1701Transmission solenoid malfunction – reverse gear engagement errorWiring, solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1702Transmission range (TR) sensor- circuit malfunctionWiring, TR sensor
P1703Brake pedal position (BPP) switch – torque converter – out of self-test rangeWiring, switch
P1704Transmission range (TR) sensor- malfunctionWiring, TR sensor
P1705Transmission range (TR) sensor- out of self-test rangeWiring, TR sensor
P1708Clutch pedal position (CPP) switch – malfunctionWiring, CPP switch
P1709Park/neutral position switch (except B series   Pickup)- out of self-test rangeWiring, switch
P1711Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor – out of self-test rangeWiring, temperature sensor, mechanical fault
P1712Prevent The Differential Journal From Burning Or Seizure
P1713Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor- performanceWiring, temperature sensor
P1714AT- shift solenoid 1 -mechanical failureWiring, mechanical fault
P1715AT – shift solenoid 2 – mechanical failureWiring, mechanical fault
P1716AT – shift solenoid 3 – mechanical failureWiring, mechanical fault
P1717AT – shift solenoid 4 – mechanical failureWiring, mechanical fault
P1718Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor- performanceWiring, temperature sensor
P1719Overdrive system – loss of signalWiring, mechanical fault
P1720Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – no signalWiring, VSS, mechanical fault
P1721Shift solenoid (SS) 1 – malfunctionWiring, shift solenoid, ECM
P1722Shift solenoid (SS) 2- malfunctionWiring, shift solenoid, ECM
P1723Shift solenoid (SS) 3- malfunctionWiring, shift solenoid, ECM
P1724Shift solenoid (SS) 4 – malfunctionWiring, shift solenoid, ECM
P17294×4 low range switch – switch errorWiring, switch
P1735Gear selection, 1-2- shift malfunctionWiring, shift solenoids, transmission mechanical fault
P1736Gear selection, 2-3 – shift malfunctionWiring, shift solenoids, transmission mechanical fault
P1737Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, TCC solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1738Shift time errorMechanical fault
P1740Torque converter clutch (TCC) control – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault
P1741Torque converter clutch (TCC) control – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault
P1742Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, TCC solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1743Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, TCC solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1744Torque converter clutch (TCC) system – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault
P1745AT- electronic pressure control solenoid – circuit malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1746AT- electronic pressure.control solenoid – low inputWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1747AT – electronic pressure control solenoid – high inputWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1748AT – electronic pressure control solenoid – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1749AT – electronic pressure control solenoid systemWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1751AT – shift solenoid 1 – open circuitWiring, shift solenoid
P1752AT – shift solenoid 1 – circuit malfunctionWiring, shift solenoid
P1753AT – shift solenoid 1 – short circuitWiring, shift solenoid
P1754AT- freewheeling clutch solenoid- circuit malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, freewheeling clutch solenoid
P1756AT – shift solenoid 2- open circuitWiring, shift solenoid
P1757AT- shift solenoid 2- short circuitWiring, shift solenoid
P1760AT – electronic pressure control solenoid – short to groundWiring, mechanical fault, pressure control solenoid
P1761AT – shift solenoid 3 – performanceWiring, mechanical fault, shift solenoid
P1762Transmission – band failureMechanical fault
P1765AT – gear 3-2 timing solenoid – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, timing solenoid
P1766Shift Solenoid 'D' Performance
P1767AT – torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid- circuit malfunctionWiring, TCC solenoid
P1770AT – overrun clutch solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, mechanical fault, overrun clutch solenoid
P1771AT – throttle position (TP) sensor – open circuitWiring, TP sensor
P1772AT – throttle position (TP) sensor- short circuitWiring, TP sensor
P1775AT – torque reduction signal 1 – signal problemWiring
P1776AT – torque reduction signal 2 – signal problemWiring
P1777AT – torque reduction signal (water temperature signal) – malfunctionWiring
P1780Transmission control switch – out of self-test rangeWiring, switch, mechanical fault
P17814×4 low range switch – out of self-test rangeWiring, switch
P1783Transmission – over temperature conditionMechanical fault
P1788AT – 3-2 timing/coasting clutch solenoid – open circuit during self-testWiring, mechanical fault, engine performance, ECM
P1789AT- 3-2 timing/coasting clutch solenoid- short circuit during self-testWiring, mechanical fault, engine performance, ECM
P1790Throttle position (TP) sensor – malfunctionWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1791Throttle position (TP) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, TP sensor, ECM
P1792Barometric pressure (BARO) sensor- circuit malfunctionECM
P1793Mass air flow (MAF) sensor/intake air temperature (IAT) sensor- circuit malfunctionWiring, MAF sensor, IAT sensor, ECM
P1794Engine control module (ECM) – battery voltage lowWiring, fuses
P1795Closed throttle position (CTP) switch – malfunctionWiring, CTP switch, ECM
P1797Park/neutral position (PNP) switch/clutch pedal position (CPP) switchWiring, PNP switch, CPP switch, mechanical fault, ECM.
P1798Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor _:   circuit intermittentWiring, ECT sensor, cooling system, ECM
P1799Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid valve – malfunctionWiring, TCC solenoid valve, mechanical fault
P1800 – P1899 (Transmission)
P1824Four wheel drive clutch relay – circuit malfunctionWiring, transmission system relay
P1825Four wheel drive clutch relay – open circuitWiring, transmission system relay
P1879Four wheel drive hub lock solenoid – open circuitWiring, four wheel drive hub lock solenoid
P1900 – P1999 (Transmission)
P1900Turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor- intermittentWiring, TSS sensor, ECM/PCM/TCM
P1901Turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor- intermittentWiring, TSS sensor, ECM/PCM/TCM
P1919Engine Coolant Temperature Signal
P1922Fuel Additive Level Circuit Malfunction
P1924Fuel Additive Level Circuit Low
P1925Fuel Additive Level Circuit High
P1926Fuel Additive Level Circuit Range/Performance
P1928Fuel Additive Level Pump Control Circuit/Open
P1929Fuel Additive Level Pump Control Circuit Performance
P1930Fuel Additive Level Too Low/Empty
P1931Fuel Additive Pump Control Circuit/Open
P1932Fuel Additive Pump Control Circuit Performance
P1933Fuel Additive Pump Control Circuit Low
P1934Fuel Additive Pump Control Circuit High
P1935Fuel Additive Level Low
P1936Clutch Switch/Sensor Signal
P1937Vehicle Speed Signal
P1938Brake Switch/Sensor Signal
P1939Clutch Switch/Sensor Signal
U1000 – U2000 (Manufacturer defined, common defination listed)
U1020CAN data bus – AJC clutch _signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1039CAN data bus – VSS signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1041CAN data bus – VSS signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1051CAN data bus – brake signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1131CAN data bus -fuel system signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1147CAN data bus – vehicle security signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1262CAN data bus – circuit malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1451CAN data bus – alarm system control module signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM
U1900CAN data bus – malfunctionWiring
U2000 – U3000 (Manufacturer defined, common defination listed)
U2064Warning Indicator Requested by Another Control ModuleWiring, CAN bus system failure, System voltages
U2243CAN data bus – external environment signal malfunctionWiring, CAN data bus, ECM