Mazda Code Retrieval

Accessing Trouble Codes

96 & later are OBD2 systems

Year Model
88-90 Mazda 323 1.6L
88-90 Mazda 626/MX-6 2.2L
88-90 Mazda 626/MX-6 2.2L Turbo
88-92 Mazda 929 3.0L
89-93 Mazda B2600 pickup
89-93 Mazda MPV 2.6/3.0L
90-94 Mazda B2200 pickup
90-94 Protege 1.8L
90-95 MX-5 Miata 1.6/1.8L
91-92 Mazda 626/MX-6 2.2L
91-92 Mazda 626/MX-6 2.2L Turbo
91-94 Mazda Navajo 4.0L
91-94 323 1.6/1.8L
91 Mazda B2000 pickup
92-95 MX-3 1.6/1.8L
94 Mazda B2300 pickup 2.3L
94 Mazda B3000 pickup 3.0L
94 Mazda B4000 pickup 4.0L
94-95 Mazda MPV 2.6/3.0L
95-> All Models

Carbureted Models

System malfunctions detected and stored in the emission control unit can be displayed using the self-diagnosis checker tool No. 40-H018-9A1. Any current or memorized malfunctions are indicated by a displayed code number and a corresponding buzzer. A monitor lamp on the checker indicates oxygen sensor operation. A normal air/fuel ratio is indicated by a continuous flashing of the lamp. The lamp will not light continuously if the air/fuel is lean and will not light at all if the mixture is rich. Refer to the manufacturers instructions for operating procedures of the self-checker tool.

Fuel Injected Models

A system selector tool No. 49-B019-9AO or equivalent on OBD systems and tool No. 49-T088-OAO or equivalent on OBD II systems, can be used to diagnose the main input or output devices. Systems are displayed as code numbers appearing on the system checker. Refer to the manufacturers instructions for operating procedures.

P1684 – Metering Oil Pump Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

OBD II fault code P1684 is defined by carmaker Mazda as “Metering Oil Pump Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) on applications fitted with Wankel (rotary), engines detects a failure or malfunction in the circuit that controls the operation of the oil-metering pump.

Clearing Trouble Codes

Carbureted Models

Disconnect battery ground cable for a minimum of 10 seconds to clear trouble code stored in the memory.

Fuel Injected Models With OBD

Disconnect battery ground cable for a minimum of 10 seconds, then depress brake pedal five times to clear trouble code’s stored in the memory.

Fuel Injected Models With OBD II

Connect SST (NGS) tool to data link connector 2. Then select “Clear Diagnosis Codes” function and erase diagnostic trouble codes from the NGS memory.

Diagnostic Codes


Carbureted Vehicles
1 No1 Ign Pulse
9 Water Thermo Sensor
13 Vacuum Sensor
14 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
15 Oxygen Sensor
16 EGR Position Sensor
17 Feedback System
18 A/F Solenoid Valve
22 Slow Fuel Cut Solenoid
23 Coasting Richer Solenoid or Circuit
26 Purge Solenoid Valve or Circuit
28 Duty Solenoid Vacuum Valve or Circuit
29 Duty Solenoid Vent Valve or Circuit
30 ACV Solenoid Valve or Circuit
34 Idle-Up Solenoid Valve (for A/C) or Circuit
35 Idle-Up Solenoid Valve (for A/T) or Circuit
45 Vacuum Solenoid Valve or Circuit
Fuel Injected (Before 95)Except RX-7 (RX-7 See Below)
1 Ignition Pulse.
2 Distributor – No 2 Signal.
2 No 2 Signal (626 and MX-6).
2 Crank Angle Sensor – No 2 Signal (1992-1995 929, MX-3 1.8L).
3 Distributor – G or G1 Signal.
3 Crank Angle Sensor – G Signal (MX-3 1.8L).
4 Distributor – No #1 Signal or G2 Signal.
4 Crank Angle Sensor – No 1 Signal (MX-3 1.8L).
5 Knock Sensor.
6 Vehicle Speed Sensor.
6 Air Flow Meter (MX-3 1.8L).
7 Knock Sensor – right hand side.
8 Air Flow Meter.
9 Water Thermo Sensor.
10 Intake Air Thermo Sensor – Air Flow Meter.
11 Intake Air Thermo Sensor – Dynamic Chamber.
12 Throttle Sensor.
14 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.
15 Oxygen Sensor or Heated Oxygen Sensor – left hand side.
16 EGR Position/Function Sensor.
17 Feedback System or Closed Loop System – left hand side.
23 Oxygen Sensor or Heated Oxygen Sensor – right hand side.
24 Feedback System or Closed Loop System – right hand side.
25 Solenoid Valve – Pressure Regulator.
26 Solenoid Valve.
27 Solenoid Valve.
28 Solenoid Valve – EGR Vacuum side.
29 Solenoid Valve – EGR Vent side.
30 Cold Start Injector Relay.
34 IAC Valve.
36 Heated Oxygen Sensor – right hand side.
37 Heated Oxygen Sensor – left hand side.
40 Solenoid Valve – Triple Induction Control System & 02S Replay.
40 Solenoid Valve – Variable Resonance Induction System Solenoid Valve – VRIS 1.
42 Wastegate Solenoid Valve.
46 Solenoid Valve – VRIS 2.
65 A/C Signal – PCMT.
67 Coolant Fan Relay No. 1.
69 ECT Sensor.
Fuel Injected (Before 95)RX-7
1 Ignition Coil – Trailing Side (1989-1991).
1 Crank Angle Sensor (1984-1988).
2 Crank Angle Sensor – No Signal.
2 Air Flow Meter (1984-1988).
3 Crank Angle Sensor – G Signal.
3 Water Thermo Sensor (1984-1988).
4 Intake Air Thermo Sensor.
5 Knock Sensor.
5 Oxygen Sensor (1984-1988).
6 Speedometer Sensor.
6 Throttle Sensor (1984-1988).
7 Boost Sensor (With Turbocharger, 1984-1988).
7 Pressure Sensor (Without Turbocharger, 1984-1988).
8 Air Flow Meter.
9 Water Thermo Sensor.
9 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (1984-1988).
10 Intake Air Thermo Sensor.
11 Intake Air Thermo Sensor (1992-1995).
11 Throttle Sensor – Full Range (1989-1991).
12 Throttle Sensor – Full Range.
12 Coil with Igniter – Trailing Side (1984-1988).
13 Pressure Sensor.
14 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.
15 Oxygen Sensor.
15 IAT Sensor – Dynamic Chamber or Intake Air Pipe (1984-1988).
16 EGR Switch.
17 Feedback System.
18 Throttle Sensor – Narrow Range.
20 Metering Oil Pump Position Sensor.
23 Fuel Thermo Sensor.
25 Solenoid Valve – Pressure Regulator Control.
26 Metering Oil Pump – Stepping Motor.
27 Metering Oil Pump.
30 Split Air Solenoid Valve.
31 Solenoid Valve – Relief.
32 Solenoid Valve – Switch.
33 Port Air Solenoid Valve.
34 Solenoid Valve – Idle Speed Control.
37 Metering Oil Pump.
38 Solenoid Valve – Accelerated Warm Up System.
39 Solenoid Valve – Relief 2.
40 Solenoid Valve – Purge Control.
42 Solenoid Valve – Turbo Pre Control.
43 Solenoid Valve – Wastegate Control.
44 Solenoid Valve – Turbo Control.
45 Solenoid Valve – Charge Control.
46 Solenoid Valve – Charge Relief.
50 Solenoid Valve – Double Throttle Control.
51 Fuel Pump Relay.
54 Air Pump Relay.
71 Injector – Front Secondary.
73 Injector – Rear Secondary.
76 Slip Lockup Off Signal.
77 Torque Reduced Signal.

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  1. Hello, two questions-
    1 Trying to find codes for 2015 BT50 3.2L Mazda.
    2 Trying to find the code for the auto transmission temperature. Setting up a Scangauge system.

    Not sure if you can help me, but anything would be appreciated.

  2. what causes error code P0037 and P0031? water is leaking after i drove and upon turning off the engine. the water in the reserve is emptied?

  3. Mazda protege 2000
    Error codes 21 and 23
    Sometime reading 21 and 22
    Could anyone tell me where the problem is

    Enginne vibrates Lack of power. Spark plugs covered with carbon soot

  4. Hello Raj. It sounds like something is causing your engine to run lean. There is a few things that can cause this. A bad fuel injector. A bad fuel pressure regulator. A vacuum leak inder the hood. This is probably the most likely cause of this is a vacuum leak near the throttle body and intake. Second most likely is your fuel pressure regulator. Cheers.

  5. I did myself the favor of taking on a rx8 as project . A new engen and three weeks later I get my kodes for power train. Thank joy stil stuck in limp mode but now I can start where3the problem is .

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