Lexus OBD/OBD2 Codes >> ES350/GS350/GS460/IS350/IS F/LS460/LX570 (2006 – 2009)

ModeLYearEngine identificationSystem
ES350 3.5L2008-092GR·FESFI
GS350 3.5L2007-082GR·FSESFI
GS460 4.6L20081UR·FSESFI
I15350 3.5L2006-092GR·FSESFI
IS F 5.0L2008-092UR·GSESFI
LS460 4.6L2007-091UR·FSESFI

General information

  • Engine control module (ECM) incorporates self-diagnosis function.
  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will illuminate if certain faults are recorded.
  • ECM operates in backup mode if sensors fail, to enable vehicle to be driven to workshop.


  • Trouble codes can be displayed by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC) 1.


  • After the faults have been rectified, trouble codes can be erased by using a Scan Tool connected to the data link connector (DLC} or as follows:
  • Ensure ignition switched OFF.
  • Disconnect battery ground lead for 60 seconds minimum.
  • Reconnect battery ground lead.

NOTE: Disconnecting battery ground lead will erase trouble codes but may also erase memory from electronic units such as radio.

Trouble code  identification

OBD-11 codeFault locationProbable cause
PO,P2,UORefer to OBD-11 trouble code tables
P1023Camshaft position (CMP) actuator/position sensor, circuit B, bank 2 – malfunctionCMP actuator/position sensor
P1170Port injector fuel performance – performance probleminjector, fuel pressure, ECM
P1178Direct injector fuel performance – performance probleminjector, fuel pressure, ECM
P1235Fuel high-pressure pump, bank 1 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuel high-pressure pump, injector control module, bank 1
P1236Fuel high-pressure pump, bank 2 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuel high-pressure pump, injector control module, bank 2
P1276Injector 2, cylinder 1 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P1277Injector 2, cylinder 2 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P1278Injector 2, cylinder 3 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P1279Injector 2, cylinder 4 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P127AInjector 2, cylinder 5 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P127BInjector 2, cylinder 6 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P127CInjector 2, cylinder 7 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P127DInjector 2, cylinder 8 – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuse, injector, ECM
P1340Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, circuit A – range/performance problemWiring, CMP, mechanical fault, ECM
P1342Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, circuit A, low input – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, mechanical fault, ECM
P1343Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, circuit A, high input – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, mechanical fault, ECM
P1360Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1, circuit A – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1361Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2, circuit A – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1362Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1, circuit B – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1363Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2, circuit B – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1364Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1, circuit C – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1365Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2, circuit C – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1366Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1, circuit E – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1367Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2, circuit E – circuit malfunctionWiring, CMP, ECM
P1602Battery voltage monitor – malfunctionWiring, battery, ECM
P1607Cruise control input processor – malfunctionWiring, ECM
P1613Secondary air injection driver (AIR) – malfunctionWiring open/short circuit, (AIR), ECM
P1614Secondary air injection driver (AIR), bank 2 – malfunctionWiring open/short circuit, (AIR), ECM