Jeep OBD/OBD2 Codes

For OBD information for all Chrysler vehicles please see our Chrysler OBD / OBD2 page.

If you cannot find your model below and it is newer than 1996, please refer to our list of all Jeep OBD2 codes.  NOTE: A model specific code list like those below will be the most accurate source for manufacturer specific OBD / OBD2 codes of your vehicle.

Jeep Codes by Model

ModelYearEngine informationSystem
89–95 Jeep1989-95  
Cherokee 2.5L1992-95VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Cherokee 2.5L1996-97VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Cherokee 2.5L1998VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Cherokee 2.5L1999-02VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Cherokee 4.0L1992-95VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Cherokee 4.0L1996-97VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Cherokee 4.0L1998VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Cherokee 4.0L1999-02VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Comanche 2.5L1992VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Comanche 4.0L1992VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Commander 3.7/4.7/5.7L2006-08VIN Position 8=2/K/N/PJTEC
Compass 2.4l2007-0SVIN Position 8=WNGC 3
Grand Cherokee 3.0L2007-09VIN Position 8=MNGC 3
Grand Cherokee 3.7L2005-08VIN Position 8=KNGC 3
Grand Cherokee 4.0L1993-95VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Grand Cherokee 4.0L1996-97VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Grand Cherokee 4.0L1998VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Grand Cherokee 4.0L1999-04VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Grand Cherokee 4.7/5.7/6.1l1999-08VIN Position 8=2/3/N/PJTEC/NGC 3
Grand Cherokee 5.2L1993-95VIN Position 8=YJTEC
Grand Cherokee 5.2L1996-97VIN Position 8=YJTEC
Grand Cherokee 5.2L1998VIN Position 8=YJTEC
Grand Cherokee 5.9L1998VIN Position 8=ZJTEC
Liberty 2.4L2002-05VIN Position 8=1NGC 3
Liberty 2.SL2005-06VIN Position 8=5NGC 3
Liberty 3.7L2002-08VIN Position 8=KNGC 3
Patriot 2.4L2007-08VIN Position 8=WNGC 3
Wrangler 2.4L2003-06VIN Position 8=1JTEC
Wrangler 2.5L1992-95VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Wrangler 2.5L1996-97VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Wrangler 2.5L1998VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Wrangler 2.5L1999-02VIN Position 8=PJTEC
Wrangler 3.5L2007-0SVIN Position 8=WNGC 3
Wrangler 4.0L1992-95VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Wrangler 4.0L1996-97VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Wrangler 4.0L1998VIN Position 8=SJTEC
Wrangler 4.0L1999-06VIN Position 8=SJTEC

Other Jeep Codes (Older Models)

1000Ignition Circuit Low
1001Ignition Circuit High
1004ECU Battery Feed & Power Grounds
1005System Ground Circuit
1006EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit Low
1007EGR/EVAP Solenoid Circuit High
1008Power Steering Circuit Low
1009Power Steering Circuit High
1012MPA Circuit Low
1013MPA Circuit High
1014Fuel Pump Circuit Low
1015Fuel Pump Circuit High
1016Charge Air Temperature Circuit Low
1017Charge Air Temperature Circuit High
1018Serial Data Circuit
1019Power Latch Not Set
1021Engine Failed To Start Due To Mechanical, Fuel Or Ignition Conditions
1022Starter Relay Circuit Low
1024ECU Start Circuit Low
1025WOT Circuit Low
1026WOT Circuit High
1027ECU Sees Wide Open Throttle
1028ECU Does Not See Wide Open Throttle
1029ISA Closed Throttle Circuit Low
1030ISA Closed Throttle Circuit High
1031ECU Sees Closed Throttle
1032ECU Does Not See Closed Throttle
1033–36ISA Circuits
1037TP Sensor Circuit Reads Low
1038Park/Neutral Line High
1039Park/Neutral Line Low
1040Latched B+ Line Low
1041Latched B+ Line High
1042No Latched B+ 1/2 Volt Drop
1043Shift Lamp Circuit Grounded
1044D2–1 Circuit Low (A/T){1}
Upshift Lamp Circuit (M/T){1}
Shift Lamp Circuit High{2}
1045Shift Lamp Circuit Open{1}
1047Wrong ECU
1048M/T Vehicle Configuration
1049A/T Vehicle Configuration
1050Idle RPM Low
1051Idle RPM High
1052MAP Sensor Out Of Limits
1053Change In MAP Reading Out Of Limits
1054Coolant Sensor & 5 Volt Supply For TP Sensor/MAP Circuits Low
1055Coolant Sensor Circuit High
1056Inactive Coolant Temperature Sensor
1059A/C Request Circuit Low
1060A/C Request Circuit High
1061A/C Select Circuit Low
1062A/C Select Circuit High
1063A/C Clutch Circuit Low
1064A/C Clutch Circuit High & Power Steering Input
1065Rich Oxygen Sensor Input
1066Lean Oxygen Sensor Input
1067Latch Relay Circuit Low
1068Latch Relay Circuit High
1069No Tach
1074ECU Does Not See Speed Sensor

{1}—Cherokee & Wagoneer

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jackie m jacobs
jackie m jacobs
1 year ago

I need a code reader for a 1992 Jeep Cherokee

Casey J Choka
Casey J Choka
2 years ago

Hr3607 code please

2009 sport

Casey J Choka
Casey J Choka
2 years ago
Reply to  Casey J Choka

I did it manually I didn’t use a obd tool I turned the key 3 times to the on position and held the trip button and it popped up on the dash I appreciate the help I’m going to get a scanner. But do you take donations I will donate to you guys.

Ken Medina
Ken Medina
2 years ago

Trouble codes: P0032, P0132, P2010.

2 years ago

Hi I’ve got a code from a CAN OBD2 and the code it gave me says “P06DA” on a Jeep Cherokee 2014 V6 3.2L and I don’t know what it means. Could somebody please help?


Scott S
Scott S
3 years ago

P0743 after battery swap, won’t clear keeps coming back. Is there a way to check if the TCM died?

it’s on a 2017 JKU sport w/ 3.6

Dave Meyer
Dave Meyer
3 years ago

I have a fault code on my 2005 Jeep Liberty 2,8crd
Code 26,03,11,86 check fault manual.

Please if anyone could help

3 years ago

What is PO358 and we’re is it located at ????

5 years ago

please what mean code p1946 for jeep compass 2018 .