Jaguar >> XJ6/8/12 – XJR – XJS 4.0/6.0L – XK8 4.0L (1995 – 2003)

ModeL Year Engine identification System
XJ6 4.0L 1995-97 AJ16   Nippon Denso
XJ8 4.0L 1998-03 AJ26, AJ27   Nippon Denso
XJ12 6.0L 1995-97 V12   Nippon Denso
XJR 4.0L 1995-03 AJ16, AJ26, AJ27   Nippon Denso
XJS 4.0L 1995-96 AJ16   Nippon Denso
XJS 6.0L 1995-96 V12   Nippon Denso
XK8 4.0L 1997-99 AJ26, AJ27   Nippon Denso

GeneraL information

  • Engine control module (ECM) incorporates self-diagnosis function.
  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will illuminate if certain faults are recorded.
  • ECM operates in backup mode if sensors fail, to enable vehicle to be driven to workshop.

Accessing and erasing

  • The engine control module (ECM) fault memory can only be accessed and erased using diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector (DLC):
o XJ6/XJ12 [1]
o XJS [2]

Trouble code  identification

 OBD-11 code  Fault location  Probable cause
PO, P2,UO Refer to OBD-11 trouble code tables
P1000 Engine control module (ECM) – internal error ECM
P1001 Engine running system self-test not complete
P1101 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – signal out of range Wiring, MAF sensor
P1104 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – ground circuit malfunction Wiring, MAF sensor
P1106 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – range/performance Wiring, MAP sensor
P1107 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – signal voltage low Wiring, MAP sensor
P1108 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – signal voltage high Wiring, MAP sensor
P1112 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – intermittent signal Wiring, IAT sensor
P1113 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor 2- voltage high Wiring, IAT sensor
P1116 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – signal out of range Wiring, ECT sensor
P1117 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – intermittent signal Wiring, ECT sensor
P1121 Throttle position (TP) sensor/mass air flow   (MAF) sensor – implausible signal Wiring, TP sensor
P1122 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 1 – signal voltage low Wiring, APP sensor
P1123 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 1 – signal voltage high Wiring, APP sensor
P1124 Throttle position (TP) sensor – signal out of range Wiring, TP sensor
P1127 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2 (downstream), bank 1 -exhaust not hot enough for self-test Engine not at operating temperature, exhaust leak
P1128 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S) 1 (upstream), bank 1/2 Wiring, H02S 1 (upstream) swapped banks
P1129 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S) 2 (downstream), bank 1/2 Wiring, H02S 2 (downstream) swapped banks
P1130 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S) 1 (upstream), bank 1 – slow response, adaptive fuel at limit Wiring, H02S, intake system leak, exhaust leak, contaminated fuel, ECM
P1131 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S) 1 (upstream), bank 1 – slow response, system lean Wiring, H02S, intake system leak, exhaust leak, contaminated fuel, ECM
P1135 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor Wiring, CKP sensor
P1137 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2 – cylinders 1,   2, 3 – indicates lean Wiring, H02S
P1138 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2- cylinders 1,   2, 3 – indicates rich Wiring, H02S
P1146 Alternator – charge circuit low Wiring, alternator voltage regulator, alternator
P1150 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 2 – slow response, fuel trim (FT) at limit Wiring, H02S, intake leak, exhaust leak, contaminated fuel, ECM
P1151 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 2 – slow response, system too lean Wiring, H02S, intake leak, exhaust leak, contaminated fue·l, ECM
P1152 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1, bank 2 – slow response, system too rich Wiring, H02S, intake leak, exhaust leak, contaminated fuel, ECM
P1153 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S), bank 2 – system too lean Wiring, H02S contaminated, H02S
P1154 Heated oxygen sensors (H02S), bank 2 – system too rich Wiring, H02S contaminated, H02S
P1157 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2, bank 2 – no activity detected, lean mixture Intake/fuel system, injectors, H02S, MAF   sensor, ECT sensor
P1158 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 2 -cylinders 4,   5, 6 – indicates rich Wiring, H02S
P1171 Weak mixture – cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Wiring, fuel level, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, injector(s)
P1172 Rich mixture – cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Blocked fuel line, injector(s), other trouble code(s) stored
P1174 Fuel trim (mixture)- lean mixture, bank 1 & 2 Wiring, H02S
P1175 Fuel trim (mixture)- rich mixture, bank 1 & 2 Wiring, H02S
P1176 Weak mixture – long term fuel.trim Wiring, fuel pump, blocked fuel filter, injector(s), other trouble code(s) stored
P1177 Rich mixture – long term fuel trim Fuel pressure, blocked fuel line, injector(s), other trouble code(s) stored
P1178 Weak mixture – long term fuel trim Air leak, other trouble code(s) stored
P1179 Rich mixture – long term fuel trim Exhaust leak, other trouble code(s) stored
P1183 Engine oil temperature sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, engine oil temperature sensor
P1184 Engine oil temperature sensor – signal malfunction Wiring, engine oil temperature sensor
P1185 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 Wiring, H02S
P1186 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 Wiring, H02S
P1187 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – circuit malfunction Wiring, H02S
P1188 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – resistance Wiring, H02S
P1189 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – low resistance Wiring, H02S
P1190 Oxygen sensor heater 1 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – low resistance Wiring, H025
P1191 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 Wiring, H02S
P1192 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 Wiring, H025
P1193 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – circuit malfunction Wiring, H025
P1194 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – resistance Wiring, H02S
P1195 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – low resistance Wiring, H025
P1196 Oxygen sensor heater 2 – cylinders 1, 2, 3,   4, 5, 6 – low resistance Wiring, H025
P1198 Fuel level sensor Wiring, fuel level sensor
P1199 Fuel level sensor Wiring, fuel level sensor
P1201 Injector – cylinder 1 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1202 Injector – cylinder 2 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1203 Injector – cylinder 3 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1204 Injector – cylinder 4 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1205 Injector – cylinder 5 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1206 Injector – cylinder 6 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1207 Injector – cylinder 7 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1208 Injector – cylinder 8 – short circuit/open circuit Wiring, injector
P1214 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – signal malfunction Wiring, APP sensor
P1215 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – signal voltage low Wiring, APP sensor
P1216 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – signal voltage high Wiring, APP sensor
P1217 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 3 – intermittent signal Wiring, APP sensor
P1221 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 8 – circuit range/performance Wiring, APP sensor
P1222 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – signal voltage low Wiring, APP sensor
P1223 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – signal voltage high Wiring, APP sensor
P1224 Throttle control position – malfunction Wiring, TP sensor, throttle motor relay, throttle motor, throttle body
P1229 Throttle motor – circuit malfunction Wiring, throttle motor relay, throttle motor, throttle body
Fuel pump (FP) relay – circuit malfunction Wiring, FP relay
P1233 Fuel pump (FP) – circuit malfunction Wiring, FP, ECM
P1234 Fuel pump (FP) control module – control module disabled or off line Wiring, FP control module, ECM
P1235 Fuel pump (FP) control module – signal malfunction Wiring, FP control module
P1236 Fuel pump (FP) not responding to ECM   commands Wiring, FP control module
P1237 Fuel pump (FP) – circuit malfunction Wiring, FP relay, FP, ECM
P1238 Cruise control vacuum switching valve 3 – circuit malfunction Wiring, cruise control vacuum switching valve
P1240 Sensor power supply – circuit malfunction Wiring, APP sensor, MAP sensor, TP sensor, fuel tank pressure sensor(s)
P1241 Sensor power supply – low input Wiring, MAP sensor, TP sensor
P1242 Sensor power supply – high input Wiring, MAP sensor, TP sensor
P1243 Sensor ground circuit – malfunction Wiring, APP sensor, MAP sensor, TP sensor, fuel tank pressure sensor(s)
P1244 Alternator – voltage high Wiring, alternator voltage regulator, alternator
P1245 No cranking signal – low signal Wiring, CKP sensor
P1246 No cranking signal – high signal Wiring, CKP sensor
P1250 Throttle valve return spring – malfunction Throttle body
P1251 Throttle motor relay – malfunction Wiring, throttle motor relay
P1252 Cruise control vacuum switching valve -stuck on Wiring, cruise control vacuum switching valve
P1253 Cruise control vacuum switching valve – stuck on Wiring, cruise control vacuum switching valve
P1254 Throttle limp-home spring – malfunction Throttle body
P1260 Vehicle immobilized Invalid ignition key, immobilizer system fault
P1270 Maximum engine RPM or vehicle speed limit reached
P1285 Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor – circuit malfunction Engine coolant level low, cooling thermostat, engine under load
P1288 Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor – signal malfunction, out of range Wiring, CHT sensor, engine coolant blower motor, engine coolant blower motor control module
P1289 Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor – signal voltage high Wiring, CHT sensor
P1290 Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor- signal voltage low Wiring, CHT sensor
P1299 Engine control module (ECM) -fail safe mode Wiring, engine control module (ECM) cooling fan, engine coolant blower motor control module
P1309 Persistent misfire Wiring, CKP sensor, ECM
P1313 Misfire/catalyst damage – bank 1 Engine mechanical fault, wiring, ignition/fuel system, injector(s), MAPfTP/ECT/IAT sensor, EVAP system, ECM
P1314 Misfire/catalyst damage – bank 2 Engine mechanical fault, wiring, ignition/fuel system, injector(s), MAPfTP/ECT/IAT sensor, EVAP system, ECM
P1315 Persistent misfire Other trouble code(s) stored (P0301-P0306)
P1316 Misfire Wiring, other trouble code(s) stored, ignition/fuel system, MAPfTP/ECT/IAT sensor, injector(s), ECM
P1335 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, CKP sensor, ECM
P1336 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – range/performance Insecure sensor/rotor, air gap, wiring, CKP   sensor
P1338 Fuel pump (FP) – feedback circuit malfunction Wiring, FP control module
P1339 Fuel pump (FP) 2 – circuit malfunction Wiring, FP 2, ECM
P1340 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor 2, bank 2 – circuit malfunction Wiring, air gap, metal particles, damaged rotor, insecure sensor, CMP sensor
P1341 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor 2, bank 2 – circuit range/performance Wiring, air gap, metal particles, damaged rotor, insecure sensor, CMP sensor
P1344 Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 1/2- range/performance problem Wiring, APP sensor(s)
P1361 Ignition coil, cylinder 1 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1362 Ignition coil, cylinder 2 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1363 Ignition coil, cylinder 3 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1364 Ignition coil, cylinder 4 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1365 Ignition coil, cylinder 5 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1366 Ignition coil, cylinder 6 – no activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1367 Ignition amplifier – ECM signal – bank 1 Wiring, ignition coil relay, ignition amplifier, ECM
P1368 Ignition amplifier- ECM signal – bank 2 Wiring, ignition coil relay, ignition amplifier, ECM
P1371 Ignition coil, cylinder 1 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1372 Ignition coil, cylinder 2 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1373 Ignition coil, cylinder 3 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1374 Ignition coil, cylinder 4 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1375 Ignition coil, cylinder 5 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1376 Ignition coil, cylinder 6 – early activation Wiring, ignition coil, engine control relay, ECM
P1380 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – circuit malfunction Wiring, CMP actuator
P1381 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – voltage high Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1383 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – voltage low Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1384 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – malfunction Wiring, oil contamination, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1385 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – circuit malfunction Wiring, CMP actuator
P1386 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – voltage high Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1388 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – voltage low Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1392 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – voltage low Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1393 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 – voltage high Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1396 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – malfunction Wiring, oil contamination, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1397 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – voltage low Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1398 Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 2 – voltage high Wiring, oil pressure low/high, mechanical fault, CMP actuator
P1400 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid – position control Wiring, EGR valve position sensor, EGR   solenoid
P1401 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid – position control Wiring, EGR valve position sensor, EGR   solenoid
P1405 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – upstream hose off or blocked EGR hoses
P1406 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – downstream hose off or blocked EGR hoses
P1408 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid Wiring, EGR solenoid, EGR temperature sensor
P1409 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid Wiring, EGR solenoid, EGR temperature sensor
P1410 Intake air flap control actuator – circuit malfunction Wiring, intake air flap control actuator, ECM
P1440 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve- open Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM
P1441 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve, hose connection(s)
P1443 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM
P1447 Evaporative loss control (ELC) system 1, closure valve – flow malfunction
P1448 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve, hose connection(s)
P1450 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve – mechanical fault EVAP canister purge valve, hose connection(s), hoses
P1451 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve
P1453 Fuel tank pressure relief valve Wiring, fuel tank pressure relief valve
P1454 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system – fuel tank vacuum test failed Hoses blocked/leaking, EVAP vacuum valve
P1460 A/C compressor- circuit malfunction Wiring, AJC compressor clutch relay, AC compressor clutch
P1461 A/C refrigerant pressure sensor – signal voltage high Wiring, AJC refrigerant pressure sensor
P1462 A/C refrigerant pressure sensor – signal voltage low Wiring, AJC refrigerant pressure sensor
P1463 A/C refrigerant pressure sensor – malfunction Wiring, AJC leak, AJC refrigerant pressure sensor, AJC compressor
P1464 A/C refrigerant pressure sensor – implausible signal Wiring, AJC refrigerant pressure sensor
P1474 Intercooler coolant pump/relay – malfunction Wiring, intercooler coolant pump/relay, ECM
P1475 Engine coolant blower motor relay – voltage low Wiring, engine coolant blower motor relay
P1476 Engine coolant blower motor relay – voltage high Wiring, engine coolant blower motor relay
P1506 Idle air control (lAC) valve – RPM lower than expected Wiring, intake system blocked, MAP sensor, lAC valve, fuel pressure, ECM
P1507 Idle air control (lAC) valve – RPM higher than expected Wiring, intake air leak, throttle valve sticking, MAP sensor, ECM
P1508 Idle air control (lAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring open circuit, lAC valve, ECM
P1509 Idle air control (lAC) valve -circuit malfunction Wiring short circuit, lAC valve, ECM
P1512 Closed throttle position (CTP) switch – low input Wiring, CTP switch, ECM
P1513 Closed throttle position (CTP) switch – high input Wiring, CTP switch, ECM
P1514 Park/neutral position (PNP) switch – high load neutral/drive Wiring, PNP switch
P1516 Park/neutral position (PNP) switch – gear chance neutral/drive Wiring, PNP switch
P1517 Park/neutral position (PNP) switch – cranking neutral/drive Wiring, PNP switch
P1532 Intake manifold air control solenoid 2 (lower flap)- circuit malfunction Wiring, intake manifold air control solenoid
P1549 Intake manifold air control solenoid 1 (upper flap)- circuit malfunction Wiring, intake manifold air control solenoid
P1565 Cruise control master switch- out of range, high Wiring, cruise control master switch
P1566 Cruise control master switch – out of range, low Wiring, cruise control master switch
P1567 Cruise control master switch – output circuit malfunction Wiring, cruise control master switch
P1568 Cruise control master switch·_ unable to hold vehicle speed Hoses, cruise control actuator valve, mechanical fault
P1571 Brake pedal position (BPP) switch – circuit malfunction Wiring, BPP switch
P1573 CAN data bus, throttle position (TP) – message error Wiring, TP sensor
P1574 CAN data bus, throttle position (TP)- communication malfunction Wiring, TP sensor
P1576 CAN data bus, accelerator pedal position   (APP) sensor- communication malfunction Wiring, APP sensor
P1577 CAN data bus, accelerator pedal position   (APP) sensor – communication malfunction Wiring, APP sensor
P1580 Throttle actuator control (TAC) monitor- malfunction Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1581 Throttle actuator control (TAC) monitor – malfunction Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1582 Engine control module (ECM) – data stored Wiring, inertia switch activated/defective, throttle in limp-home mode
P1583 Throttle actuator control (TAC) monitor- cruise control deactivated Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1584 Throttle actuator control (TAC) monitor- throttle body malfunction Throttle body
P1585 Throttle actuator control (TAC) system – malfunction Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1586 Throttle actuator control (TAC) system – communication error Wiring, ECM
P1587 Throttle actuator control (TAC) system- command malfunction Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1589 Throttle actuator control (TAC) system – throttle valve movement malfunction Wiring, throttle body, ECM
P1601 Incorrect ECM/TCM fitt€d to vehicle ECM/TCM coding,.ECM, TCM
P1603 Transmission control module (TCM) – EEPROM malfunction Battery disconnected with ignition ON, wiring, TCM
P1605 Engine control module (ECM) – KAM error Wiring, fuses, battery
P1606 Engine control (EC) relay – malfunction Wiring, EC relay
P1607 Engine control module (ECM) – MIL circuit Wiring, engine malfunction indicator lamp   (MIL), ECM
P1608 Engine control module (ECM) ECM
P1609 Engine control module (ECM) – microprocessor fault ECM
P1612 Engine control module (ECM) – processor fault ECM
P1621 Engine control module (ECM) ECM
P1622 Engine control module (ECM) ECM
P1629 Alternator – field circuit malfunction Wiring, alternator voltage regulator, alternator
P1631 Throttle motor relay, coil circuit OFF – malfunction Wiring, throttle motor relay
P1632 Alternator/charging system – load circuit malfunction Wiring, alternator voltage regulator, alternator
P1633 Engine control module (ECM) – central processor malfunction ECM
P1634 ECM/throttle monitoring – circuit malfunction ECM
P1635 Implausible vehicle speed signal Incorrect tyre size, incorrect axle ratio, ECM   not programmed
P1636 Engine control module (ECM) – communication error ECM
P1637 CAN data bus, ECM/ABS/TCS control module – network malfunction Wiring, ABS/TCS control module, ECM
P1638 CAN data bus, ECM/instrumentation control module – network malfunction Wiring, instrumentation control module, ECM
P1641 Fuel pump relay 1 – malfunction Wiring, fuel pump relay
P1642 CAN data bus – circuit malfunction Wiring
P1643 CAN data bus, ECM/TCM – network malfunction Wiring, TCM, ECM
P1647 Heated oxygen sensor (H02S) 1 (upstream), bank 2 – control malfunction Wiring, H02S, ECM
P1648 Engine control module (ECM) – self-test malfunction ECM
P1651 Power steering pressure (PSP) switch – input signal Wiring, PSP switch
P1656 ECM/TP sensor amplifier – circuit malfunction ECM
P1657 Throttle motor relay, coil circuit ON – malfunction Wiring, throttle motor relay
P1658 Throttle motor relay – malfunction Wiring, throttle motor relay
P1671 Fuel pump (FP) relay 2 – circuit malfunction Wiring, FP relay, fuel pump (FP), ECM
P1672 Engine control module (ECM) – suspension control module – CAN data bus malfunction Wiring, CAN, suspension control module, ECM
P1696 Controller area network (CAN) data bus- communication malfunction Wiring, CAN, cruise control module, ECM
P1697 Cruise control switch – circuit malfunction Wiring, cruise control switch, ECM
P1699 CAN data bus, ECM to A/C control module – network malfunction Wiring, AJC control module, ECM
P1700 Transmission – neutral position fault Wiring, transmission
P1702 Transmission range (TR) sensor- circuit intermittent Wiring, TR sensor
P1704 Transmission range (TR) sensor- circuit not indicating park/neutral during self-test Wiring, TR sensor, ECM
P1705 Transmission range (TR) switch – not in P/N   during self-test Wiring, TR switch, ECM
P1710 Transmission control valve solenoids – ground circuit malfunction Wiring
P1711 Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor – out of self-test range Wiring, TFT sensor
P1713 Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor- circuit range/performance Wiring, TFT sensor
P1714 Shift solenoid (SS) A – malfunction Wiring, 55, ECM
P1715 Shift solenoid (SS) B – malfunction Wiring, SS, ECM
P1716 Shift solenoid (SS) C – malfunction Wiring, SS, ECM
P1717 Shift solenoid (SS) D – malfunction Wiring, SS, ECM
P1718 Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor- circuit range/performance Wiring, TFT sensor
P1720 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS)- circuit malfunction Wiring
P1722 Stall speed
P1726 Engine overspeed
P1730 Gear shift malfunction 2/3/5 Transmission mechanical fault
P1731 Inconsistent gear ratio Transmission mechanical fault
P1734 Gearshift malfunction Transmission mechanical fault
P1740 Torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid – malfunction Wiring, TCC solenoid, ECM
P1745 Transmission low clutch timing solenoid – circuit malfunction Wiring, internal wiring, solenoid
P1746 Transmission timing reduction solenoid – circuit malfunction Wiring, internal wiring, solenoid
P1747 Transmission brake timing solenoid 2/4 – circuit malfunction Wiring, internal wiring, solenoid
P1749 Park/neutral position (PNP) switch – circuit malfunction Wiring, PNP switch, TCM
P1755 Controller area network (CAN) data bus – communication malfunction Wiring, electronic parking brake (EPB), ECM
P1760 Transmission fluid pressure (TFP) control solenoid A – intermittent short circuit Wiring, TFP control solenoid
P1774 CAN data bus, TCM/selector lever control module – malfunction Wiring, selector lever control module
P1775 Engine control module (ECM) – TCM signal Wiring, ECM
P1776 Engine control module (ECM) – TCM retard signal Wiring, ECM
P1777 CAN data bus, torque reduction – malfunction Wiring, TCM, ECM
P1780 Transmission gear selection switch D-4 – circuit malfunction Wiring, selector cable adjustment, TR sensor, transmission shift control module, TCM
P1783 Transmission over temperature condition Transmission mechanical fault
P1788 Transmission fluid pressure (TFP) control solenoid B – open circuit Wiring, TFP control solenoid
P1789 Transmission fluid pressure (TFP) control solenoid B – short circuit Wiring, TFP control solenoid
P1793 TCM, ignition power supply – circuit malfunction Wiring, relay
P1794 Transmission control module (TCM) – signal malfunction Wiring, supply voltage, limp-home mode activated
P1795 CAN data bus – level inconsistent Wiring, ECM
P1796 CAN data bus, TCM – malfunction Wiring, TCM
P1797 CAN data bus, ECM/TCM – malfunction Wiring, TCM, ECM
P1798 CAN data bus, TCM/instrument panel – malfunction Wiring, TCM, instrument panel
P1799 CAN data bus, TCM/ABS/TCS control module – network malfunction Wiring, TCM, ABS/TCS control module
P1881 Engine coolant ‘low’ warning lamp switch – circuit malfunction Wiring, engine coolant ‘low’ warning lamp switch