Jaguar OBD/OBD2 Codes

For OBD information for all Ford vehicles please see our Ford OBD / OBD2 page.

If you cannot find your model below and it is newer than 1996, please refer to our list of all Jaguar OBD2 codes.  NOTE: A model specific code list like those below will be the most accurate source for manufacturer specific OBD / OBD2 codes of your vehicle.

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
S-Type 3.0L2000-08VIN code digit 8 = AIP/RNippon Denso
S-Type 4.2L2000-08VIN code digit 8 = B/C/R/SNippon Denso
X-Type 2.5L2002-05VIN code digit 8 = XNippon Denso
X-Type 3.0L2002-08VIN code digit 8 = AIWNippon Denso
XJ/XJ8/XJR 4.2L2004-08VIN code digit 8 = B/C/RISNippon Denso
XJ6 4.0L1995-97AJ16Nippon Denso
XJ8 4.0L1998-03AJ26/27Nippon Denso
XJ8 4.0L Supercharged1999-03AJ26/27Nippon Denso
XJ12 6.0L1995-97V12Nippon Denso
XJR 4.0L1995-03AJ16/26/27Nippon Denso
XJS 4.0L1995-96AJ16Nippon Denso
XJS 6.0L1995-96V12Nippon Denso
XK8 4.0L1997-99AJ26/27Nippon Denso
XK/XKR 4.2L2005-08VIN code digit 8 = 8/C/R/SNippon Denso
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Timothy Low
Timothy Low
1 year ago

I have a 04 jaguar xtype 3.0 and have these codes 0305, 1313, p0101,p0333,p1000, p1647 can anyone tell me what they all mean