P1416 – AIR pump electrical current sensor – circuit high (Honda)

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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P1416 AIR pump electrical current sensor – circuit high Wiring, AIR pump electrical current sensor, ECM

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  • P1416 code 1999 sonoma 4.3 liter
    Hi all, need some advice, got a code P1416 (Air System Bank 2) on my 1999 Sonoma (4.3 liter, automatic trans, 205,000 miles) recently tuned up (Sept 2010) all quality parts. Any advice appreciated...... Best Biagio...
  • Temp Gauge Problem 99 Sonoma 4.3
    Hello and thank you for the reply. Yes, it does have a both a check gauges light and a check engine light, but thankfully, the check engine light is not on. The gauge and light cycle repeats periodically. Except for today, when it did it after 10 minutes of running, and again after letting it sit fo...
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    Stored Codes P0107MAP Sensor Circuit Low Input One Output State Monitor strategy tests outputs for opens or shorts by observing the control voltage level of the related device. During testing, the control voltage of the device should be "low" when it is commanded "on", and it should be "high" when...