Honda OBD/OBD2 Codes >> Honda 90-93 Accord 2.2L

General Information

  • Trouble codes can be displayed by LED in engine control module (ECM) – 1990 or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) – 1991-93.

Accessing Trouble Codes

  • Ensure ignition switched OFF
  • Jump service check connector terminals Image 1
  • 1990 – access engine control module (ECM) Image 2
  • Switch ignition ON.
  • Check ECM LED is flashing.
  • Trouble codes 1-9 are indicated as follows:
    • Individual short flashes display trouble code
    • A short pause separates each flash
    • A long pause separates each trouble code
  • Trouble codes greater than 9 are indicated as follows:
    • Long flashes indicate the ‘tens’ of the trouble code
    • Short flashes indicate the ‘units’ of the trouble code
    • A short pause separates each flash
    • A long pause separates each trouble code
  • Switch ignition OFF

Clearing Trouble Codes

  • After the faults have been rectified, erase the trouble codes as follows:
  • Ensure ignition switched OFF
  • Remove fuse No.24 (7.5A) from underhood fusebox for 10 seconds minimum
  • Reinstall fuse
  • Repeat accessing procedure to ensure no data remains in ECM fault memory

 Trouble Codes

90-93 Accord 2.2L Engine Code: F22A1/4/6

Trouble codeFault locationProbable Cause
0Engine control  module (ECM)Wiring, ECM
1Heated oxygen  sensor (H02S)Fuel system, wiring, H02S, ECM
3Manifold absolute pressure  (MAP)sensorWiring, MAP sensor, ECM
4Engine  speed (RPM)  sensorWiring, RPM sensor, ECM
5Manifold absolute  pressure  (MAP)sensorHose leak
6Engine coolant temperature (ECT)sensorWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
7Throttle position  (TP) sensorWiring, TP sensor, ECM
8Crankshaft position (CKP) sensorWiring, CKP sensor, ECM
9Camshaft position  (CMP) sensorWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
10Intake  air temperature (IAT) sensorWiring, lAT sensor, ECM
13Barometric  pressure (BARO) sensorECM
14Idle air control (lAC) valveWiring, lAC valve, ECM
15Ignition output  signalWiring, ignition module, ECM
16InjectorsWiring, injectors, ECM
17Vehicle  speed sensor (VSS)Wiring, VSS, ECM
20Electrical load sensorWiring, electrical  load sensor, ECM
30AT signal AWiring, ECM
31AT signal BWiring, ECM
41Oxygen  sensor  heaterWiring, H02S, ECM
43Heated oxygen  sensor (H02S)/fuel supply systemFuel system, wiring, H02S, ECM