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90 2.3L VIN D MFI
13 Oxygen sensor voltage stays between 0.35 and 0.55 volts for 60 seconds at throttle angle above 6.5%.
14 Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature of over 275° F for 3 seconds after engine had been running for at least 10 seconds.
15 Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature colder than -22° F after engine had been running for 50 seconds.
21 TPS voltage was above 4.0 volts for 5 seconds when the MAP sensor signal showed manifold vacuum to be 15 pounds or more, or the TPS voltage was greater than 4.7 volts with throttle closed.
22 TPS voltage was under 0.2 volts for 5 seconds when the engine was running.
23 Inlet air temperature sensor signal showed an air temperature of -29° F after the engine has been running for 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
24 Vehicle was not in park or neutral for 20 seconds when throttle position signal was over 7% with engine speed between 1600 and 3600 RPM and the MAP signal showed low manifold vacuum.
25 Inlet Air Temperature Sensor signal showed an air temperature over 318° F with a vehicle speed greater than 15 MPH.
26 Quad-driver sense voltage shows a low voltage for 5 seconds when battery voltage should be present or if the sense voltage shows battery voltage for 20 seconds when a low voltage should be present.
33 MAP sensor signal voltage was too high (low vacuum) for 5 seconds when throttle opening was under 12%.
35 Idle speed was over 175 RPM outside the desired engine speed commanded by the ECM for at least 5 seconds.
41 ECM had received 8 2X reference pulses without receiving any 1X reference pulses.
42 The EST circuit had an open or a ground and the signal did not change when the ECM applied by-pass voltage to the ignition module.
43 Knock sensor voltage was either below 1.25 volts or above 3.75 volts for 5 seconds, or the knock signal was present for 3.67 seconds or more during normal engine operation.
44 Oxygen sensor voltage was under 0.27 volts for 25 seconds of closed loop operation.
53 ECM sees a battery voltage of more than 17.1 volts for 0.2 seconds with ignition on.
62 Vehicle was in park or neutral at a speed less than 5 MPH when vehicle was in 2nd or 3rd gear, or vehicle speed was greater than 50 MPH when vehicle was in 1st or 2nd gear for 20 seconds.
65 Fuel injector driver current did not reach 4 amps, injectors commanded "ON" longer than the calibrated pulse width and battery voltage was more than 9 volts for 10 seconds.
66 A/C refrigerant pressure voltage was either less than 0.1 volts, or more than 4.9 volts for 5 seconds.

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