GM OBD/OBD2 Codes >> GM 88-89 4.5L VIN 5


88-89 4.5L VIN 5
12 PCM did not receive distributor reference pulses for 2.1 seconds.
13 Oxygen sensor voltage stays between 0.275 and 0.630 volts for 40 seconds (30 seconds for Eldorado & Seville).
14 Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature of over 313° F.
15 Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature colder than -32° F.
16 Generator voltage was either less than 10 volts or greater than 16 volts for 5 seconds.
18 Crankshaft sensor signal was not received by ECM.
19 Fuel pump feedback voltage stayed above 11 volts for 7 seconds after ignition was turned on (except Eldorado & Seville).
20 Fuel pump feedback voltage was 2 volts or less for 3 seconds.
21 TPS value was 83 degrees or more for 1.5 seconds (80 degrees or more for 3 seconds on Eldorado & Seville).
22 TPS value was 6 degrees or less for 1.5 seconds when the engine was running at 600 RPM or more.
23 EST signal did not change when the ECM applied bypass voltage to the ignition module.
24 Vehicle speed was 0 for 3 seconds with transmission in drive or reverse and brake off when throttle angle was at least 17 degrees and engine RPM was 1400 or greater.
26 Throttle switch input to the PCM was closed for 1.8 seconds while the TPS was between 15 and 83 degrees.
27 Throttle switch was open when vehicle was at coasting down with brake applied. Throttle angle was 12 degrees or less but RPM was greater than desired.
28 3rd or 4th gear input to ECM was not grounded when vehicle was in park or neutral.
30 TPS was 1.7 degrees or more (2.5 degrees on Eldorado & Seville) while ISC was retracting for 15 seconds, or TPS was less than 12.75 degrees (9 degrees on Eldorado & Seville) while ISC was extending for 15 seconds.
31 MAP sensor was shorted to 5 volts for 0.2 seconds.
32 MAP sensor was open showing a reading of 0.5 volts or less for 0.2 seconds.
34 MAP sensor signal voltage was too high (low vacuum) for 2 seconds when throttle switch was closed.
37 MAT sensor was shorted showing a temperature of 313° F or more.
38 MAT sensor was open showing a temperature of -27° F or less.
39 Engine RPM was outside of the range expected for indicated vehicle speed indicating a VCC engagement problem.
40 Power steering switch was open for 10 seconds when vehicle was at a speed of 40 MPH or greater.
44 Oxygen sensor was lean for more than 50 seconds when engine was warm and at 800 RPM or greater.
45 Oxygen sensor was rich for more than 50 seconds when engine was warm and at 800 RPM or greater.
47 ECM has received bad data from BCM for 2.1 seconds.
48 EGR open command was given during off idle operation. EGR opening should cause the mixture to be slightly richer because of the low oxygen content of exhaust gas. Vehicle speed was over 35 MPH and engine was warm.
52 ECM has lost primary battery power.
53 Distributor reference pulses were not received for 0.7 seconds when engine speed was greater than 448 RPM.
55 TPS zero point was out of range.
58 Pass Key fuel enable was not correct. (Eldorado & Seville only)
59 Transmission temperature was either above 335° F or below 104° F.
60 Transmission was not in drive when cruise control was engaged.
63 Vehicle speed was 20 MPH higher than the set speed for 0.5 seconds with cruise control on.
64 Vehicle speed increased more than 16 MPH (6 MPH on Eldorado & Seville) in 1 second while cruise control was engaged.
65 Coolant temperature was above 289° F when cruise control was engaged.
66 Engine RPM was 4800 or more for 0.25 seconds with cruise control engaged.
67 Cruise control Set/Coast or Resume/Accel signal was present when the cruise ON/OFF switch was turned on or Set/Coast and Resume/Accel signals were present at the same time.

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