Retrieving codes

  • Locate the diagnostic connector in or under the glove compartment. (Summit models in fuse box)
  • Connect analog voltmeter to upper LH (+) and lower RH (-) terminals
  • Most Summit models, connect voltmeter (+) to upper LH of the 12 pin connector and (-) to the 2 middle
  • SOME Station wagon models you may have to ground the upper LH of the 16 pin connector
  • Turn the ignition on, then watch the sweeps of the vlotmeter
  • Long sweeps are tens and shirt sweeps are ones.
  • Continuous short sweeps indicated no codes.

Clearing Codes

Disconnect the battery from the Negative terminal to clear codes.

OBD I Codes

Eagle Summit and Talon 88 – up
11 Oxygen sensor
12 Airflow sensor
13 Intake air temperature sensor
14 Throttle position sensor
15 Idle speed motor position sensor
21 Coolant temperature sensor
22 Crank angle sensor
23 Top dead center sensor (crankshaft position sensor)
24 Vehicle speed sensor
25 Barometric pressure sensor
31 Knock sensor (turbo models)
32 Faulty MAP sensor
36 Ignition timing adjustment signal (1.8L, 91-up)
39 Faulty oxygen sensor
41 Injector
42 Fuel pump
43 EGR (California)
44 Ignition coil or ignition power transistor unit (cyls. 1 and 4)
52 Ignition coil (cylinders 2 and 5)
53 Ignition coil (cylinders 3 and 6)
55 Idle air control valve
59 Rear heated oxygen sensor
61 ECM – transaxle interlink
62 Warm-up valve position sensor
62 Variable Induction Control valve position sensor 93-up
71 Traction Control vacuum valve solenoid.
Eagle Premier 91-92 and Vision Vehicles
11 Ignition reference circuit
13 MAP sensor vacuum circuit
14 MAP sensor electrical circuit
15 Speed/distance sensor circuit
17 Engine running too cool
21 Oxygen sensor circuit
22 Coolant temperature circuit
23 Charge temperature circuit
24 Throttle position sensor circuit
25 Automatic idle speed control circuit
26 Peak injector current not reached
26 Injector circuit
27 Fuel injection circuit control
32 EGR system
33 Air conditioner clutch relay
34 Speed control solenoid driver circuit
35 Fan control relay circuit
42 Automatic shutdown relay control
43 Ignition coil circuit
51 Oxygen sensor lean
52 Oxygen sensor rich
53 Internal engine controller fault
54 No camshaft position sensor signal
55 End of message
63 EEPROM write denied faulty ECM
77 Speed control power relay

OBD II Codes

Model Year Engine identification System
Summit 1.5L 1994 4G15 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit 1.5L 1995-96 4G15 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit 1.8L 1994 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit 1.8L 1995-96 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 1.8L -Federal 1994-95 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 1.8L -Federal 1996 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 1.8L FWD -California 1994 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 1.8L FWD -California 1995-96 4G93 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L -Federal 1994-95 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L -Federal 1996 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L AWD -California 1994-95 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L AWD -California 1996 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L FWD -California 1994 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Summit Wagon 2.4L FWD -California 1995-96 4G64 Mitsubishi MPI
Talon 2.0L 1995-96 420A SBEC III
Talon 2.0L 1997-98 420A SBEC III
Talon 2.0L Turbo 1995-98 4G63 Mitsubishi MPI
Vision 3.3L 1996-97 EGB SBEC III
Vision 3.5L 1996-97 EGE SBEC III

2 Replies to “Eagle”

  1. The check engine light illuminates while driving on my 1990 Eagle Talon TSI turbo all wheel drive, and some times it turns off on its own after driving another approximately 20 miles and most of the time stays on until I reach home.
    I have tried to retrieve the diagnostic code(s) with a test light inserted in contact 1 of the diagnostic connector, the other end on a good ground and with ignition key on, but the test light gives me no flashes!
    Of course I disconnect the battery to get rid of the check engine light, but it comes back again at random times.

    Any idea why the test light won’t flash the codes? My test light is good and I am pretty sure I put it on the number 1 pin of the diagnostic connector.

    1. hello

      i m meeting same issue.
      did you solve it

      maybe you have to ebter into diag mode to get flashes.
      so you need to find out how to do so from eagle



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