Dodge OBD/OBD2 Codes

For OBD information for all Chrysler vehicles please see our Chrysler OBD / OBD2 page.

If you cannot find your model below and it is newer than 1996, please refer to our list of all Dodge OBD2 codes.  NOTE: A model specific code list like those below will be the most accurate source for manufacturer specific OBD / OBD2 codes of your vehicle.

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
Avenger 2.0L1995-96420ASBEC III/Mitsubishi MPI
Avenger 2.0L1997-99420ASBEC III/Mitsubishi MPI
Avenger 2.4/2.7/3.5L2008ED3/EER/EGJNGC 1/3
Avenger 2.5L19966G73SBEC III/Mitsubishi MPI
Avenger 2.5L1997-006G73SBEC III/Mitsubishi MPI
Caliber 1.8/2.0/2.4L2007-08VIN position 8 = C/B/F/KNGC 1/3
Caravan 2.4L1996-97EDZSBEC III
Caravan 2.4L1998EDZSBEC III
Caravan 2.4L1999-02EDZSBEC III
Caravan 2.4L2003-08EDZNGC 1/3
Caravan 2.5L1992-95EDMSBEC II
Caravan 3.0L1992-95EFASBEC II
Caravan 3.0L1996-97EFASBEC III
Caravan 3.0L1998EFASBEC III
Caravan 3.0L1999-02EFASBEC III
Caravan 3.3L1992-95EGAIEGMSBEC II
Caravan 3.3L1996-97EGAIEGMSBEC III
Caravan 3.3L1999-03EGAIEGMSBEC III
Caravan 3.3L2004-08EGAIEGMNGC 1/3
Caravan 3.8L1992-95EGHSBEC II
Caravan 3.8L1996-97EGHSBEC III
Caravan 3.8L1998EGHSBEC III
Caravan 3.8L1999-03EGHSBEC III
Caravan 3.8L2004-08EGHNGC 1/3
Caravan 4.0L2008VIN position 8 =XNGC 1/3
Charger 2.7/3.5/5.7/6.1L2006-08VIN position 8 =RlGNlHNJI2/3NGC 1/2/3
Colt 1.8L19944G93Mitsubishi MPI
Colt 2.4L19944G64Mitsubishi MPI
Dakota 2.5/3.9/5.2L1992-95VIN position 8 =G/KlXlYSBEC II
Dakota 2.5L1996-97EPEJTEC
Dakota 2.5/3.9L1998EHC/EPEJTEC
Dakota 2.5/3.9/4.7/5.2L1999-02EHC/ELF/EPE/EVAJTEC
Dakota 3.7/3.9L2004-08EHC/EKGNGC 1/2/3
Dakota 3.9L1996-97EHCJTEC
Dakota 4.7L2003-08EVANGC 1/2/3
Dakota 5.2L1996-97ELFJTEC
Dakota 5.2/5.9L1998ELF/ELMJTEC
Dakota 5.9L1999-03ELMJTEC
Daytona 2.2/2.5L1992-93EDB/EDF/EDM/EDS/EDTSBEC II
Daytona 3.0L1992-93EFASBEC II
Durango 3.7/5.7/5.9L2004-08EKG/ELM/EZANGC 1/2/3
Durango 3.9L1998EHCJTEC
Durango 3.9/4.7/5.2L1999-02EHC/ELF/EVAJTEC
Durango 4.7L2003-08EVANGC 1/2/3
Durango 5.2/5.9L1998ELF/ELMJTEC
Durango 5.9L1999-03ELMJTEC
Dynasty 2.5/3.0L1992-93EDM/EDB/EFASBEC II
Intrepid 2.7L1998EERSBEC III
Intrepid 2.7/3.2/3.5L1999-02EER/EES/EGW/EGG/ECG/EGK/EGJSBEC III
Intrepid 2.7/3.5L2003-04EERlEGG/EGC/EGKlEGJNGC 1/3
Intrepid 3.2L1998EGWSBEC III
Intrepid 3.3/3.5L1993-95EGB/EGESBEC II
Intrepid 3.3L1996-97EGBSBEC III
Intrepid 3.5L1996-97EGESBEC III
Magnum 2.7/3.5/5.7L2005-08VIN position 8 =2/RIT/GNIHNGC 1/2/3
Monaco 3.0L1992Z7XSBEC II
Neon 2.0L1996·97ECB/ECCSBEC III
Neon 2.0L1999·02ECB/ECCSBEC III
Neon 2.0L2003·06ECB/ECHNGC 1/3
Neon 2.4L Turbo2003·05EDVNGC 1/3
Nitro 3.7/4.0L2007·08VIN position 8 =1</6NGC 3
Ramcharger 5.2/5.9L1992·93VIN position 8 =YIll5SBEC II
Ram Pickup D/W 3.9/5.2L1992·93VIN position 8 =XIYSBEC II
Ram Pickup/Chassis Cab D/W 5.9L1992·93VIN position 8 =ll5SBEC II
Ram Pickup/Chassis Cab D/W 5.9L Turbo Diesel1992·93ETASBEC II
Ram Truck 3.7L2002·03EKGJTEC
Ram Truck 3.7/8.3L2004-08EKG/EWCNGC 1/2/3
Ram Truck 3.9/5.2L1994-95VIN position 8 =XIYSBEC II
Ram Truck 3.9L1996·97EHCJTEC
Ram Truck 3.9/5.2L1998EHC/ELF/ELNJTEC
Ram Truck 3.9/5.2L1999·01EHC/ELF/ELNJTEC
Ram Truck 4.7L2002EVAJTEC
Ram Truck 4.7/5.7L2003·08EVNEZANGC 1/2/3
Ram Truck 5.2L1996·97ELF/ELNJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9/8.0L1994·95VIN position 8 =WIll5SBEC II
Ram Truck 5.9L1996·97EML/EMMJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9/8.0L1998EML/EMM/EWAJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9/8.0L1999·03EMLIEMM/EWAJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9L Turbo Diesel1994·95ETBSBEC II
Ram Truck 5.9L Turbo Diesel1996·97ETBJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9L Turbo Diesel1998ETBJTEC
Ram Truck 5.9L Turbo Diesel1999·02ETCCummins CM551/A
Ram Truck 5.9/6.7L Turbo Diesel2003·08ETC/ETHNIN position 8 =ACummins CM845
Ram Truck 8.0L1996·97EWAJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 3.9/5.2/5.9L1992·94VIN position 8 =NTIXlYIZSBEC II
Ram Van/Wagon 3.9/5.2/5.9L1995EHC/ELF/EMLSBEC II
Ram Van/Wagon 3.9L1996·97EHCJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 3.9L1998EHCJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 3.9/5.2/5.9L1999·03EHC/ELF/ELN/ELP/EMLJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 5.2L1996·97ELF/ELNJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 5.2/5.9L1998ELF/ELN/EMLJTEC
Ram Van/Wagon 5.9L1996·97EMLJTEC
Shadow 2.2/2.5L1992-94EDF/EDM/EDT/EDBSBEC II
Shadow 3.0L1992-94EFASBEC II
Spirit 2.2/2.5L1992-95EDF/EDM/EDT/EDB/EDNSBEC II
Spirit 3.0L1992-95EFASBEC II
Sprinter 2.7L CDI2003-06VIN position 7 &8 =41Bosch EDC 15C
Sprinter 3.0L TD2007VIN position 7 &8 =45
Sprinter 3.5L2007VIN position 7 &8 =46
Stealth 3.0L1994-956G72Mitsubishi MPI
Stealth 3.0L19966G72Mitsubishi MPI
Stealth 3.0L Turbo1994-956G72Mitsubishi MPI
Stealth 3.0L Turbo19966G72Mitsubishi MPI
Stratus 2.0L1996-97ECBSBEC III
Stratus 2.0L1998ECBSBEC III
Stratus 2.4/2.5L1995EDZlEEBSBEC II
Stratus 2.4L1996-97EDZSBEC III
Stratus 2.4L1998EDZSBEC III
Stratus 2.5L1996-97EEBSBEC III
Stratus 2.5L1998EEBSBEC III
Stratus Coupe 2.4L2001-054G64Mitsubishi MPI
Stratus Coupe 3.0L2001-046G72Mitsubishi MPI
Stratus Sedan 2.0L1999-02ECBSBEC III
Stratus Sedan 2.4L1999-02EDZSBEC III
Stratus Sedan 2.4L2003-06EDZNGC 1/3
Stratus Sedan 2.5L1999-02EEBSBEC III
Stratus Sedan 2.7L1999-04EERSBEC III
Stratus Sedan 2.7L2004-06EEE/EERNGC 1/3
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