Model Year Engine information System
Allante 4.5L 1991-92 VIN 8 GM
Allante 4.6L 1993 VIN 9 GM
Brougham 5.0L 1991-92 VIN E GM
Brougham 5.7L 1991-92 VIN 7 GM
Catera 3.0L 1997-01 VIN Position 8=R GM
CTS 2.8/3.2L 2003-07 VIN Position 8=N/T GM
CTS 3.6L 2004-09 VIN Position 8=7/V GM
CTS 5.7/6.0/6.2L 2004-09 VIN Position 8=S/U/P GM
DeVille 4.6L 1994-95 VIN Position 8=Y GM
DeVille 4.6L 1996-05 VIN Position 8=Y/9 GM
DeVille 4.9L 1992-93 VIN Position 8=B GM
DeVille 4.9L 1994-95 VIN B GM
DTS 4.6L 2006-09 VIN Position 8=7/9/Y GM
Eldorado 4.6L 1993-95 VIN Position 8=Y/9 GM
Eldorado 4.6L 1996·02 VIN Position 8=Y/9 GM
Eldorado 4.9L 1992 VIN B GM
Escalade 5.3L 2001·05 VIN Position 8=T/Z GM
Escalade 5.7L 1999·00 VIN Position 8=R GM
Escalade 6.0L 2001·06 VIN Position 8=N GM
Escalade 6.0L 2009 VIN Position 8=5 GM
Escalade 6.2L 2007·09 VIN Position 8=2/8 GM
Fleetwood 4.9L 1992-93 VIN B GM
Fleetwood 5.7L 1993 VIN Position 8=7 GM
Fleetwood 5.7L 1994·95 VIN Position 8=P GM
Seville 4.6L 1993·95 VIN Position 8=Y/9 GM
Seville 4.6L 1996·04 VIN Position 8=Y/9 GM
Seville 4.9L 1992 VIN B GM
SRX 3.6L 2004-09 VIN Position 8=7 GM
SRX 4.6L 2004·09 VIN Position 8=A GM
STS 3.6/4.4/4.6L 2005·09 VIN Position 8=7/A/D/V GM
XLR 4.4/4.6L 2004·09 VIN Position 8=A/D GM

3 Replies to “Cadillac”

  1. 1999 Seville error code 1242 & 1243
    “service stability abs”
    Can you tell me what the codes are indicating?
    I have had the car for 3 months, 49,200 mi.
    This warning has come on 3 times, 2 times it went off the screen in 24 hours, this time its been on 3 days.

  2. I have an IP 2711 CODE THEFT SYSTEM ERROR CAR MAY NOT RESTART. the car restarts ok but what should I be checking? The key?;

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